August 1, New Moon: Manifest Your Desires…

August 1, New Moon: Manifest Your Desires

Hey Stargazers!

This New Moon in Leo can initiate a new cycle of creativity. When we connect to the 48-hour lunar window of this New Moon, we can receive all the energy we need to optimize this lunar cycle.

Every New Moon offers us a unique cosmic gift. With this New Moon in Leo, we will be granted a blank canvas to create our desires, heal the wounds we identify ourselves by, and perhaps challenge ourselves with something unexpected. It is truly an amazing opportunity to bring order to any chaos we have become accustomed to.

24 hours before and 24 hours after the New Moon is a cosmic window where our subconscious will come out from the shadows and ask us to deal with whatever we have suppressed so that it will not contaminate our efforts.

As this New Moon will occur on the first day of August, we are setting the stage for the entire month ahead. To make the most of this, we need to access the quantum level of this New Moon in Leo in order to avoid any pitfalls that often accompany opportunity.

The Question Of This Quest

In DASH® Astrology, the New Moon is a time to receive energy for our quest! To access the quantum quest of Leo, we should open ourselves to the following question:

How are conscious or subconscious desires determining the course of my life? In which situations have conscious and subconscious different agendas and what are the results?

When we find ourselves disappointed at any point on our journey, we should stop and ask ourselves if these feelings are coming from guidance or doubt. It’s important that we are clear with what our desires are and what has been instilled into us by others, social media, family, etc. Venus, the planet of desire, plays a big role in this New Moon in Leo. This can put us in touch with our creative outlets and make sure that we express what we desire. It’s a powerful time to really speak our truth and disregard anything that we have been parroting. Let’s find our unique voice and use it!

Chiron, the wounded healer, will also play a major role in this New Moon. Sometimes we use our stories to flatter ourselves and what we have been through. Our past tells us what we have been through, but it doesn’t tell us who we are. There will be a huge identity healing with this New Moon, for all signs. It may even become painfully clear who we are and what it is that we exude. Obviously, we need to examine ourselves and appreciate what we have to offer.

It’s a huge healing of self-acceptance and self-love. Until we can truly love ourselves, we are blind to love. Even if we are able to love others, it’s just a pretense until we can appreciate ourselves, because someone who doesn’t have love cannot give love. The paradox is that we all have love, it’s just that we need to experience it. This is what we are typically chasing: namely, some sort of order. We want to understand the madness and what’s going on behind the curtain of Oz.

The truth is that there is harmony, there is order, and there are all the answers to all the questions exist. Just not in the way our limited minds expect them to be. Everything we are looking for is right around us, but we are too blind to see them so we ask others to help us discover what is right around us. We might even obsess about what others have, and desire what’s theirs. But, this is a mistake. The New Moon in Leo wants to remind us that we can create whatever we want as long as we are not healing some wound that we over-identify with.

A square from Uranus will police this New Moon in Leo so that we are pushed into something new. We may even feel instilled with a sense of fearlessness about who we are and what we are capable of. Probably the most important thing about this New Moon in Leo is that it’s occurring with a very challenging time of the year. A time when we are already accessing parts of ourselves that we have forgotten about. All of our hidden potential and talents which we may have suppressed or blocked out.

The New Moon in Leo wants to show us how we can show ourselves to ourselves and then others. This is one of the greatest gifts of Leo: confidence and generosity, the ability to feel good about our ability to express light and share that with others. When we are able to accomplish this, we bring order to any unorganized situation and begin to avoid all kinds of things that could go wrong. We begin to bring harmony and balance to reality and serve as a positive perceptor of the world.

Zodiacal City

The Moon, which represents our vessel, will be empty and ready to receive everything it needs for its 29-day journey around the zodiacal city.

As it transits through each constellation neighborhood, it collects and gathers various gifts and lessons. Yet before it departs for its journey, there is a 48-hour window of preparation where it downloads everything necessary to make its journey a successful one. This is why I offer a guided New Moon meditation when we assure that we can receive everything we can to ensure a successful journey.

This New Moon will affect each of us specifically. Depending on where this New Moon is occurring for you will tell you where to put your focus. I hope you have found this complimentary forecast useful and insightful. If you want to give back and support my work, please consider a giving back as donations are extra auspicious during New and Full Moons. Have a wonderful Full Moon in Leo and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using DASH® Astrology.


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