New Moon In Gemini

New Moon at 12° Gemini: Jun 3, 2019 at 10:01 AM UTC

This New Moon in Gemini will initiate a new cycle of integration and unification. When we connect to the 48-hour lunar window of this New Moon, we can receive all the energy we need to overcome the negative forces which will distract us from our New Moon quest.

With this New Moon in Gemini, we will be granted a blank canvas so we can see beyond our small, limited world. It is truly an amazing opportunity to see the outcome of things before we begin something new. 24 hours before and 24 hours after the New Moon is a cosmic window where our subconscious will come out from the shadows and ask us to deal with whatever we have suppressed so that it will not contaminate our efforts.

As this New Moon will occur in the final week of the Seven Week Journey, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to clean out the skeletons in our closets. To make the most of this, we need to access the quantum level of this New Moon in Gemini in order to avoid any pitfalls the opportunity presents us with.

The actual and karmic views

To access the quantum quest of Gemini, we open ourselves to the following question:

Is my rejection dishonest? Is my approval sincere? How do I know the difference?

When we are looking at life through our karmic filters, which means we see what we want to see rather than what is, we skew our ability to foresee outcomes. The consequences are that we make poor choices. We think we are making the right investment, or that we have it all figured out because it “makes sense”, but really, we are only fulfilling our karmic vision.

There are two types of vision we can have: karmic or actual. What is the difference? Well, it’s quite simple: when we have actual vision, our rejection is honest and our approval is sincere. Therefore, we cannot ever be betrayed by our choices. Now, the thing we need to consider is that when we have actual vision, we can see the outcome of our choices before we make them! We can see where a relationship will take us, or what kind of business deal will be prosperous or deleterious.

However, when we look at life through our karmic view, we fantasize about what we want and try our best to “think positive”, so that all will go to plan. “Positive thinking” can be as effective and “negative thinking” because they both rest on the level of certainty that we have. Certainty is all we need to make things happen. The problem is that we can be certain about our worry, or about our incapacity to execute, or that we will fail. When we can harness the energy of certainty into the accomplishment of our worthwhile goals, the universe will support us!

Be in charge of life

This New Moon wants us to make a choice to lead our lives, without being victimized to the various conditions which we have set upon ourselves.

It is crucial that we eliminate worry and truly allow ourselves to be in alignment with our truth so that we will receive support from the Truth. It’s not guaranteed that they will always be in alignment with each other, but as long as we are honest with ourselves, meaning we are free from denial, we will endure anything we have created for ourselves.

As we take the lead for our life, we will begin to receive dreams and visions with will replace the nightmares and worry. We will be able to see the outcome of our choices, the effects of our cause, before we make the first move. The goal is to become motivated by the long-term, stable fulfillment rather than the temporary illusions granted by the ego.

Zodiacal city

The New Moon, which represents our vessel, is empty and ready to receive everything it needs for its 29-day journey around the zodiacal city. As it transits through each neighborhood, it collects and gathers various gifts and lessons. Yet before it departs for its journey, there is a 48-hour window of preparation where the energy downloads everything necessary to make the journey a successful one and with our meditation, we assure that we can receive it all.


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