Astrological Forecast For Nov. 28- Dec. 4, 2021…

Astrological Forecast For Nov. 28- Dec. 4, 2021

“All roads lead to Rome, but how long it takes us to get there is entirely up to us.” -@ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

This week:

  • Sun conjunct Mercury
  • Mars trine Neptune
  • Neptune goes direct
  • New Moon in Sagittarius
  • Read all the important transits and daily horoscope for this week at the bottom of this forecast.

⁂ The cosmic signature of the week is organizing the miracles.

⁂ The hack of the week is cultivating an authentic desire to overcome your programming.

⁂ The challenge this week is trying to change too quickly or too slowly.

This is a week of creating miracles.

If you took part in the Sagittarius Season Workshop, you have the advantage of knowing what the 30-day transit has to offer. The angel for Sagittarius is Raphael, who is the guardian of paradise. This week, we tap into the energy of paradise, prosperity, and potential. This week, we can download from the source of creation and install it into our reality as success, happiness, healing, and especially prosperity. If you want to optimize this process, check out the Sagittarius Season Transmission to harness the incoming light.

Self-importance often blinds us from cosmic happenings. Our ego usually feels so busy and needed by others, that it ends up preventing us from studying spirituality. We end up having negative thoughts fill in the space where spirituality should be operating. This week, we can overcome the majority and defeat all the odds by being humble and transcending the codes of the Zodiac that enable us to overcome the dominion of the material world. Just by having this desire during this week, we speed up whatever spiritual process we are currently working on. Therefore, this is a week of acceleration if we want it.

All roads lead to Rome, but how long it takes us to get there is entirely up to us.

This week, we are called to analyze what can be improved upon. We need to look at where we have been going wrong and what hasn’t been working. If you’ve been hitting the same problems over and over, something clearly isn’t working. It’s a good week for researching solutions. Not to ponder them, but to find them and implement them.

Make improvements and fix things that are broken. That’s the hack and the blessing of the week: to stay out of the comfort zone in order to seize the opportunity for growth and expansion. Sagittarius is much lighter than Scorpio, but it also demands growth. The comfort zone is difficult to leave because we think it’s a place of protection and healing. We need comfort zones for the sake of leaving them. When we leave our comfort zone, we don’t go unprotected. Actually, our protection and healing become our own responsibility as we integrate our lessons into reality rather than live off the idea of them. Leaving the comfort zone forces us to walk our talk and apply the teachings. I will speak more about this in the Sagittarius Sunlight Transmission. Meanwhile, remember that whatever you’re experiencing is a gift from the universe and your task is to receive it simply by choosing to do so.

When we can overcome our inner programming, we can rewrite our reality. We’ve all seen it: when something impossible has happened. That’s what we can download and connect with this week: moving from a place where miracles are random, into a place where we can prepare them. On Saturday, the New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius will bestow us all with a powerful cosmic window for creating even more miracles and blessings. The New Moon transmission will begin on Friday as we will need help accessing the appropriate consciousness as it is an eclipse (blocking us from the usual New Moon opportunity).

Daily Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: This is a beautiful day for prosperity and good fortune. Just enjoy and make a sincere wish to overcome your zodiacal nature.
  2. Monday: Be clear about what you want and what you’re willing to sacrifice to get it.
  3. Tuesday: Strong dreams and occurring to give you the wisdom of what your next move is.
  4. Wednesday: Happy December. Thoughts are flying in. Study spirituality if you need to purify them.
  5. Thursday: Good ideas will flow in now. Open your heart so that you can open your mind.
  6. Friday: New Moon Eclipse Window Opens. Enjoy this extra boost of prosperity and blessings if you can access it.
  7. Saturday: Opportunities open up through love and lightness. Be happy.


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