What Your Rising Sign Says About You…

What Your Rising Sign Says About You

Your rising sign is only a small fraction of your overall astrological chart.

“What’s your sign?” Most people respond to this question by providing their sun sign. However, knowing whether your sun falls into Pisces or Virgo makes up only a fraction of your total astrological portrait. Your complete chart consists of multiple planets and your rising sign. Your ascendant tells you much about how you present yourself to the world and how others see you.

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What is your rising sign and how do you find it?

Your rising sign governs your outside personality. Consider your rising sign the way you show extroversion, even if you’re an introvert. Your rising sign dictates how others see you. Do they see you as a force of nature or a drama king or queen? Or do you present as mild, calming and gentle in your interactions with others?

To find your rising sign, if you have your astrological chart handy, all you need do is look at it like a clock and observe the sign in the 9 a.m. position. Or, if you know the time and place of your birth, you can use a free online calculator to find your ascendant. Think of your ascendant, or rising sign, as the first impression you make on the world. It determines whether you walk in a room flaunting it like Kim K. or whether you give off a more intellectual or caring air.

If you have an air rising sign

Air signs carry the mark of the intellectual. If your rising sign is an air sign, you walk in the room like Albert Einstein, which is to say, you’re paying more attention to the ideas people toss out in conversation than the speakers themselves. That isn’t to say that air signs come off as overly erudite, although if your sun sign is an earth sign, you may well project the air of an absentminded professor, concrete in your knowledge but easily distracted by outside stimuli.

Air signs place a high value on communication, although you may wax more loquacious if your sun sign also is an air or a fire sign. Those with water sun signs and air ascendants tend to express themselves best through writing.

If you have an earth rising sign

The builders of the zodiac, earth signs are, as the word implies, quite practical and sensible. They embody the phrase “down to earth.” If your rising sign is an earth sign, you emit an aura of confidence, trustworthiness, and adherence to tradition. Earth tempers the passions of those with fiery sun signs.

If your sun sign is a water sign, you may come off as conservative or even stodgy — think of the way water and earth make mud. However, if your sun sign is an air sign, your earth ascendant can temper overly lofty ambitions.

If you have a water rising sign

Water signs make up the intuitives and mystics of the zodiac, so if you have a watery ascendant, you emit vibes of spirituality in a positive sense. Others, though, may find you present as emotional, especially if your sun sign is also a water sign. Water signs are caring and nurturing — think of the healing birth waters we all originate from. Others often find those with water ascendants as motherly and empathetic. You may find others turn to you to confess their troubles if you have a water rising sign.

If you have a fire rising sign

The drama kings and queens of the zodiac, those with fire rising signs don’t mind letting you hear them roar or watch them put on a show. Those born with a fire rising sign often gravitate toward the stage — if they can play the lead role. They’re assertive, take-charge and dynamic. A fire ascendant with an earth-sun sign connotes the ability to take ambitious ideas and turn them into tangible forms. Companies who need creative people with great follow-through do well to hire folks with this combination.

Water dampens fire, and a watery sun sign can help those with fire ascendants act less abrasively. Air and fire together can create quite the spark — but such folks need prodding to turn their lofty dreams into reality.

Understanding your rising sign, understanding yourself

Your astrological chart consists of more than simply your sun sign. Your rising sign rules the impression you give to the world around you. Once you know how you appear to others, you can transform yourself into your most ascended version of you.


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