Astrology Weekly Horoscope June 28 – July 1, 2020…

Astrology Weekly Horoscope June 28 – July 1, 2020

“The ultimate self-care is caring for others.” — @ARIKXANDER

Disclaimer: While the transits and horoscopes indicate the general astrological weather, it is in no way indicating positive or negative influences upon your chart. If you want personalized information, you’ll need to book a reading with me.

This Week:

  • Mars Enters Aries
  • Jupiter Conjunct Pluto
  • Sun Conjunct Mercury
  • Saturn Rx Enters Capricorn
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This week is full of big impacts and shifts! First, everything is retrograde right now – asking us to look within and perhaps even find some second chances. Mars, the planet of energy and aggression, will enter its ruling sign, Aries! It’s going to stay in Aries for the rest of the year. This is a powerful position and, depending on where it is hitting your chart, will determine which area of your life will be getting some push and drive. Each and every one of us will be confronted with our filters and perceptions of reality this week. The barriers that filter truth and hold honesty hostage are coming down so that we can really see who we are.

Jupiter, the largest planet, is in alignment with Pluto, the smallest, but most powerful planet, asking us to go deep and grow large. It’s really about letting go of the comfort zone.

The consciousness of this week is simple: when we are only caring for ourselves (even within the debased new age understanding of “self-care”) then the universe becomes our mirror. But when we care for others, we see the truth. The ultimate self-care is caring for others.

As we are enduring through the month of Cancer, we are confronted with family issues that everyone has to deal with until they decide that they no longer need to.

If you need some more illumination in your life or want to get a clear idea of what the Summer season will look like for you, get a chart reading with me. If you have some health goals, book a healing with me. If you’re a Summer, your solar return (your birthday is coming up) book in an appointment with me to see what your next journey around the Sun has in store for you!

Specifically, this is a week of connecting to protection from entitlement. What is entitlement? It’s thinking you deserve something, or that something belongs to you. Metaphysically, it’s evil eye: which has the power to remove blessings from wherever its gaze is aimed at. We want to draw down as much protection as we can throughout the week by working on entitlement themes and avoiding giving the evil eye at all costs.

The collective entitlement and evil eye have skyrocketed in the past 10 years and we are all paying the price for it now with COVID-19. Whenever we think that we should have what the other person has, as we scroll through our screens with evil eye, we disconnect from prosperity and protection and draw upon the dark side.

Think about it.

Jupiter wants us to grow up and out of judgments about ourselves and others this week. Heal family issues by knowing that you have a choice – you don’t have to put up with it. And when you do put up with it, it’s on you.

  • The cosmic signature of the week is asking us to bring light into the dark.
  • The gift of the week is protection from entitlement.
  • The challenge of the week is justifying entitlement.

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As we are in the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Information brings us the ability to know everything about anything! The only caveat is that it isn’t “for free”. Meaning, that in order to really receive information and integrate it, we need to pay for it. This is how we create a vessel, otherwise, it remains intellectual, an accessory to the mind. I hope you have found this complimentary forecast useful and insightful. If you want to receive it on a deeper level and support my work, consider a donation and follow me on Instagram: @ArikXander for tips on how to boost immunity and stay mindful of cosmic happenings.

Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using DASH® Astrology.

Daily Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: Share with others beyond your comfort zone.
  2. Monday: Past experiences hold the key to forward movement.
  3. Tuesday: Opportunities won’t come by being aggressive. Just be yourself.
  4. Wednesday: First day of July! Make it count! Remind yourself of your July seeds you planted from January. LMK what they were!
  5. Thursday: Good ideas for making money are pouring in. Make a plan.
  6. Friday: Love is uninterrupted today. Which doesn’t mean isolated. Don’t covet.
  7. Saturday: Something ends as something begins. What will it be? You can decide.


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