Astrological Forecast: May 9-15 2021…

Astrological Forecast: May 9-15 2021

“A relapse of insecurity is just your ego trying to regain control over your life.” – @ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

This week:

  • venus enters Gemini
  • May new moon in Taurus
  • mercury trine saturn
  • jupiter enters Pisces
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⁂ The cosmic signature of the week is more logical than emotional which should be helpful during the reality shifts.

⁂ The gift of the week is the ability to be generous.

⁂ The challenge of the week is the relapse into insecurity where you should be confident.

This is a jam-packed week, but we are supported with the tools we need to be victorious! On Sunday, we begin to tune into and purify the realm of endurance within the Tree of Life Journey. On the same day, we enter into a new cosmic window that gives us all an extra push to face the counterforce. We won’t be able to just stand still during the next nine weeks. Think of this time like a good life coach who pushes you to reach your next level. Over the next nine weeks, we should open ourselves to grow out of our comfort zone into a more productive self.

Over the next nine weeks, we will see where we are enslaved to our ego and, I say it again, be pushed by the challenges we face, in order to achieve freedom.

The new moon in Taurus at the beginning of the week will give us all the ability to eliminate evil energy from your space. Think of it as a cosmic spring cleaning. I will talk about what evil is and take a deep dive into how to eliminate it within the new moon workshop. Sign up here / $14.

In astrology, an ingression is when a planet enters a new sign. This week we have two: venus, the planet of love and money will ingress into Gemini, the constellation of communication and negotiation; and jupiter, the planet of exaggeration and blessings, will ingress into Pisces, the constellation of addiction and evolution.

Both Gemini and Pisces are mutable signs which means that they can blow in any direction at any moment. With venus in Gemini, we need to love what we choose if we want to be fulfilled. Stick to one goal and love it to completion – it’s all about dedication and commitment. This works great with the Tree of Life Journey this week as we tackle the realm of perseverance and victory. It’s time to cleanse the realm of success and prepare for the soulmate connection on June 5, 2021.

As to the jupiter in Pisces ingression:

“Jupiter will enter Pisces on May 13th! What does this mean?! Jupiter loves Pisces and perhaps even gets lost in the constellation. Think about it: The biggest planet swimming around in the sea of mysticism, spirituality, victimization, and addiction! OMG! Lots of feelings are coming up, but I think this could be a great time to cultivate compassion and shed a tear or two for the state of the world. Either way, it’s time to put your wheels on the path and move forward!” – The 2021 Astrological Zodiac Hacks Forecast.

That being said, saturn is still in a waxing square toward uranus. This is still challenging our ability to move onto new shores, especially if we are greedy or unwilling to see where we are headed as a collective, in order to shift it. Sugarcoating it will only make it worse. This saturn/uranus aspect has severely influenced the financial markets throughout history (e.g., market crashes and the .com boom). We can optimize this square by means of sharing and charity — financially yes, but mostly through the ability to share yourself with those you’re stingy with (including yourself)!

The night is darkest just before dawn! The Tree of Life Journey instills you with the power to endure into the light this week! If you haven’t signed up, it’s not too late as we are working our way through the seven weeks to prepare for the livestream event of soulmate connection on June 5. Joining at any time is just fine. Pluto is still retrograding in Capricorn. We can make the most of the pluto retrograde by becoming aware of our self-judgements that sink us down a level. There is a huge opportunity for inner upgrade during this time if you can restrain from judging yourself. Remember: judging yourself is judging others in disguise.

Have a wonderful week and we thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using DASH® Astrology.

Daily horoscope & important transits:

  1. Sunday: Happy Mother’s Day. Venus, the mother, has just entered Gemini so it’s a good time to be lively and loving with your inner, outer and cosmic mother.
  2. Monday: the moon is now in Taurus, waning until it becomes new tomorrow. Energy is low as you dump out everything since the previous new moon in Aries.
  3. Tuesday: today is the new moon in Taurus. It’s time to build your reality with a healed mind.
  4. Wednesday: mercury will make a trine with saturn, disciplining your thinking and give you some much needed logic for whatever puzzle your solving.
  5. Thursday: jupiter will enter Pisces now. This is an amazing energy for expansion and evolution….as long as you don’t drink the mainstream Kool-Aid…..
  6. Friday: with venus in Gemini, it’s time to love your choices!
  7. Saturday: saturn is still in a waxing square toward uranus. This is still challenging our ability to move onto new shores if we are greedy or unwilling to see where we are headed as a collective, in order to shift it. Sugar coating it will only make it worse.


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