4/28 – 5/4 Spiritual Astrology Forecast For All Signs…

4/28 – 5/4 Spiritual Astrology Forecast For All Signs

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There are various ego identities that are activated throughout the year. Each of these identities has various symptoms on physical, emotional, nutritional, mental and spiritual levels. The Sun represents a majority of the ego, which is something we need to use in order to shine in this world. Our collective ego, also known as our collective Sun, is transiting through the sign Taurus. Some of the symptoms this can produce is issues with expression, faith or even thyroid and ear and throat issues.

What can we do to balance these degraded archetypal qualities? What would happen if we are successful? Very simple, as we balance out the archetypes, we invite their gifts and blessings into our lives. But make no mistake, it requires a lot of work! As the Sun is transiting through Taurus this week, we have a focus on eliminating poverty, abandonment and being stuck. To the degree we feel left out and “stuck outside” will indicate how much ego is controlling and influencing our lives. How imbalanced our Taurus archetype is.

We need to make an extra effort to investigate why we feel so abandoned and, without becoming fascinated, let it go and move on. We have everything we need to get everything we desire! The Moon begins in wild and unpredictable Aquarius aligned with the Black Moon. Be careful of finding faults in others, it will only devalue things in your life. There are still 3 planets in Capricorn and 3 planets in Aries asking us to avoid emotional reactions as well as emotional motivations.

This includes emotional deprivations which “inspire” us to make movements in the world. If things are a bit unstable at home, meditate. Saturn adheres to Jupiter’s trend and goes retrograde, all before the New Moon this week! We need to approach things practically and with an attitude of humbly working hard. Kick entitlement out of the window and find the balance between profit and investment. If we can find the lightness in our duties, we will be able to graduate to the next level!

Again, we are in the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Information which gives us the ability to know everything about anything! The only caveat is that it isn’t “for free”. Meaning, that in order to really receive information and integrate it, we need to pay for it. This is how we create a vessel, otherwise, it remains intellectual — an accessory to the mind.

Weekly horoscope & important transits

  • Monday: Day 12 of 49: Without vision, we cannot have tolerance. We need to be able to see beyond our projections and limited perceptions of reality. Open your mind’s eye and allow yourself to see beyond the illusions of your limitations. If you can do it today, you’ve got it for the entire Sun Year!
  • Tuesday: Day 13 of 49: Tolerance without wealth is just a facade. We need to be without deprivation and our of poverty consciousness if we want to have tolerance for ourselves and others. Put your worries to rest and allow your mind to be wealthy in positive thinking so that true tolerance can be practiced.
  • Wednesday: Day 14 of 49: We need to manifest tolerance in order to reveal it in the world. Tolerance protects us from diseases and allows us to receive all wholesome desires! Today, we gain protection by keeping our focus on manifesting tolerance in our, and the, world! No matter what the reality says, be happy about your consciousness!
  • Thursday: Day 15 of 49: Today is the first day of the week of sustenance, which is the ability to receive everything we need and desire from the universe. Everything is given to us without us deserving it! We need to work off the blessings, otherwise, we fall into entitlement and eventually expectation and laziness. Today, open your heart to spiritual perspectives and see what work needs to be done in order to receive your heart’s desires.
  • Friday: Day 16 of 49: We need to have discipline in order to activate sustenance in our lives. We can have everything we want, as long as we love, desire and REALLY desire it. We need to think about where we are really coming from, and where we really want to go. Impulsive reactivity won’t grant us what we want or expect to have.
  • Saturday: Day 17 of 49: Balance is a major ingredient to sustenance so that we know when to take and when to give. If we give too much, we enable others. If we take too much, we become greedy. Today, we need to hold onto our power so that we can have a perfect state of balance and sustenance.

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