Authenticity & Our Personal Truth; A Way of Being…

Authenticity & Our Personal Truth; A Way of Being

Let us be Authentic in our lives, unafraid to live with spirituality as our guiding light. Expressing love and receiving love is the only path needed. When we live as Authentic Beings, we experience the brilliance and majesty of life. Being Authentic in life allows us to be brave as well as tender – a different type of strength.

Honesty within yourself and acting in a way that exists within your Truth is your self-truth. If your self-truth is understood, you will no longer judge yourself because you are doing the best you can. Take off the rose-colored glasses and experience the real colors of our world. We are always looking for ways to pad the cold hard surfaces of life so we don’t hurt ourselves. Instead, see those sharp edges clearly. With a consistent discipline and a solid spiritual practice, you can deal with everything that comes your way.

On the path to spiritual maturity we find discernment; an advanced way of sorting things out, it helps us find what gives life a higher meaning. With discernment as part of our intuitive knowing, we bring happiness and peace to our circle of family and community. Through discernment, we learn to listen within for a way to measure every circumstance, every moment in order to find harmony, forgiveness, and compassion. Mindfulness and discernment are our spiritual tools to hear the Divine within our authentic self and apply it to the sounds of the world.

Release expectation wherever possible — the cover of a book can only show the surface. We do not know the depths until we experience it. Allow yourself to be surprised by the unexpected truth while living in wonder.

We are generally mistaken when we allow our minds to tell us, “I know this, and I know that.” Many times we rush passionately forward, not knowing Truth, only to create suffering. After mistakes, we begin to remember not to blast forward without understanding and slowly we change with Love as we seek integrity.

When we speak Truth with all the Love of our Being, others may hear our essence. Words can often be a way to hurt someone, more powerful than a weapon. Avoid speaking thoughtlessly and loosely —gossip and white lies cause suffering. Speak positively of others and raise your healing consciousness. When we speak this way, people feel our Being.

Our honesty, honor, and fairness will lead us to integrity and being whole.

Our hearts crave that we maintain integrity in all that we do. If our life’s experiences are built on our truth and virtue then we are living a good life, always moving toward unity with our higher consciousness. The ultimate Truth knows our connection to our Divine Being.

Be true to your higher consciousness through honesty and virtue. We live in a time when extraordinary changes are occurring daily. If we stay within our Truth then we are offering a promise, a beacon of hope, and that is important in these times. Living within our Truth leads to our emotional well-being and healthier living. Let our Truth become an island of calm reflection in these stressful and often chaotic times.

When living within our Truth we take the extra steps to do what is right without sidestepping issues or problems. We do not empower others in life to cheat; we are hurting them and ourselves by not living within Truth. We align with others who are genuine and distance ourselves from those who put on a false face. Our empowered future depends on the choices we make every day. Our Truth is found in living life and experiencing with a clear vision all that is around us in every moment, as well as within. Truth is found when we are ready to learn from beginning to end with understanding and compassion. Our Truth cannot be distorted or limited because it is part of the Universal Oneness.

Seek the humble loving abode within which the most awesome living power in the universe dwells … Truth!!

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash


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David Bennett


David Bennett a contemplative life spokesman, energetic healer, and transformational life coach. Author, of Voyage of Purpose and A Voice…

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