The New Moon, New Year, And Your Astrological Intention…

The New Moon, New Year, And Your Astrological Intention

Traditionally the New Moon is associated with hope, new beginnings, creation and setting intentions; while the Full Moon is associated with letting go of things that no longer serve us. However doing both at the time of the New Moon is also very powerful, especially when we are at the start of a new year.

In actual fact, we cannot bring the new into our lives unless we have made space for it. This means letting go of the old, the things, the people, the places, the thought patterns, the habits that no longer serve us. We need to let go even though it may be uncomfortable to do so, as the human being loves what is familiar! As creatures we are a bit of a dichotomy between loving and needing what makes us feel secure and on the other hand, loving and needing change and adventure to maintain the bright spark of possibility in our lives.

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Partial Solar Eclipse

The January 2019 New Moon is also a partial solar eclipse, which gives it very powerful energy, whose effect will be felt for next 6 months to come. These lunar events occur in the sign of earthy, practical Capricorn – so perfect timing really for setting yourself focused and well-structured goals for the year.

Capricorn is strongly associated with work, career and public life so setting goals and intentions for these aspects of your life will be well supported by this energy. Capricorn is a bit of an attention seeker, so if you want to be noticed more in your chosen profession, this will come into play here. The practicality of Capricorn energy is really very useful when we want to take an action-oriented approach to our goals, putting things in place that will help us achieve all intentions on the physical plane, because remember that anything you want and can imagine, already exists on the spiritual plane!

A solar eclipse means that the moon comes between the sun and the earth. So lunar, feminine, yin, inward-focused energy is actually blocking the solar, masculine, yang, action-oriented, outward-looking energy. On a societal level, we operate very much in line with yang energy most of the time, so the eclipse means that we get an energetic reboot, flooding our system with intuition, insight, and imagination. As such, we are supported to set intentions around and even start creative projects as well at this new moon

The 3 List Approach to Intentions for 2019

Instead of just writing a long list of ‘intentions’ for 2019 this January, knowing that by mid-Feb you’ll be mentally binning the list anyway, how about taking my 3 List approach instead, which is guaranteed to give you a better result!

The ‘Let Go’ List

The first list is all of those things that you need to stop, or to let go of. It’s very important to write this list before anything else! It might help to think through the aspects of Evenstar 5 Star Well-being to make sure you’ve covered all bases:

  1. Food – Do you want to let go of your addiction to jelly beans, or to 5 cups of coffee a day? Do you want to stop eating so much? Do you need to stop eating take-out for 70% of your meals? There are endless possibilities here, what do YOU need to let go of in the food well-being aspect?
  2. Movement – Do you need to stop putting your kids’ sporting activities first, to the detriment of your own need to exercise? Do you need to let go of the expensive parking spot at work to motivate yourself to incorporate movement into your commute?
  3. Sleep – Do you need to stop using your smartphone as your alarm? Do you want to release your addiction to Netflix binges? Do you need to cease bringing work home from the office?
  4. Surroundings – Do you need to stop buying scented candles? Do you need to stop using the split system 24/7? Do you need to stop paying a gardener to do something you love to do yourself?
  5. Being – Do you need to stop telling yourself you aren’t enough? Do you need to stop prioritizing work above everything else? Do you need to stop putting everyone else’s happiness before your own?

The ‘Keep On Keeping On’ List

The second list is the things that you want to keep – albeit incorporating some change – for the next 12 months. These are the things that are working well, and working for you and your well-being rather than against you. They may be things that you have recently implemented that you want to do more of, or things that you have been doing for a while but want to do a little ‘better’.

Again, think through the 5 Star Well-being aspects of Food, Movement, Sleep, Surroundings and Being to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

The Start NOW List

This list is just the new things that you want to bring in to your life for the new year. Remember to be specific with this list, so that you will really be able to check how you’re going with giving your intentions your attention as each new moon comes along throughout the year. Think through your 5 Star Well-being once again. The “Being” aspect covers everything from job/career, spiritual health, relationships, learning, through to having fun and doing things you are passionate about.

It can be useful to then physically let go of the Let Go List by burning it, burying it, or just ripping it in to tiny pieces and letting them fly with the wind! Make sure you then keep your other 2 lists somewhere safe, where you can check on them every month and tweak as necessary.

I wish you all a very happy new year. One that brings you Peace & Freedom, Love & Happiness, and Health & Wellbeing. Namaste.


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