Oxana Gonchar

Hermosa Beach, CA USA

Oxana is a physical, emotional and spiritual guide, dancer, writer, radio show host and an advocate for wellbeing and self-realization.

Her life was that of a pilgrim type. It took her from one continent to another; from Russia to America. But prior to becoming an immigrant, she fell in love with dancing at the age of 6.

After 14 years of dancing, she decided it was time to utilize more of her left-brain, and after receiving an Undergrad Degree in International Business and a Master’s Degree in International Commerce and Policy she worked successfully for 15 years in a Hospitality Industry for large corporations on both the East and West coasts.

Later in life, doctors discovered that both of her hips required surgery to re-attach the labral tissue that was torn by excessive high kicks and splits. Surgery was not an option she wished to pursue and she started looking for alternative ways to improve her body’s condition.

She has been re-awakening to her true-self and power of her body, mind and heart by recognizing the voice of her ego, reconnecting with stillness, and addressing her emotions through different modalities. She has studied utilizing Chi, practicing meditation, yoga, qigong and ancient philosophies while attending classes and workshops. In her own practice that she teaches, she combines 15 years of knowledge and practice through free flow movements, mindful moving meditations, self-reflection sessions and guided meditations.

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