What Jupiter Has in Store For Us In The Coming Year…

What Jupiter Has in Store For Us In The Coming Year

Humans are predisposed to seeking pleasure.

As infants, the very milk that feeds us is laced through with sugar and dopamine, biologically designed to generate contentment and satisfaction. Thus, our walk along the primrose path begins, and we spend a good deal of the rest of our lives seeking to gratify our desires, often lacking any awareness whatsoever about the implications of constant pleasure seeking, and the toll it takes on the planet (and ourselves). I’ve heard it said that humans sleep through life, doing nothing but waiting to be fed and entertained, and I can’t disagree too vehemently. It’s just so easy to anesthetize ourselves to our immediate experiences by falling into the trance of hedonism.

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Is there Anything Wrong with Seeking Pleasure?

Jupiter doesn’t think so. In fact, Jupiter is known as the planet of good fortune and is traditionally associated with things that make us feel good. Qualities like optimism, delight, inspiration, courage and personal development, are some of the gifts he entrusts us with. Jupiter is a planet of generosity and its location in your birth chart points to your talents, the things that bring you joy, and your ability to gather knowledge and use it to change your attitude for the better.

If we really work our Jupiter gifts, they help us course-correct from a place of a sleepy consumer, numb with food, drink, and diversion, into wise seekers of wisdom with gifts of our own to bestow. Jupiter takes 12 years to travel around the Zodiac and has been in the water sign of Scorpio for the last year (since Nov 10 of 2017). As a planet travels through a sign, it takes on the distinct flavor and themes of that sign, and like anything associated with Scorpio, that means self-examination. We may have noticed over this past year, that in developing new perspectives (as Jupiter has us do), we felt metaphorically pulled down underwater and held there. Our expansion and growth had to be done in the dark, with a sense of blind faith. Discovering the deep significance of our negative patterns, control struggles and repressed emotions (those festering behaviors we indulge in, that are rarely addressed honestly and openly) have been central to this process, because those are “Scorpio things”.

That’s over now though, and we can celebrate because Jupiter makes a big move into Sagittarius (a fire sign) on November 9th, 2018 and will remain there until December 23 of 2019. This represents quite the quite a paradigm shift because Jupiter rules Sagittarius and therefore, the cleanest, most distilled characteristics of Jupiter will be allowed to shine. Traits like optimism, inspiration, and courage won’t be diluted, obscured or overpowered by the qualities of a sign unlike it. Imagine a coming home party of the best kind filled with decadent food, interesting people, meaningful experience and pure potential. And the party is going to last for the whole year!

This Means Our Personal Development Becomes a Little Easier

We’ll have more freedom of movement, dropping of inhibitions and invitations to new adventures. If we dive into the unknown, we may just find ourselves unfolding like flowers in bloom. This means more motivation, enterprise, and satisfaction because those are “Sagittarius things”. Of course, the caveat is that we want to revel in this ease, but we don’t want to overindulge in it. Jupiter in Sagittarius can be that refreshing life of the party who becomes obnoxious and arrogant if there’s been too much to drink. So, let’s utilize the pure potential available this year, but let’s not let it lull us into a pleasure-seeking sleep. We have personal evolutionary responsibilities and worthwhile goals to uphold that will feel far more significant in their progress or completion than hedonism ever could.


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