3 Surprising Ways To Manage Anger Using Astrology…

3 Surprising Ways To Manage Anger Using Astrology

My husband used to race cars, he has no issues speaking his mind, or staring down a stranger on the street.

I most certainly wouldn’t describe him as an anxious type and yet, in certain situations when he feels backed against a wall, he meets that stress with anger, which pushes him right into fight mode, a quick reaction to the kind of stress that he hates the most: vulnerability.

My husband has a predominance of fire in his astrology, and it is within our Fire Signs and their corresponding planets that we find our inner drive, confidence, spontaneity, and an underlying temper. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius share many things in common including a deep dislike of “being put in a box” or having to conform. They all love to be the center of attention, and they all think they know it all. They don’t care much if people disagree with them because they have a natural indifference to the negative judgment of others.

Command and enthusiasm aside, these signs still struggle periodically with the kind of anxiety that shows up when they feel weak. In my last article, I talked about the Earth Sign Anxiety connection and if you remember, the Earth Signs can worry themselves sick trying to “get it right.” Fire Signs don’t worry, they react. Being oriented toward fearlessness and influence, one might guess that anxiety wouldn’t enter the picture but it does; it’s just typically comes disguised as anger.

Even if your Sun sign is in water, air or earth, remember this: everyone is influenced by the Fire Signs and their corresponding planets. They’re all residents of our personal natal chart (the map of the sky at the exact moment of our birth). The placement of our Fire Signs and planets tell us where we are the most spirited, aggressive and most prone to engage in confrontation. Some of us have more emphasis on these qualities than others, but we all have them somewhere and so you’ll probably recognize yourself in small parts at least, in the following descriptions.

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Aries is ruled by Mars and domination is the name of the game and there exists a deep need to assert and influence those in the sphere. In other words, Aries likes to be in charge. When Aries is made to feel small, ineffectual, or their burning flames are doused, this can be a real blow. It can bring on feelings of powerlessness and you know what follows that? Anxiety disguised as sheer red, hot anger. “Contention” is an Aries key-word. In what area of your life do you find yourself bristling with it? That’s probably where you have a lot of Aries in your chart.


Leo is ruled by the Sun, and we literally cannot live without the warmth and light of the Sun. Leo would like to be needed in this way as well. Leo wants to be recognized and appreciated but when their rightful attention is diverted elsewhere, it causes deep distress. If Leo feels rejected or if their resplendence goes unnoticed, it hits a tender spot, a chink in the armor and the ensuing reaction will show up disguised as pretention, melodrama or a strong show of egotistical know-it-all. “Pride” is a Leo keyword and if you find yourself feeling imperial when you feel unseen, you can credit the Leo in your chart.


Jupiter rules Sagittarius and it’s here with this planet and sign that we become larger than life. An adventurous spirit leads us to explore, travel and learn about things that are different from us. We then process the knowledge we gain through our adventures and attempt to teach it to the people around us. Sagittarius is a seeker of meaning and loves to be seen and recognized for profound viewpoints. When it comes to anxiety, Sagittarius has a unique way of managing it. When people reject their wisdom or challenge them, Sagittarius will either argue with optimism or just ignore it and carry on. There’s an avoidant quality here that shows up as the turning of a blind eye to tension. This works well, until the end of the proverbial rope is reached and the truth comes out. Sagittarius doesn’t mince words and in fact can be so blunt with the truth, that it can really hurt the sensitive and proud among us. Blunt is a keyword, and wherever you find yourself being a little too honest in the name of self-defense, well, this is likely where you’ll find the Sagittarius influence in your chart.

When it comes to Fire Signs, anxiety isn’t as impactful as it is on the other signs but the defense mechanism against it (anger) is there nonetheless. So, how do we manage those testy, domineering parts of ourselves when we can’t be in charge, or when we’re ignored or dismissed? When we fall into the black hole of argument, self-importance or we find ourselves on a soapbox being explicit with our truth, we’re engaging in the destructive side of the Fire Signs. In order to alleviate the tension, we can feed the creative sides.

Tapping into the Creative Sides

To activate the creative side of Aries, exert yourself. Discharge tension by making your body work hard. Set up places in life where you’re the unchallenged boss and you can preside. It’s also a good practice to delve into some self-exploration around where you tend to feel powerless so that you won’t be caught off guard. Knowing your own blueprint can really help curb the kinds of explosions that make people resent you.

Leo is dramatic and demanding of attention, so create places and relationships where that’s totally accepted, and even expected of you. This could mean the literal stage (take up a performing art) or seeking out friends who find your extravagance entertaining. Do you have an art? Practice it. You need a creative outlet like you need sunshine; so, draw, paint, sing, dance, write, garden, read, cook etc. Also, make sure you have a few people or pets that you can tend to. A lion needs a pride to care for, this helps him or her feel needed which staves off dreaded feelings of unimportance.

To please the creative side of Sagittarius, teach, advise and guide- but only to the people who have asked you for your insight. Unsolicited advice tends to feel like criticism, so make sure the wisdom you impart goes to the people in your life that really want and treasure it. A good life practice for you is to take 3 seconds before you open your mouth to say anything at all. You’ll find that taking a brief moment to reflect before speaking means that your conversations will be richer and more complex. This makes people respond to you with interest instead of tuning out halfway through your monologue.

The goal of the Fire energy in every one of us is to cultivate awareness. Knowing that we can’t always be in charge is imperative, this way we aren’t caught off guard and pushed into fight mode. Balancing our powerless places by creating environments where we can lead, will go a long way in alleviating anxiety and subsequent blow ups.

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