A Guide To Finding Your ‘Inner Beloved’ According To Shamanic Astrology…

A Guide To Finding Your ‘Inner Beloved’ According To Shamanic Astrology

Many moons ago, as a maiden, young, mystical and romantic, I fell in love with Shamanic Astrology. At first sight I was immediately drawn to the soul purpose as expressed through the relationship axis which I wrote about in The Purpose Of Your Relationships According To Shamanic Astrology and Ascendant-Descendant Axis). For the first time in a long time, something had resonated in a way that made sense of some of my desires since a young age, and the soothing feeling that I was truly on my right path.

Shamanic Astrology presents a very deep, insightful, meaningful and mystical way of interpretation that I find similar to esotericism and yet carrying its own unique mystical level of great wisdom. Astrological signs are connected to archetypes which then allows for deeper meanings and awakening of self.

Archetypes are powerful. Many stories, fairy tales and myths are actually following a very basic archetype; a mythology that gets re-created and retold all the time throughout cultures. This is because specific myths and stories work in our subconscious as a vehicle of remembering, of initiation, and of awakening. Certain myths awaken our own psychic ability and retrace a shared path of humanity; we retrace information stored in our own consciousness from past lives to awaken parts of us, knowledge in us, that was otherwise hidden. When we hear something of such deep resonance, that reminds us of a part of our consciousness even pre-incarnation, we become engaged in it and start to connect ourselves in a way that’s deeply ingrained in our soul. These stories and myths access our super-consciousness because of this resonance and we begin to remember and to awaken who we truly are.

In Shamanic Astrology,

  • our Moon sign represents the lineage of our soul and the relationship skills already learned or worked on in previous lives; it is where we come from and our past life tribe, along with our South Node
  • our Sun sign represents what fuels us in this life
  • our Ascendant represents our soul’s purpose and path, along with our North Node
  • our Venus and our Mars represent our sacred marriage

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Who is the inner beloved?

Venus is the Inner Goddess while Mars is the Inner God, each one carrying their specific archetypes which I’ll share further below. Most women resonate with their Venus sign and as such, for most women, Venus represents the intent of her feminine energy and who she is expressing herself as in this life, while her Mars represents the development of her Inner Beloved as well as what she desires and longs for in a partner to fulfill her soul’s purpose. For a man, it is the opposite. For same sex couples, all these concepts apply but just go with what resonates for you as an energy. Ultimately, they are one of the same, dancing in their lover’s dance, together.

Our Inner Beloved is created by three elements:

  • our Inner God/Goddess: Mars for women, or Venus for men
  • our relationship path symbolized by the Ascendant-Descendant Axis
  • our own self love

Self love is the basis of all sacred relationships and without it it is impossible to be in harmony within so that we attract the harmony from outside.

Mars and Venus are the eternal lovers in the sky and the cosmos; they also meet and conjunct which symbolizes their union, after which they separate until Mars runs after Venus again and takes her in his arms for a conjunction yet again. This is usually after the time Venus has finished her underground, or retrograde, path. In some traditions of astrology the meets-ups of Mars and Venus also signify new love cycles which will unfold for each individual and the themes of it depending on the natal charts.

Here are the archetypes, images and god/goddesses for the signs and energies, and you can also apply them to your moon, sun and all else for more insights. I’ll give you an example below.

Archetypes and images


  • Venus: The Virgin Amazon, Wild Woman Archetype, “Women Who Run With Wolves”, Warrior Woman, Goddess Artemis (Diana)
  • Mars: The Rugged Individualist, Aggressive Play, Spontaneous and Willful, Self-Centered Boy with Toys, The Warrior Competitor


  • Venus: The Lover, Aphrodite, The Courtesan, The Artist, The Pleasure Lover, The Dancer, The Model
  • Mars: The Lover, Intimacy Expert, Pleasure Lover, Dancer, Artist, Musician


  • Venus: The Divine Comedienne, The Eternal Youth, The Female Peter Pan, Coyote/Shapeshifter, The Creative Muse
  • Mars: Trickster Magician, The Coyote, The Fool, The Shapeshifter, Loki, Hermes (Mercury)


  • Venus: The Great Mother, The Nurturer, The Birther of All
  • Mars: The Father and Family Man, The Nurturer, The Protector, Identity Based on Giving Love from Responsibility and Commitment


  • Venus: The Queen, The Leading Woman, The Amazon Queen,
  • Mars: The King, The Born Leader, The Leading Man, Apollo, Zeus (Jupiter)


  • Venus: The Priestess Dedicated to Sacred Work or Craft, Spider Woman
  • Mars: The Priest Dedicated to Sacred Work or Craft, The Servant of The Goddess


  • Venus: The Wife, The Partner, Goddess Juno (Hera)
  • Mars: The Husband, The Partner, The Peacemaker, The Diplomat


  • Venus: The Sorceress, The Tantrika, The Mistress of Magic, The Witch, Goddesses Kali, Pele, Hecate, and The Snake Goddess
  • Mars: The Sorcerer Magician, The King Stag, The Horned God, Pan, The Green Man, Gods Pluto and Hades


  • Venus: The Adventurer, The Vision Quest Amazon in Search of Spiritual Truth and Meaning of Life
  • Mars: The Hero’s Quest, The Solar Hero, The Vision Quester, The Philosopher Pioneer


  • Venus: The Matriarch, Queen Bee, The Elder, The Business Woman
  • Mars: The Elder, The Prime Minister, The Lawgiver, The Good Provider, The Practical Business Man


  • Venus: The Avant-Garde Revolutionary, The Female Avatar, The Cosmic Visionary, The Grand Experimenter
  • Mars: The Cosmic Visionary, The Idealist Scientist, The Universal Free Spirit, The Avant-Garde Revolutionary, The Meditator Seeking to Ascend


  • Venus: The Selfless Servant, The Empathic Woman, The Nurse, The Mystical Dreamer
  • Mars: The Empath, The Deep Mystical Vision, The Rapture of Transcendental Union, The God Dionysus

An example

So let’s say a woman has Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer, Ascendant in Taurus, Venus in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio.

