Sagittarius Season Forecast 2019…

Sagittarius Season Forecast 2019

Solar Ingression: Sagittarius

Every year the Sun ingresses into Sagittarius on November 22, 2019. In astrology, an ingression is the arrival of the sun, moon, or a planet in a specified constellation or part of the sky and marks the beginning of a transit. When the sun moves into a new sign, our world is filtered by the light of that constellation. Because everything comes from light, all the ions, atoms, and cosmic pixels are influenced by that zodiac archetype. The sun also represents 60-70% of our personal karma, so it’s a rather large shift.

Sagittarius is the final zodiac cycle of the Autumn season. It’s a fire sign with the internal energy of air, so it really blows around! When the sun is transiting through Sagittarius, also known as “Sagittarius Season”, certain laws and propensities, gifts and challenges are set into effect. In DASH Astrology, we know that Sagittarius is ruled by the Tarot card, Temperance.

With Temperance, we learn how to transmute lower vibrations into higher energies. So In Sagittarius, we can learn how to transmute lower vibrations into higher energies!

The transits of the Sagittarius month are unique each and every year.

On Nov. 22, the sun will ingress into Sagittarius.

During Sagittarius, we are asked to not settle for less. Like if people are telling you that you cannot achieve your dreams, don’t listen to them. If your ego is telling you that you cannot achieve “it”, don’t listen to it! In Sagittarius, a month of miracles, anything is possible and you can do it! Where Sagittarius rules in your chart will indicate where you can bring miracles into your life!

Solar Sagittarius wants to push us up and out of limitations. Reach for the stars and don’t sell yourself short! It is in this month when we cannot settle for just a little bit of enjoyment, in this month take the whole cake!!!! Just take it! If you want it, take it! No excuses! You can have the cake and eat it too! Watch the waistline though!

God wants us to have everything! So don’t let anyone tell you differently. Because you are to have it ALL. This is the month when we are to think big, The month will push you out of small thinking and really ask you to expand your mind. It is in this month that you can strive for happiness and fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams. Nothing is impossible. Sagittarius teaches us that having it all means that we have the material and the spiritual.

It’s important that you believe in your DESTINY!!! Ego wants you to think small, but during Sagittarius, we can think bigger than normal. Know that everything is possible and that you need to perceive it and then you will see it. It’s not that you see it and then it’s real. First, we need to perceive it and then we will see it. That’s how it works!

This year, Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is transiting through the Galactic Center of the Milky Way, which is located in Sagittarius. With Jupiter transiting this critical degree, our hearts are opening up more.

At the same time, we might feel voids stronger than normal, so we don’t need to be dramatic about things we are feeling. Just remember that everything is transitory and that we shouldn’t get too fixated on whatever is going on. Actually, Sagittarius is the most evolved of the fire signs, which means it asks us to grow out of our subjectivity.

Pro Tip: There is a link between the solar month of Cancer and Sagittarius. Let’s think for a minute about what we’ve set into motion during the month of Cancer (June 20 – July 20) because now we are working on those tasks even if we forgot about them! Get out your calendars and journals and really see what’s going on there.

One of the first things we need to learn is about happiness. Right away the sun will make a trine to Chiron in Aries. We will be seriously healing friendships with this transit. We are also asked to access happiness within ourselves without needing others’ validation. When we require validation from others, we are not aligned with them. We are in a compromise or some kind of power struggle. So Chiron wants to bring healing to our happiness and to our friendships.

Only once we can tell whether someone is good for us or not will we be able to attain true happiness in friendship. Otherwise, we listen to whatever the media, including social media, suggests. For example, we want what is popular or what is deemed “beautiful” or “trendy” vs. what our true desire is.

When we buy into what is being sold to us we buy into the program that: we will be happy “when we get this or have that person”. No matter how many mantras we recite or affirm, once we have bought into a program, until it’s uninstalled, even the best affirmations will only create stress within us.

Of course, we can reach some temporary happiness that may last for a minute or a week, but the void will remain within us until we uninstall the negative programs that interfere with the circuitry of temperance and manifestation. So even though we might have a good time or experience, if we want lasting happiness that stays with us endlessly we need to be able to connect to the energy within, and not just the illusionary facade.

We all have various identities that want to be healed with the sun’s transit to Chiron in Aries. We are going to be able to travel back in time and heal any selfish short circuits we made in our relationships as long as we remember that long-lasting happiness requires restriction and the ability to say “no” when we’d rather be codependent, and thereby selfish, with our ego.

True happiness can be ours when we allow ourselves the courage to forego instant gratification for infinite gratitude.

On November 26th, we will have the New Moon In Sagittarius. Then on November 27th, Neptune will go direct asking us to be sincere without any agenda. This means that we do things because we are authentic and honest rather than having some hidden plan or secret ego agenda. When we can manage this, we will have true friendships!

Then on December 2nd, Jupiter will enter Capricorn and make a square to Chiron days later on December 8th.

With this transit, we need to talk for a second about co-dependency and destiny.

We all have free will and we all use it however we wish. In relationships for example, sometimes we use our free will to be codependent when we are making plans with others. What happens is we create a karmic chain to this situation where we need to take care of that karma later (unless we know how to consciously dis-create karma).

Now, if only one person is codependent, then the other person is free from karma. But when we are codependent we are spinning around on what’s called The Wheel of Fortune until we reach a place where we can become accountable for our codependency by clearing out our karma. The best attitude to have in these situations is to clean karma and elevate others while doing it. We should always elevate others anyway, with and without karmic situations. You might just need to be there for WHATEVER reason (to elevate, interdependence, clearing karma, etc.)

If you made codependent plans then you have to pay your dues and you should do it by elevating and commuting to the karmic situation until it’s complete. Or you can run from it and create more karma. But one of the challenges of Sagittarius is to become and remain committed to something or someone, so we can really use these opportunities to commit to clearing out our karma by seeing where we stand with it. On December 12th, we will have the Full Moon in Gemini, so stay tuned for that and then the season comes to a close when the Sun ingresses into Capricorn on December 21, 2019.

To inaugurate the Sun entering into Sagittarius, we can do the Solar Ingression Meditation for $11.

I hope you have found this complimentary forecast useful and insightful. If you want to give back and support my work, please consider a donation for this article.


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