August 2020 – New Moon In Leo…

August 2020 – New Moon In Leo

By Toriscope

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Leo New Moon: August 18, 2020

This New Moon has been a fiery one indeed. Nesting in the twenty-sixth degree of Leo, this moon aspects fellow fire signs Aries and Sagittarius, catalyzing a surge of energy, curiosity, inspiration and action.

New Moon in Leo, 10:41 PM EST on August 18, 2020

With Mercury (28° Leo) conjunct to the New Moon, this creates an opportunity to bridge the internal realm of the subconscious with the external world of the ego. You may experience a sudden rush of clarity that allows you to move forward beyond the obstacles of the past. With Venus (10° Cancer) forming a sextile to Uranus (10° Taurus), many are witnessing a portal opening before their eyes, allowing them to go down an unexpected path related to love, sex and relationships. In the past, you may have faced the hard reality of a romantic situation, which forced you to let go of an ongoing connection. By clearing this energy, you grant yourself the freedom to explore something new. This New Moon will bring about a powerful release for many.

With Mars in his sign of rulership (24° Aries), his trine to the New Moon inspires the collective to fight without giving up. You may find yourself more aggressive, strategic, and confident than usual, especially when it comes to career life. Mars’ already intense energy is heightened by his square aspects to Jupiter (18° Capricorn), Pluto (22° Capricorn) and Saturn (26° Capricorn). Under the influence of such heavy, conjunct planets, we are challenged to push ourselves to the next level while still remaining grounded in what is true and practical.

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This New Moon marks a significant shift regarding the communities and friendships closest to us. You may find yourself departing from certain circles and entering into new ones that are more accepting of who you are becoming. You are less interested in hiding your personality for the sake of fitting in, and more concerned with putting yourself out there, trusting that you will find your tribe. While there is a bit of an aggressive nature to this Moon, this energy is more likely to result in the formation of a team, rather than competitors.

2. MONEY – Earth

Many of us have recently undergone a difficult internal realignment that caused an unexpected (yet very necessary) change in career life. Even if your net compensation has overall decreased, you may find yourself happier and more content because your new situation is now a closer reflection of who you are. Later on, this decision could reward you greatly – a debt may be pardoned, or you may be offered an opportunity to greatly increase your livelihood in some capacity.


During this New Moon, many will tap into their inner strength like never before. In the past, anxiety and low self-esteem could have stopped you from feeling fully like yourself. You may have been afraid to meet new people, pursue a new business idea, or even just say what you really mean. This Leo New Moon renews the everyone’s confidence in their own unique voice, and many will undergo throat and sacral chakra awakenings that activate their creative freedom, which may lead to a new business venture or love interest later down the road. You may find yourself less embarrassed of your quirks, and more apt to make yourself noticed.


The entire collective is undergoing a massive purge of the cyclical, karmic relationships that have run their course. Many have realized that in order to live out their truth, their partner(s) must share similar values. Remember that today’s goodbyes are tomorrow’s hellos – you may find that breaking off a connection clears the space for something even better to come your way. Many are starting to build new relationships based on the things they love about themselves, rather than their insecurities. For example, you may find yourself more attracted to people who excite you and maybe even make you a bit nervous, rather than settling for someone who makes you feel comfortable yet bored.

The Four Elements represent the four domains of human life: mind, body, spirit and soul. Each of the twelve zodiac signs is ruled by one of these elements. For more detailed, zodiac sign horoscopes, check out Tori’s Patreon:


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