As per her Moon sign, she comes from a tribe of home-makers and those who were very family oriented. The lineage of her soul is one of the nurturer and care taker, where perhaps she had little time to focus on her own self. In this life she comes with the knowledge of her past learnings and mastery of kindness, compassion and nurturing, which she will apply towards her current life path, while also she will learn to be taken care of by others and focus more on her own individualized self.

This is because her ascendant is in Taurus which is a highly individual energy – it is one of experiencing oneself and life through the senses. Her path is a tantric path and one that will allow her to delve into intimacy on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Through her descendant in Scorpio she will expand her consciousness through the door opening of her higher self as her relationships will awaken within her all parts needed for her soul’s evolution and enlightenment. What fuels her will be her sun in Leo which is all about her desire to be seen, adored and cherished, and focused on cultivating self love. Though she might still feel hesitant to embody self love and focus on herself rather than others, because of her past life experiences, she will nonetheless be deeply drawn into sensual experiences, being a lover and experiencing love through mystical and passionate connections. Perhaps this desire will run throughout her life and will be mirrored through her passionate partners and intense relationships. As much as she may want to stay away from her strong passions, she will need to acknowledge them, otherwise the shadow side of her descendant will continue to play out.

Her Inner Beloved is symbolized by her Mars in Scorpio which further emphasizes the importance of her tantric path in life and the focus on complete merging and intimacy with a lover; she is meant to experience sacred relationships and deep mystical love. Her own feminine expression is actually one connected to her past life as her Venus is also in Cancer conjunct her Moon; this shows that her intent was to expand her nurturer lineage into a different manifestation of the energy applied towards her current soul’s evolution. This conjunction also makes her incredibly tender, gentle and romantic, and as a natural giver she needs to be surrounded by other givers in this life to learn receiving and being cared for deeply. She is the nurturer still and the great mother and yet she desires the sorcerer, the mystic, the Hades who will take her down to the depths on her own self, and the sacred marriage will be fulfilled. She will continue her lineage while transcending it to a greater level through an alchemical process.

In summary: She is a Nurturer (Venus) supported by her Inner Beloved the Sorcerer (Mars), and she is fuelled by the essence of the Queen (Sun) to go towards the path of the Lover (Ascendant) as she spent many lifetimes being in the tribe of the Great Mother (Moon). In a sense, she is transcending through the tribes learning that it is okay to take pleasures for your own sake rather than always caring for other, and to allow herself to experience a love deeper and more transformative than anything she’d experienced before. She is learning not to be feel bad about focusing on her own needs and desires, and through creating a balanced harmonious relationship with her Inner Beloved, she is also led more supportively in her own soul work and life purpose. In fact, it is her sacred marriage within that allows her to fulfill her soul path of mastering life force. Through the deep love she feels and expresses creatively through various channels, she will inspire others as well as herself to be even more artistic and loving.

Sacred marriage

There is a universal truth: “As within, so without. As above, so below.” In other words: as the inside shifts and changes, the outside must, and will, as well. To be in the arms of our beloved, if that’s something we feel drawn to, then we must first harmonize and meet our beloved within ourselves. Remember that the purpose of our Inner Beloved is to support us. For example, if a woman has Venus in Capricorn and her Mars is in Virgo, then she is a Matriarch who is supported by her Inner Priest.

Most of us project the qualities of our beloved and then end up not completely satisfied in our relationships. The only way to come into wholeness is to create inner harmony which will then mirror the same manifested externally as a partner who will walk along with us on our soul’s path. When we work on our inner beloved, or what some might call the shadow side so that projections lessen, we will also be able to see more clearly another person which is what sacred relationships are based on: authenticity.

True lovers meet only when one has the courage to unveil their soul and the other has the humility to unveil theirs also.    

The key to a sacred marriage is for men to connect with their Venus or Inner Goddess, and for women to connect with their Mars or Inner God rather than be swayed in projections.

Here are some general clues as to how to integrate the Inner Beloved. If your Inner Beloved is in,

Aries: Take the initiative to find a purpose or a new mission grounded on integrity and commitment

Taurus: Awaken the sensual self, savour and enjoy the present moments by being completely embodied through dance or the sensory experiences of life, feel your own body, and take pleasure in aesthetics and art

Gemini: Be more curious, take yourself less seriously and commit to play time in the dance of life

Cancer: Accept and honour your vulnerabilities, and learn to nourish yourself and receive deep love and caring from others

Leo: Go beyond the barriers to experience radiant self love and shine brightly

Virgo: Find out and delved into what is your sacred work or calling in this life

Libra: Have the courage to discover that the relationship with yourself is the one you must love and be in harmony with the most

Scorpio: Risk finding what is at the edge of your aliveness, and what is beyond the edge

Sagittarius: Prioritize your quest for meaning, truth and purpose in this life, and renew your connection to spirit on your own

Capricorn: Find an activity that is grounded and productive, and produces practical results

Aquarius: Discover the magic and value of being completely in your own space, and experience the uniqueness of your being

Pisces: Have compassion and empathy for yourself, and devote to selfless service towards others


Invoke and connect to your Inner Beloved. This is when Sacred Relationships can come together. 


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