6 Ways To Plant A Strong Future With The New Moon In Capricorn…

6 Ways To Plant A Strong Future With The New Moon In Capricorn

There is a really incredible moment coming at the end of 2019 and setting us up for a great new beginning for 2020.

To understand the richness of this coming time, let’s start by tuning in with the energy of the Winter Capricorn Solstice that has touched the Earth’s subtle bodies, and lifted its veils, on December 21st. The ancients knew how to use this time to access knowledge from Nature’s Library through ceremonies and rituals. We can still access this ancient knowledge by dedicating some time to meditation and being introspective. The veils are thinner during the Winter Solstice and if you are open to any information that may be coming to you, you may be re-discovering yourself, and allow parts of you that want to be expressed more to grow freer.

This process seems to be a preparation for the spiritual upgrade that the Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Capricorn on December 26th are creating for us.

Does Fear Stop You From Achieving Your Goals?

New downloads and transformations are coming with the Universal influences of the Capricorn, the Solar Eclipse, and the New Moon. If while processing it all, fear has a hold on you, assume an observer position, and see what it is that is stopping you from getting to your goals. Learn from the consequences of your choices, and start to question if you are actually paying a higher price by not self-actualizing because of fear.

Setting Us Up for a Solid 2020.

This Solar Eclipse is part of the unique cycle of six eclipses of 2019, that will end on January 10th, 2020. As if under a Universal design, we started the year with a Solar Eclipse on the south node of the New Moon in Capricorn on January 5th, 2019 and are now closing the year with another Solar Eclipse on the south node of the New Moon in Capricorn on December 25th.

If we want to see this eclipse/lunar cycles as a frame of work, we can look at it as a platform that has created a focal point towards our commitment to being true to ourselves, and follow our inner voice, in order to reach our full potential.

Boost Your Ambition to a Higher Frequency

Capricorn’s higher frequency is about ambition in its highest form; an influence that shows a different way to aim for success. Tune into your higher self at this time of co-creation and ask for the highest expression of Capricorn qualities, and ride the road wave of ambition without feeling the need for competition. Find a way to contribute to society from a space of pure consonance with your consciousness; from a place of mutual respect, maturity, and inner guidance.

Release Judgment, Self-Doubt and Old Patterns. Recalibrate.

Solar eclipse’s intentions are slightly different from New Moon intentions. While during New Moon meditations we focus predominantly on what we want to manifest, under the Solar Eclipses influence we are supported to take inventory and see if we can release old ways of approaching life and relationships and welcome in the new.

Particularly important at this time is to release old dense energies that come from outdated habits and attitudes. Habits that keep you stuck into a mentality of control, codependency, and small thinking, need to go.

Create Flexible Healthy Boundaries.

In the midst of various quantum jumps, and as new templates form, you may experience new peaks of emotions and restlessness. To form a new quality foundation, you need to follow your personal speed and observe how you adapt to the new reality that requires your most genuine participation from your heart. It is important to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself to not run the risk of energy backfire with resistance and procrastination.

Reclaim Your Power Using Self-Mastery.

The Capricorn Solar Eclipse is starting a cycle of self-awareness and self-realization that will unfold in the next six months. To expand your vision into the year ahead you need to use the wisdom of self-mastery especially to handle your long term goals in a reality that is shifting often into new realms of consciousness. You can decide to choose a path that mirrors your level of passion, reliability, and focus, to develop the ability to receive clarity about the big picture that is going to unfold during 2020. Be alert, and test the direction of the cosmic “winds” to use its areas of energy activation to charge your progress, and energize your mind and body.


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