What It’s Like To Love A Leo…

What It’s Like To Love A Leo

Loving a Leo isn't easy, but it's rewarding.

The end of July means the beginning of Leo season. That means the fire sign’s confident energy will radiate over all of us for the upcoming month. This is the perfect opportunity to put yourself out there in the dating world, especially for Leos who are feeling especially enthusiastic with the sun in their favor.

Leos get a bad rap for being jealous and egotistical, but they really aren’t all that bad. They’re no walk in the park to date, but honestly, who is? Horoscopes determine a lot about a person’s romantic preferences – from how they find partners to how they behave in relationships. These insights can be a major life hack when it comes to reading your partner’s wants and needs.

Speaking from personal experience, Leos can be particularly predictable. They know what they want and they typically don’t have a problem speaking their mind to get it. Dating a Leo is not for everyone, but it can be rewarding for those that are willing to endure it.

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Prepare to give them your undivided attention.

Truthfully, there’s nothing a Leo loves more than themselves. They love to be the center of attention with all eyes on them. A partner that makes them feel like they stand out in a crowd – even if there’s no crowd insight – is a Leo’s match made in Heaven.

We’re well aware that this constant praise can get tiresome, especially for people who don’t share the same need for recognition. However, it doesn’t have to be big gestures 24/7. It’s the little things that make all the difference, even if that means shooting a quick “I’m super busy today but I’m thinking of you” text. That message will mean a lot to a Leo, especially if you don’t have time to engage in a full-on conversation.

Be cautious about seeing other people.

Leos are known to be the most jealous sign of all horoscope identities. It’s an undeniable flaw that no matter how hard we work to overcome, jealousy is deeply rooted in our personality. We just can’t help but feeling betrayed when we see our partners with other attractive people.

This trait should not be synonymous for controlling. If a Leo enters that suffocating territory it may be worth opening a conversation with your partner. Look at this trait as a sign of flattery. We’re proud to call our partners our own and hate to share them. While jealousy may seem like a negative trait that strains a relationship, it can be spun into a compliment.

Expect to be rewarded with passion.

Leos aren’t solely self-absorbed, hard-to-date signs. They’re simply extremely committed to everything they do, which can be simultaneously a strength and a weakness. This passion and dedication will be carried over to a relationship, which can majorly benefit their partner. Leos have endless love and passion to share. They have their goals set high and will stop at nothing to achieve and surpass them. This determination is so strong that it will not only take your relationship to the next level, it could also rub off on your own personal life.

It’s time to break the stereotype that Leos are terrible companions that only care about themselves. Yes, we may be a little egocentric, but we want love as much as the next person! Don’t be intimidated by a Leo’s confidence – deep down they have a huge heart that they’re dying to share with a significant other. Take a chance this Leo season, if it’s a match you’ll thank yourself in the long run!


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