Self-Care According To Our Moon Sign…

Self-Care According To Our Moon Sign

Our bodies.

Our beautiful, blessed bodies.

They sure go through so much. They carry us through our good and bad, through life itself each day. They hold us. They do their best even when we don’t believe in them. No matter how we talk to them and how we view them, they continue to hold us through the day and night. They move, they dance, they tremble in worry and they tremble in ecstasy. They are our beloved companions. They are the temples fully devoted to us and love us through it all, through thick and thin; they are the monasteries built of blood, bone, flesh, spirit and faith. Such temples are worth honouring, respecting and caring for in turn.

Our body skins are beautiful. They protect our organs and yet they are not rigid boundaries to the world outside of us. Beneath the outer skin, there is another skin – the invisible skin – of the soil of our soul. This is our bridge to connect to everything and everyone around us. It is our biggest blessing and our biggest challenge because as much as it allows us to peek beyond the veil with our attuned sensitivity, we can also absorb many stressors which might begin to burden us.

This global pandemic has really put many burdens on all of us; aside from all of our worries, many are also home with their kids, or alone by themselves, and while it may seem like we have “more time” now, it is easier to forget about our self care and love self.

Self Care and Self Love

Self-love can look differently through each expression of our body of consciousness – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – though ultimately it is about self-acceptance, self-compassion, feeling and honoring our feelings, and integration of self.

Caring and loving for ourselves spiritually is more introspective and it is about settling into the core of who we truly are. It feels like trusting in our deep knowing and the cycles of the land despite not seeing clearly. It feels like being connected to our deeper wisdom within especially when we find ourselves lost in the dark wood or the in-between spaces. It is about seeing our life in a multi-dimensional capacity and strengthening our faith in higher spirit, learning to fall into the arms of trust and faith. Meditation is a great way to care for our spiritual body.

Physical self care and love may look like a walk in nature, eating healthily, sleeping well, beautifying our physical space, being grateful for our body no matter what it looks like, and learning to listen to our body. It is about seeing our body as an extension of our soul.

Mental self care and love is about our voice. It is when we feel we are living authentically and we are in our truth regardless of what others think or say, and how many people will leave our lives because we decided to speak out and stay true to ourselves. It is about our dreams and hopes, and self-love is when we go after them and take action towards realizing them no matter how small the steps may be. It is about transforming negative self talk and nurturing a healthy internal dialogue, embracing our creativity.

Emotional self care and love is when we can trust our intuition, nurture our emotions, feel into our feelings, build our self-respect and self-acceptance, and are settled into a relationship of peace within – rather than being swayed by the external world. It is also about honoring our desires and sensual self, and being more creative, passionate and embodied. Lean into the inner beloved, within you.

The truth is that disconnection has been a major problem we’ve faced for a much longer time than the lockdowns; there are many reasons why and I’d need to write a whole book on that topic. But self love and self care are ultimately about self-acceptance, just like true love is about acceptance. When we accept and integrate all aspects of our consciousness, and come into our wholeness, and holiness, we will see the divinity within ourselves, that “good or bad” are both okay to feel, and we will also see the divinity in another person. When we don’t see the divinity in someone, when we don’t recognize the humanness in another – then we become harmful and hurtful without any sense of consciousness. The ability to experience love always starts from within because we need to have the capacity within us to take in another person’s true self and allow them the safe space where we can connect fully and completely.

On a very basic level, when we integrate ourselves and come into our wholeness, we will also have more compassion towards ourselves, so self love will look like: “Today I messed up but it’s okay, I realize that. Today I feel like crap but that’s okay. I am not where I wanted to be in life but that’s okay. My project failed but that’s okay.” Also, self love is about recognizing our authenticity and recognizing when we haven’t been authentic that day but instead of being self-critical, harsh or ashamed, just recognizing it and trying to do better tomorrow.

Our Moon Sign

Self care and self love are also about tending to our deepest needs and this is usually seen in astrology through our moon sign. In mystical schools and traditions of astrology, our moon sign is also known as the lineage of our soul and it shows our past life experiences which are deeply ingrained in us – our habits, gifts and also, challenges. It is connected to our childhood, especially the first seven years as this is when past lives are mostly activated. It is the sacred space that we go to for comfort and love because it is familiar and known. The moon is ruled by the sign of Cancer and as such it is connected to the deepest part of us, to the home within us. Cancer symbolizes the heart, or what moves our heart deeply, and so our moon sign shows what will soothe our heart and our soul, and how our needs can be tended to and nurtured, so that we feel more connected to our inner self. The moon also shows how we express ourselves through relationships and knowing the sign of our partner will also help us to understand what they need so that they feel more intimately bonded to us. And as we already discussed, it rules the lineage of our soul, so the moon will also give clues to certain behaviors and themes that weren’t good for us; we need to remain conscious of how we are tending to our needs.

