Astrological Forecast: May 16-22 2021…

Astrological Forecast: May 16-22 2021

“Every day we are tested to establish whether we want to upgrade or stay where we are.”  -@ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

This week:

  • Sun Trine Pluto.
  • Venus Trine Saturn.
  • Sun Enters Gemini.
  • Sun Square Jupiter.
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⁂ The cosmic signature of the week is grounding energized emotions into practical applications.

⁂ The gift of the week is the ability to love your work and appreciate your to-do list.

⁂ The challenge of the week is carelessness and an energized ego.

This is the final week of the Taurus Season and we are challenged with the task to practice unconditioned love. This means, no matter what your emotions are telling you, no matter how justified you feel to act otherwise, love without expectation. It’s important that we finish up Taurus without attaching any strings to life so we can love life again.

We are also tasked to appreciate everything we have and stop looking at the things we don’t have in order to move forward and change. The poverty distractions will keep us stuck and ill-prepared for the cosmic shift into Gemini this week. Also known as a solar ingression, they come 12 times a year, and they are powerful moments when we can receive all the light we need to fuel our intentions and change our lives. Even if you feel like you’re living the best life possible, that you’ve manifested everything, there is still more you can do, if not for yourself….for others.

On Thursday, the sun will ingress (a.k.a. move) into Gemini, the air sign of communication and change. We can expect the winds of change to blow swiftly especially with the upcoming solar eclipse, and planetary retrogrades scheduled for Gemini Season (yes, Gemini 2021 is going to be challenging). Set your sail, and get wise to your personal astrology so you can know which direction to set. You’re invited to the Gemini Sunlight meditation which will help you invest in the month ahead with light! When we do the proper mediations to harness the energy available on these powerful dates, we begin to eliminate chaos related to this sign — we all have. Sign up here for $14

The energy this week helps us move from a stubborn Taurus state of immobility, into a lighter wave of luck and good fortune. Every day we are tested to establish whether we want to upgrade or stay where we are. When we pass daily tests, life gets brighter and luckier. This week also begins the journey into humility within The Tree of Life Journey. We are given access to foresight and contemplation so we can make the best move.

Have a wonderful week and we thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using DASH® Astrology.

Daily Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: love your work, even if it looks like you’re not getting anywhere.
  2. Monday: watch out for diva drama today. If you want something done correctly, do it yourself.
  3. Tuesday: vessel building and yoga are vital today. Try to channel your energy into something constructive. Watch your emotions…..
  4. Wednesday: Mercury is in Gemini rn, ignore the thoughts of doom and gloom and allow yourself to open up to new mental processes.
  5. Thursday: Growth is a bit touch and go today. Heart and will need to find a common ground within healing the self. Without health, there is nothing.
  6. Friday: Venus in Gemini reminds us that there is enough love to go around for all, but you still need to commit in order to not spread yourself too thin.
  7. Saturday: Take the risk. It may heal you as you move onto new shores.


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