Auras: What They Mean And How To See Them…

Auras: What They Mean And How To See Them

What is an Aura?

You may not realize this, but at one point in life, you sensed someone’s aura.

You may have called it a “feeling” or a “vibe”. Ex: “Tom has a good vibe about him.”

But the “vibe” you were talking about is actually a little deeper than you may realize. We sense someone’s “vibe” because they’re literally giving off a vibration we tune into. This vibration comes from their aura. Auras are the subtle energies that surround us wherever we go. They’re produced by our thoughts, actions, karma, and health. Oftentimes, auras are depicted as having 7 layers of color surrounding the body, which correlate to the 7 chakras in the spine.

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How to See an Aura

Children can often see auras but are unaware of their meaning or value. They may consistently color someone in a certain shade of blue or green, not understanding they’re picking up on that person’s energy. Adults are a little different. We are more centered in logic and need a little more work in order to see them.

  • The first step in seeing auras is to have an open mind to them. Without that, you will immediately close yourself off to them.
  • The second step is to notice how you’re physically affected while around certain individuals. It’s a good idea to keep some sort of journal of this.
  • Meditate! Meditation has a tremendous way of changing the way we perceive things.
  • Try and see your own. Place your hand against a plain background (such as a piece of paper) and stare at the very edge of one of your fingertips. Eventually, you may start to see a thin outline of color around it.

The different Colors and Their Meanings

Each color you see has an important meaning.

Shades of blue:

  • light blue- peaceful.
  • Dark blue- spiritual, open to possibilities.
  • Muddy blue- fear of the future or telling the truth.

Shades of yellow:

  • pale yellow- spiritual clarity.
  • Bright yellow- fear of loss of control.
  • Clear gold- spiritual awakening.
  • Muddy yellow- fatigue or stress.

Shades of red:

  • light red- energetic, sensual, grounded.
  • Bright pink- artistic, love, affection.
  • Dark red- stubborn, strong-willed, realistic.
  • Muddy red- anger.

Shades of orange:

  • Bright orange- organized, scientific, perfectionist.
  • Muddy orange- lacking ambition, lazy.

Shades of Green:

  • Dark green- healing, soothing.
  • Yellowish green- heart-centered, creative.
  • Muddy green- jealous, insecure, sensitive.

Shades of silver:

  • Bright silver- intuition, nurturing.
  • Muddy grey- usually indicates health problems when overlapped on certain areas of the body.
  • Dirty grey- energy block, skeptical.


  • Usually indicates illness.

How you can change your aura color

If you’re looking to change the color of your aura, there are a few things you can do:

  • Start a spiritual practice- this can be anything, like meditation, yoga, or prayer. Anything to get you going within and towards spirituality.
  • Get healthy- eat better and get some exercise! Cleansing your body improves your mood, which improves mindfulness.
  • Create reminders- anything that gets you to remember to be mindful or let go of anxiety is a powerful way to change your mindset. This can be anything: little notes here and there, jewelry, or small statues.
  • Let it go- every time you encounter stress or anxiety, make a conscious decision to let go. After all, it doesn’t serve you to be that upset!


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