Ellen Pusch


Ellen is a family-prioritizing, coffee-drinking, truth-telling, authenticity-seeking, list-making, God-following, world-loving, former closet writer. She’s a wife, a mama, a traveller and a worshipper. The words “laid back” have never been used to describe her. She is an unabashed over-user of hashtags and emojis. The message written on her heart is one of identity; she is passionate about living authentically as the person God created her to be, and helping others to do likewise.

Ellen lives on the east coast of Canada with her handsome husband, a teen and a ‘tween. In addition to writing, she teaches elementary school, leads worship, and all remaining hours are, quite literally, spent in her vehicle, driving kids to friends’ houses, hockey practices, music lessons, and horseback riding. It’s a full, imperfect, and wonderful life.
Find her at www.ellenpusch.com

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