Tony Damian, RMT, CMT

Deltona, FL USA

Non-Fiction Author of Healing Arts Paperbacks, Audio-Books and Guided Meditations. Traditional & Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher, Massage & CranioSacral Therapist.

He was born in Gettysburg, PA in 1956, grew up and raised his family in Central CT for 45 years and has spent the past 10 years residing in Central Florida.

His career history spans many different fields: Lithography, silk-screening, layout/paste-up artist, Electronic technician, computer repairman, manufacturing automation/robotics support engineer, manufacturing — kiazan (continuous improvement) champion, computer science and math instructor, retail manager, salesman, Country Club maintenance director and handyman. Being a contractor for over 25 years lent itself to truly being a “Jack of all Trades”.

He was a physical laborer with many jobs early on, until that came to abrupt end in 1982 with a freak, near fatal accident which left him with several discs, ribs and nerves damaged.

After 3 years of painkillers, muscle relaxers and multiple tests and scans; the neurosurgeons came back with the diagnosis that whether or not surgery was done he would be in a wheelchair and paralyzed from the waist down within 3 to 5 years.

This was unacceptable to Tony, thus starting his quest for alternative healing methods. Over the next several years he experienced many different types of energy healing modalities, he studied and mastered them as to be his own healer.

Tony became his own health-care provider; doing Reiki on himself daily along with meditation, Chi-Kung, Tai-Chi and natural vitamins, teas and foods. He healed gradually and totally from this injury.

His Healing quest then expanded into facilitating the healing of other people, pets and wild animals then teaching it.

-Tony has experience in Ancient Tribal and Indigenous healing practices since 1985
-Practitioner of Usui Ryoho Traditional and Angelic Reiki since 1998
-Master/Teacher of Magnified Healing since 1998
-Guided Meditation Writer/Leader since 1999
-Medical Chi-Chung Instructor since 2000
-Master/Teacher of Usui Shiki Ryoho Traditional and Angelic Reiki since 2000
-Certified Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist since 2012
-Master Practitioner of Usui Pranava Reiki since 2012
-Advanced Practitioner of Pranic Healing since 2012


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