Attract Love In 2018 With These Energy Tips…

Attract Love In 2018 With These Energy Tips

A New Year harnesses new resolutions and new energies. Goals of eating better, getting in shape, and finding love and central themes for many people at this time. For most people, eating healthier and exercising are tricky, but can be achieved through practice.

But how does one attract love? More so, how does one attract a spiritual love? Working with energies, one can manifest that intention into their lives. By setting for that intention through our actions, we are sending out positive vibrations to the universe to receive. Remember, the energy we send out is the energy we get. So here are some ways to help bring in love.


Purge the Old Energies

So you want to attract love? Before we invite in these new energies, we must first release the old energies of our pasts. Anything still from your ex? Get rid of it. Purge, box away, and remove these old ties so that you can move forward to find new love. Sage your space also for a thorough cleansing of these former energies that linger.


Wear Essential Oils

Having an aroma associated with you helps our brains connect the smell to that person, even if they smell this scent elsewhere. Just like crystals, plants have their own energetic qualities. Scents that promote love are sandalwood, rose, jasmine, and ylang ylang.


Feng Shui your Space to Reflect Partnership

To invite love into your life, your home environment should reflect a couple/partnership mentality. In the bedroom, make sure your bed in centered with two nightstands on both sides to support a partner. It’s important to reflect “twos” in your space, such as a pair of vases, or a picture with two of the same object.


Use Crystal Energy 

Crystals associated with the Heart Chakra are useful for opening the heart up to loving energies. Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone connected to the Heart Chakra. It cleanses and purifies our hearts, accepting the love within ourselves and from the universe. It energizes our hearts for love, compassion, commitment and caring. Place two pieces on an altar to attract love or wear it as a piece of jewelry to have this energy surround you wherever you go.


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Marissa has based her energy work around what she defines as EcoSpirituality. It is a strong connection to both earth…

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