Keep in mind that the below are only general and will differ depending on the aspects to the moon. A moon aspected by Saturn or Pluto will have a different lineage expression and evolutionary path than if it wasn’t. You can also read the sign of your progressed moon for additional tips or go through all the signs for what resonates as more tips during lockdown.

Aries Moon

Aries moons come from a lineage of being warriors and protectors and in this life they need to remember to apply these learned skills towards becoming warriors of peace with commitment and higher integrity focused on humanness rather than dogma.

They need to be seen as leaders, protectors and warriors. They need to be physically stimulated since they hold a lot of energy and do things that are both active and fun. Play can be particularly great for them, especially in a competitive way and often times this is also how they bond to their partners. They shouldn’t suppress their physical needs and they need to put aside time for that – whether exercise, sports, or anything that gets their blood circulating. Even if lockdown has made it difficult to do that – try to move your body and find ways to be physical with your partner if you have one, maybe by dancing or some play in the park, so that you can also re-ignite some sparks in the relationships.

Taurus Moon

Taurus moons come from a lineage connected to understanding the pleasures of life. “Intimacy as an art” and anything involved with the senses is something that not only feels natural to them but they are perhaps even masters at it. Taurus and Scorpio are also the paths of the tantric ways and so they rely on the essence of intimacy.

For Taurus, one facet of this is aesthetics – they need to have beautiful homes and be surrounded by art or anything visually or sensory appealing. They experience life and themselves through their senses and this is what soothes them: touching silk, smelling vanilla, tasting chocolates, etcetera. They can try sensory rituals alone and with a partner where they can taste foods blindfolded, take milk baths with flower petals, have candles around the house, cook together romantic dinners, and gifting themselves with a massage. The other facet of this moon is through being a master of intimacy and life force energy. They need to connect deeply with their partner on an emotional and spiritual level as much as on a physical, so having a sacred space at home and their relationships built on trust, harmony and sharing is important for them. When a Taurus moon is operating through its higher vibration, they are not bound by their sensuality and body but rather they are comfortable and healthy with it. When overwhelmed or stressed, or when they want to create a self care ritual, they can have a massage or experience themselves through their five senses.

Gemini Moon

Gemini moons are the image of the eternal youth. They come from a lineage where they were the eternally curious and care-free, wanting to learn everything about everything, and trying all the candies in all the jars. Their minds are wonderful, magical and they need to be stimulated with their curiosity. While it can be hard to do that during a lockdown when every day looks the same, they can try to learn different things online, and “travel with their minds”. In many ways, they need to feel connected to a world that is magical, beyond the boundaries of the mind – and this is precisely their freedom space.

Simple things they can do for their self care is anything that is intellectually and socially stimulating. During lockdown they can still sign up for new classes and anything social online such as virtual rooms or chatting/podcast platforms. A way to bring them back into balance is to laugh at their jokes, let them play, don’t suppress their spontaneity, and be curious to their newly founded ideas.  If you are in a relationship with them and want to re-ignite intimacy, you need to reach them through their minds; you can try to have a daily or weekly ritual where you can bond together by sharing new ideas you’ve learned, a new movie watched or book read, and explore new ways about one another involving imagination and curiosity.

Cancer Moon

Cancer moons come from a long lineage of nurturing and caring for others and so they need to now allow others to care for them. As natural givers, they need to surround themselves with other givers, because they need to learn how to receive and how to be adored by others. This is even more important, if they are born with a more individualistic ascendant sign such as Taurus or Scorpio (as the ascendant shows our path of life and purpose), so that they can shift their eyes away from caring for others and instead towards developing their strong individualistic self. It is a challenge for them to love themselves as they spend more time focused on making others feel well. When they feel overwhelmed let them know how much you appreciate them, how they have created a beautiful safe space for you and your relationships, how loving they make you feel and make sure you can do something so that they feel taken care of by you.

For them to feel well, they need to have their own alone free time sometimes. Their homes need to look beautiful, fresh and clutter-free because this is at the core of their being. If possible, it will be a great idea to even hire some help once in while or as their partner to clean up so that they have more time to focus on themselves and recharge their batteries. Since Cancer rules the emotions and the heart, they need to surround themselves and emerge themselves in anything that deeply soothes their soul. It can be movies, music, dance, poetry, imagination, travel – they need to feel things through their body like water and be able to freely flow within their emotions so that they expand creatively also. They also need water – and if there is no possibility to be near the sea at the moment, they should try to take many showers or baths, or even wear more blue, orange and white colors, and especially soft and flowing fabrics such as silk. Traveling and daydreaming is absolutely healing to them, and they need to have their alone time when they can indulge in their imagination.

