Lunar Cycles And Your Intentions…

Lunar Cycles And Your Intentions

The big glowing ball in the sky has been known to spark a sense of magick. When we think of a full moon, we envision werewolves howling on the mountain tops, strange occurrences unfolding throughout the day, potions and black cats, sleepless nights, and might I say some crazy drivers whizzing through traffic. Have you ever felt your emotions heightened and knew it must be a full moon?

But why does the full moon bring a sense of mystery?

The moon has been celebrated and worshiped in many cultures around the world throughout time. Whether ceremonies and rituals are performed to release unwanted energy, invite in something new, build connection, or guiding the farmers and the gardeners in maintaining their crops.

This luminous ball of wonder brings a change in the earth’s tide, controlling the waters of the oceans with its gravitational pull and is associated with the feminine, yin energy, our intuition, and our deep inner sense of being. There are many different ancient traditions throughout cultures, all can be directly associated with the energy each moon cycle brings.

“You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.” Vedas

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Setting intentions and directing energy for each moon cycle

New moon: The new moon invites new beginnings. Take this opportunity to focus on intentions of what you want to flourish, cleanse yourself and your space. Pay attention to new information and people that cross your path. This is the time to invite new opportunities, new love, brainstorm, create, and set new goals.

Affirmation: I invite and welcome new opportunities.

Crystals to incorporate with the new moon: moonstone, selenite, citrine, green jade, Himalayan salt

Essential oils: Cedarwood, ginger, citrus, thyme

Waxing crescent moon: Now is the time to focus, reflect, and commit on the seeds you’ve planted in the new moon, plan on helping them grow. Use this energy to initiate something new, ask for the date, schedule an interview for the new job, shine the light on your intention, and don’t let challenges discourage you.

Affirmation: I’ve earned and deserve these blessings bestowed upon me.

Crystals to incorporate with the waxing crescent moon: Moonstone, citrine, green jade

Essential oils for waxing moon phases: sage, lemon, peppermint, rosemary

First-quarter moon: Nurture your seeds and continue to take action. This is the time to maximize your intention, you may see you need to make adjustments, do so lovingly.

Affirmation: I am worthy and take loving actions to support my intention.

Crystals to incorporate with the first quarter moon: Moonstone, citrine, green jade

Waxing gibbous moon: This is the time to start to bare the fruits of your actions. Accept the job offer, commit to the relationship, continue to fuel the fire and nurture your dreams, keep progressing and problem solve as needed.

Affirmation: I trust in the universe to guide me

Crystals to incorporate with the waxing gibbous moon: Moonstone, tigers eye, rose quartz, citrine, green jade

Full moon: The most powerful phase of the moon, bringing increased energy and excitement. Now is the time to charge crystals, water, or other talismans with the moons natural healing energy and light. Show gratitude, let go, invite in, and embrace your achievements.

Affirmation: I trust that I am on the right path, and move forward with my intention.

Crystals to incorporate with the full moon: Moonstone, clear quartz, selenite, moldavite, citrine, green jade

Essential oils: Frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli, orange

Waning Gibbous moon: Take time for reflection, what has worked, and what may need change. Be receptive, this is also the time to dissolve what may not be serving you.

Affirmation: I am grateful for all the blessings I’ve received and I am open to change.

Crystals to incorporate with the waning gibbous moon: Moonstone, rose quartz, green jade

Essential oils for waning moon phases: Lavender, rose, geranium

Third-quarter moon: Acknowledge and let go of the obstructions that may be blocking you. Free yourself of negative thoughts, people, and energy. Take this time to forgive and reflect on what you’ve learned.

Affirmation: I am worthy, I am abundant, I am enough.

Crystals to incorporate with the third quarter moon: Moonstone, green jade

Waning crescent moon: Prepare for a new cycle, recycle, refocus, and embrace the time to discover new intentions.

Affirmation: I rest, I restore, I renew.

Crystals to incorporate with the waning crescent moon: Moonstone, green jade

Connecting with the moon

Understanding the phases of the moon and planning your intentions around the cycles can increase the energy to serve your purpose. Remember the new moon and the waxing moon cycles are a time to invite new opportunities and growth. The waning moon cycles, full moon, and new moon are for letting go and cleansing energies. The moon is full of magick and mystery, as are you.


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