At Ease

I guess I arrived at that time in my life

when people start questioning meaning.

They question their standing,

they question their worth,

they question their reason for being.

My life didn’t happen the way that I thought

and many would think it was tedious.

I stumbled on purpose a little too late,

confused by its methods and reasons.

I can’t say what happened that brightened my sight,

a light got turned on,

viewpoint shifted,

I can’t harbor sadness, misgivings or spite,

it feels like a weight has been lifted.

I don’t feed ambitions,

I don’t have regrets,

I don’t wish I were something other

I celebrate life as it flows through my veins

I like who I am without bother

I could list the issues that don’t fit the mold

but I don’t have room for their pittance

Of all I’ve been given I’m grateful and full,

I don’t keep my soul at a distance.


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