Leo Moon

Many Leo moons come from a lineage of royalty and often times they come into this life with this feeling of being the star, depending on their aspects. However in this life they need to experience themselves in more humble ways which can sometimes become a little difficult. They were also masters of self-love but if that’s all they are focused on throughout their current life, it can become an addiction and stop them from growing (unless their moon is connected to their ascendant or north node).

Leo moons empower others through their own self-confidence and their extremely charismatic nature. They need to feel adored and seen, and this may have proven difficult during lockdown. Simple things to do would be to dress up around the house, put on make-up and just find ways to shine at home! They can also plan a romantic dinner at home with their partner to reconnect. They can create a sacred love life at home, turn their house into a spa, and find ways to inspire themselves however they feels for them. Following their passion is really important because they are connected to their heart and creativity, and need to keep this going. They can also buy some sexy lingerie or fun clothes to wear around the house to spark their passionate fun-loving natures. Also, they should try not to be hard on themselves if the routines have gotten boring or they think they are not good wives/husband or mothers/fathers – they are amazing at being fun and playful, and to get back to their natural selves they should just recharge their batteries by attuning to their creativity and inner passion.

Virgo Moon

Virgo moons needs to have organized clean homes because otherwise this affects their inner worlds and mental health. Cleaning can often times be healing for them and also focusing on little details which stimulate their skillful talents. It is also important to eat clean and healthy, as this subconsciously connects them to their distant priestess lineage and they begin to feel more clean and “godly” internally also. They can actually feel very imbalanced if they don’t feel honored in their work and so a way to make them feel good is to express to them how wonderful of a job they are doing.

While being of service to others makes them feel purposeful, if all they do is work, then there is an imbalance of their energy and an addiction to their lineage which will be insufficient to their liberation. When they feel overwhelmed or stressed, they need to go to their sacred space to reconnect to their sacred function and true purpose. They need to find relaxation techniques and stay away from self-criticism. Their sacred space, which is both internal and external, is what will re-connect them to self and release pressures from too much focus on work.

Libra Moon

Libra moons come from a lineage of being in relationships and mastering harmony and so it is really difficult for them when this is not their current reality. They need to have harmony in life and yet they often find themselves in co-dependent bonds due to that need. On the other hand, many people just can’t meet them on their relationship qualities’ level because the truth is that most people just don’t know how to master relationships yet. Libra moons can show others how to be good partners in life – and yet when things go bad, they might feel like it was their fault since they should have “known better”. Often times they need validation for how good of a partner they are – and in reality most of the time they are excellent partners indeed.

They need to feel appreciated for that and for the harmony they create; they also need to have harmony in their relationships and homes for their wellbeing. For their self care, they need to have balance which can be difficult when you have kids or busy work schedules. One way to incorporate balance and harmony in daily lives is through meditation, yoga, and any other ways to create internal balance. As an intellectual sign ruled by Venus, they need a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing environment. Art and make-up can be great ways to create this also, especially after a long busy day with the kids.

Scorpio Moon

Scorpio moons hold a lot of intensity in their energy and this comes from a desire to completely merge with another. Sometimes however they can become a bit too involved in other people’s lives, such as their kids’ during lockdown, and they need to remember to have their own private space and alone time. They have a very deep and incredible ability to sense things and are often very alert, which can become a little too draining, so they need to give themselves permission to just relax and not carry the world on their shoulders by being so protective. They can also become a little too controlling and need to learn the art of surrender, because deep inside they actually desire to let go and just have a space and a person whom they can fully trust and fall into their arms safely.

Often times they come from past lineages where their intensity and their sharing of their truth was punished, so they come into these lives with a fear of opening up about their true feelings. They need to be with someone who is as deep as them and who provides them with the safe loving space they need. They need to allow themselves not to worry so much about others and have plenty of alone time, when they can also indulge in some mysticism or energy work or Tantra teachings, if of interest. They need to channel their passionate energy in a healthy way though otherwise it will become an addiction. Intimacy is really important for them and they need to feel connected to their partners, or if they are single, to have someone that they can confide in or even a therapist who will provide a space for them where they can just share their feelings about their day in a private setting and unwind. When they are feeling overwhelmed or our of balance, let them know how much you honor their depth and their passionate intensity.

Sagittarius Moon

Coming from a lineage that is associated with the spiritual quest, lockdown may have been really difficult for Sagittarius moons who crave traveling and exploring distant horizons. This might have caused a lot of energy to be stuck within them but one way to channel that is through traveling mentally; they can watch movies which are about distant unknown places, read more philosophy books or even join chat rooms/podcasts about anything that interests them. Another thing that would be great is if they start sharing all their knowledge too by writing a blog for example, or joining groups about “finding the truth”. Their passion and devotion for the truth and meaning is what nurtures their souls and the vision quest is what they can accomplish by journeying inwards or meditation. They need to feel connected to spirit so anything spiritual based would be great for them as they need to expand their experiences as much as possible.

