6 Smart Ways To Benefit From The New Moon In Taurus…

6 Smart Ways To Benefit From The New Moon In Taurus

The energies of the New Moon in Taurus on May 4th, 2019 are solid and real and present an opportunity to create profound transformations in the way you see yourself and your life. A sign of beauty, abundance, money, and possessions, Taurus takes care of your home for your earthly and spiritual needs.

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Attention and clarity

A portal of new clarity is opening up for you during the New Moon on May 4th that will allow you to see your environment with new filters. A surprisingly clear inner view of what you do with your time and attention will come to the surface, and what used to be blurry and confusing, is now showing you the level of time and attention you invest in your daily activities.

It is vital that the need of your aspirations, creativity, and even your spirituality, gets your attention. It is an auspicious time to commit to a new life resolution and manage the different aspects of your divine/human self as part of your evolution within a great collectivity that is moving in the same direction.

Be present in your heart

This New Moon is amplifying your habits, is adding stamina and vitality to your core life force, and is spreading strength and support to your heart frequency to bring more balance into your life. Spending time in nature is a great way to be present, and a must, if you want to open a deeper dialogue with the wisdom of the invisible world and also feel “at home” on a spiritual level.

Interact with nature

For this reason, it’s a good idea to spend time interacting with Nature. This is different from just being in nature because it includes valuing the presence of the Spirit of Life. For example, connect to a tree, to its aura, to the fact that its energy is essential to the health of your lungs, while its grounded-ness helps you be grounded. As you feel the gratitude and mentally bless this being standing in front of you, you can be sure that its frequency is going up as well as yours.

Build what is meaningful to you

Do you find yourself spending time doing what you are expected to do? Do you let your focus be taken by topics that don’t matter to you?

If that’s the case, you may find yourself exhausted and demotivated. If you have spent too much time having feelings of dislikes and complaints, by now, you know that all that attention is creating the unwanted rather then the wanted. Clear your mind from self-doubt, clear your agenda from any distractions, and start to create small steps of action towards your goal.

Create a “check-in” routine to keep energy moving

A good way to avoid getting stuck in a downward cycle is to take time to write down what it is that frustrates you. Name the distractions or insecurities that take form in your mind and witness how much they affect you. Use this awareness to question the validity of these inner dialogues, and once you decide that they don’t help you, you can choose to let them go. With a renewed inner space you can now brainstorm about what it is that you truly want, become disciplined with your thoughts, and focus primarily on what you believe fits your nature.

Care for your environment as well as for yourself

Taurus focuses on what makes you feel comfortable on an earthly plane and awakens in you the want to take the appropriate actions towards your material goals. If you see its qualities on a spiritual level, the same frequencies can emphasize your self-worth and what is most valuable to you. In this way, you can see how what you do in the material world affects you on every level. For example, when you create beauty in your environment not only you feel joy and relaxation, but you bring grace and softens to your soul. When you pamper yourself with a bath or a massage you heal your physical and emotional body.

Even with different planetary combinations, once again we find that the New Moon is giving us a holistic sense of self, supporting the feminine that resides in everyone, regardless of gender. Venus rules Taurus, and that puts a lot of emphasis on the beauty, warmth, and the nesting energy present in nature as Spring awakens.

Balance human creation vs nature creation

Do you see life through nature and peoples’ lenses or through the media’s lens? It is good to use this month’s energy to observe and balance the time you spend on media and the time you actually interact with people. There is a profound difference between the virtual reality created by man and the one created by nature. The first one requires a lot of your energy while the latter provides plenty of energy for you to recharge. Use this special time to balance the two, receive insights, clarity, and an inner perspective of how you are creating your reality.

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