Auric Fields – New Meditation by A Space Collective And Sharon Revital Aluma…

Auric Fields – New Meditation by A Space Collective And Sharon Revital Aluma

Changing Your Energetic Blueprint Through Meditation

When we sit in meditation we begin to feel a subtler sense of ourself. Among the many things we can feel is our energetic body. Our energetic body is how we feel and how we perceive life. From the moment of conception in our mothers womb we begin to record energetic blueprints. Energetic blueprints are the remnants of the events in our lives experienced through the full spectrum of our human emotions. These blueprints influence the way we show up in life.

We are constantly taking in information that we are not aware of: construction noises, the ac turning on and off, the sounds of city traffic, the rain, the rustling of the wind through the trees — everything has an effect on our sense of being. When we go into nature we feel renewed and at peace as the chatter of technology and our daily tasks are paused.

Meditation is exactly this, a pause from the daily chatter. We sit for some time and a deeper sense of awareness begins to form. We might become aware of how our skin or heart is feeling. We might have a thought move in that brings clarity to something we are struggling with. We might have a memory from the past come up that helps us look at a current situation. Every so often we might move into a clear space of silence and remember we are the pulsating universe.

Meditation also helps with focus. As children we are told to focus but most of us are not taught how. The world is busier than it’s ever been. We are bombarded with information and our nervous system becomes overloaded. Meditation gives us tools to pause, feel and choose in a conscious way. Meditation changes our awareness of time. Meditation helps us establish a confident inner voice. Meditation shifts our frequency, our sense of being, and will change our life.

a / SPACE COLLECTIVE is a conscious audio label dedicated to making meditation accessible to everyone. The artists they collaborate with have unique voices that makes meditation approachable and fun. The label is quickly reaching audiences all over the world. Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Australia and the US are amongst their top markets. Their newest release is Auric Fields by a / SPACE COLLECTIVE with Sharon Revital Aluma. Sharon Revital Aluma is a spiritual guide and visionary artist. This new release, Auric Fields shares a cosmic perspective through crystal sound bowls along with a guided meditation. This meditation will help you clean, repair and update your Auric Fields.

This new meditation is out on all music platforms on October 9th –


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Sharon Aluma Revital

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SHARON REVITAL ALUMA is a meditation teacher, musician and Visionary Artist merging the worlds of energetics and art. She is…

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