Venus Is Out Of The Retrograde Shadow Period: Here’s How It Changes Your Relationships And Money…

Venus Is Out Of The Retrograde Shadow Period: Here’s How It Changes Your Relationships And Money

Venus is finally out of the Retrograde Shadow period, and it is a sigh of relief- rejoice!

This Regressive planetary period was a time to purge out the relationships that no longer serve you, resolve dissatisfaction in your career, and to work on financial issues. In other words, you had to work on personal values and repair what no longer aligns with your spirit. Unlike Mercury, Venus does not go into Retrograde as frequently, so when this planet becomes inverse, it is polarizing! I recommend looking up Venus cycles in astrology which will explain this phenomenon in depth.

To give you a scope of how long it takes for this event to occur, the last time this planet was inverse was March 4th of 2017, and the next time Venus will go Retrograde is May 13th of 2020. Retrogrades with this planet last about 40 days and nights which sounds like a biblical reference, so it could be looked at from that interpretation.

It’s Review Time!

So, with that being said, how many things have changed for you over this last 3 months?

What happened in your life over the last few years that needed to be resolved or was put on hold?

Did you have a romantic relationship or friendship that needed to end because it was terrible for you on a mental and emotional level?

Was it a job that has reached its pinnacle and you’re ready to do bigger better things?

We will examine these themes; hopefully, this article will help you understand why there was a massive shift in your life.

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Pre-Retrograde Shadow Period- Cycles One 9/2/18 and Two 9/24/18.

During cycle one, this was meant to be a time of introspection about your love life, career, finances, and relationships of all kinds. You revisited things in your mind rather than acting on them.

This wasn’t a time to make hasty decisions, but to look at the pros and cons of these situations in your life and face the truth, you’re not happy with the state your life is in with regards to these issues listed above. There was a little action in cycle two, but you weren’t quite ready to take the next step, it was more of a period where you were more vocal about your feelings of being fed up with your circumstances. You were getting close to what your decision might be, but still had more things to analyze before you initiated anything at that point.

Venus Station Retrograde Scorpio Cycle- Exposing Secrets 10/5/18.

The Scorpio energy was all about getting real with yourself and primarily made you see the truth about where you were going wrong. Themes that showed up during this time were; individuals who needed to be removed from your life both romantic and platonically, decisions about making a huge career change, plus resolving your issues with money.

There were a ton of upheavals in friendships and romantic relationships for people during this period. If you were in a volatile relationship that was operating on borrowed time this retrograde forced your hand to put an end to that situation. This happened because, for some, they finally accepted that things are no longer working which resulted in people ending their dysfunctional relationships. Also, there were those relations that ended because the truth was uncovered! Situations like people living double lives, two-faced gossipers, or a realization you had been used by an opportunist. These individuals were finally seen for who they really were.

Furthermore, some people got exposed for having an affair, their unsavory behavior was finally out in the open.

Lastly, regarding jobs and money, if you were at a crossroads with career then a light was shed on your situation as well, it’s time for you to find something new or go after the job you always wanted. It was about being honest with yourself or face the consequences of bad financial choices, the Scorpionic energy would force your hand if you did not head down a new path and change your relationship with money.

Themes of The Venus RX Cycle in Libra- How it Affected Your Wallet and Personal life.

When Venus took a backspin into Libra, it relieved some of the tension from the Scorpio energy for a little bit. This is because Venus naturally belongs in this zodiac sign of love, values, balance, and money, so things are more at ease in this transit even with retrograde vibes. Overall, the energy of Libra had most people dreaming of perfection; your expectations in love were higher which was good if you’re a balanced person, and bad if you are only trying to fill a void in your life. In other words, people mostly wanted the superficial stuff in their romantic lives rather than meeting an individual with substance for a long-term relationship. They wanted a new person to come in and be the man or woman of their dreams plus check off every box physical appearance-wise.

As a result, this sort of shallow behavior sabotaged their situations with new dating prospects they met, and they ended up alone until they learned their lesson. Additionally, this Retrograde brought in dating situations from your past that ended some time ago. It presented you with an opportunity to see why the door was never fully closed with an ex or many exes. You were able to gain an understanding of why things were still in this limbo with them and figure out the reason your relationships didn’t work. Even if it wasn’t meant to be, at least there was some closure, whether that is them telling you to your face, by text message, DM, or an email, you finally discovered why it could never work with them. This person was just not good for you in the long run.

In other cases, with past loves coming back, this was karmic energy that brings the two of you back together to work on things and rekindle your romance. Regarding finance, even if your situation was great you needed to be conservative with your spending, Venus is an indulgent planet, so the urge to blow through money was out of control during this period.

Venus Opposition Uranus- Taking Back Your Independence- 9/12, 10/31,11/30.

Venus made a strong aspect 3 times from September to the end of November that came into play and intensified this Retrograde.

The Opposition to Uranus caused people to want their independence and to be with someone who respects them as an equal partner romantically and business-wise. As a result, there was a ton of rebellion, push-backs from partners who were feeling repressed, and breakups. Also, some people decided to step outside their comfort zone and date people who were different than them. In other words, you might have found yourself attracted to Bohemian types, people who have an alternative style of dress, or rebels. Uranus causes us to shake things up and look for something new plus exciting good, bad, or indifferent.

Venus Station Direct Cycle 11/16/18.

In mid-November Venus finally went direct, this was when the reality had already set in, and it was time for you to take the necessary steps to secure yourself emotionally, and financially, to have a game plan of where do you go from here.

Venus Forward into Scorpio Cycle 12/2/2018 – The Truth Will Always Come Out!

On December 2nd Venus went forward in Scorpio, this is because once a planet gets out of Retrograde, it is no longer reverse, it goes onward into the same spot it was before it went inverse and continues to move along the rest of the zodiac. When Venus came back to Scorpio, it caused more shake-ups for those who needed for confirmation. It revealed one last detail in case you were having second thoughts about leaving an unbalanced situation or to show you this is no longer your path.

Venus Out of Shadow Direct Zone 12/17/18.

Now that Venus is direct most of us should have a good idea of what our next step should be.

After coming out on the other end of this retrograde, you will now see the main themes that happened over this last 3 months are finalizing. There are still some loose ends to tie up, but at least it is done, and you can truly begin to move forward now that you know it’s over. This planet is currently making a positive aspect with Saturn that should stabilize us and Neptune that will get our creative side dreaming up ideas for what we want for our future.

To conclude, around the 28th of December, Pluto is making a Sextile with Venus that will help us find the right partner or help deepen our current situation in a relationship that is worth our time. Hopefully, all of you will benefit from this aspect and make 2019 a solid year for finances and harmonious relationships.

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