Dr Theja H

Perth, Western Australia Australia

Dr Theja is a consultant Astrologer who is well known around the world.

Through Vedic Astrology, Dr Theja will empower you to make informed decisions to step forward positively without worrying about the future. Vedic/Indian Astrology will help you understand and know when you will face any challenges in your life related to relationships, family, career, finance, property, business and health etc.
During the last 40 years, Dr Theja has given over 12,000 personalised Astrology readings globally. Dr.Theja is
Please contact: +61 422 050 646, Email:drtheja@gmail.com, Website: www.theja.com.au, TestimonialsReviews: For consultations click or visit: Send a note to: https://wiseintro.co/drtheja

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