They come from an innate knowledge of higher meaning of life, quest for truth and the adventure of life itself so a way to reach them would be through validating their spiritual paths, have philosophical conversations with them or share a vision quest together. They need to wonder and wander, to explore their own desires to learn and expand, and to even turn everyday simple things into an opportunity to learn and make them “extraordinary”. As a mutable fire sign, they need change and to embrace their authentic self through their spontaneity and uniqueness. A way of self care can also be through engaging with their kids and teaching them different unusual things, or reading them bedtime stories such as some from mythology.

Capricorn Moon

Those with Capricorn moons were the ones who kept it all together in their lineage and often times they may feel responsible for everything and everyone in this life. Carrying so much burdens on the inside while not knowing how to truly express their feelings and emotions, due to their Saturnian moon, can be really difficult for them. The first thing to remember is that being the one who always holds it together is no longer part of your job – it was your lineage and you spent many lives focusing on that. If it was your rising sign, then learning how to do that would be part of your current life.

Any time a planet is in a sign that is in its detriment or fall, we also need an anti-dote or in other words, not to give it more of what it already has. For a Capricorn moon this would mean that they need the opposite of responsibility which is some fun for example. Often times they may feel guilt about having fun. They need to allow themselves to have some fun and also to relax a little bit, remembering that even if they don’t do something, they are still very much loved, needed, capable and accomplished.

Another part of their self care they need to set goals for themselves though not too far away goals. For example, going for a walk today, finishing a project today, doing my yoga today. They need to feel that they have accomplished it and feel good about achieving it. They also need to feel needed by others which often takes them out of stagnation, and by completing goals they also feel productive and capable again. When they feel overwhelmed or stressed, you can let them know how good of a job they are doing, how proud you are of them and how much you helped them in something.

Aquarius Moon

Aquarius moons come from lineages of pure intellect and refined higher awareness. They may seem too detached sometimes but even their art and knowledge are often ahead of their time. In some texts it is even said that they come from other dimensional realities and this is their first embodiment in the 3D reality which is why some may even don’t like others to get too close to them because there is a subconscious belief that their energetic fields will be imbalanced as a result. What they are often looking for is the ability to translate 3D experience into the higher chakras. While some Aquarius moons can seem very wild and have tried everything, they are actually looking for new ways to connect to spirit.

Similar to Sagittarius moons, they need space so if you are in a relationship with them give them space. This can be hard to do in lockdown but maybe you can have your own rooms in the house or go for walks separately or have separate interests such as movies and books, and then share them together in a weekly ritual with the intention to re-connect. Intellect and spirit are sort of foreplays for this moon, which is why they love to meditate with their partner and meet them in the higher realms. Also – exploring new technologies, inventions, distant communities, and allowing themselves to be okay that they need alone time will soothe their hearts, so that they don’t feel guilty if they are a bit detached sometimes.

Pisces Moon

Similar to Cancer, Pisces moons are also natural givers and they often don’t know who they are except through what they do for others. They come from lineages in which they were devoted to service through helping and healing. Their compassionate nature can often times become too loose on boundaries which causes them to become drained. Often times, there is also little discernment for who they give to, and while this is a high virtue, they can spread themselves too thin and their relationships may suffer. They can also often times be in co-dependent relationships and similar to Cancer moons should remember that they need to find partners who are givers.

Another thing that often comes up in life is that often times they will think that they are not getting much validation for their giving – this is because firstly, they need to remember that giving is unconditional and secondly, they need to understand that this moon’s path is no longer their job. If a Pisces moon is playing the role of a constant giver and not being validated for their giving, it is not a flaw, it is usually a misunderstanding. So when they are not given much in turn, or they perceive they are not getting the validation they needed, they start to give even more which can become an addiction. The way to make such a sensitive moon feel less overwhelmed in life is to express to them how safe and supported you feel with them and how much you appreciate their care for you.

As emotional sponges with loose boundaries, they often feel like everything is their fault and they need to release emotionally. Music is absolutely healing to them and as a water sign, baths are also. They need their alone time diving into romance novels, poetry, painting, and anything that involves their imagination and creativity. The concern with Pisces moon is that part of their self care routine can become drinking wine each day, which while it may start as a relaxing thing to do allowing them to unwind, it often times can become addictive since they have addictive tendencies. More mature expressions of this energy would be meditating and creative pursuits in which they can channel their imagination and allow their minds and bodies to relax. Pisces moons don’t like routines and these can feel overwhelming, so they need to find some time each day for unstructured ways, so that they feel better.


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