Nov 8-Dec 2: Jupiter In Sagittarius — Belief, Truth, And Vision…

Nov 8-Dec 2: Jupiter In Sagittarius — Belief, Truth, And Vision

When a planet moves from one astrological sign into another, it’s akin to having a new guest arrive at your party. Depending on what planet it is, and what sign it’s moving into, the vibe of the zeitgeist will shift. Similar to a new guest arriving at your dinner party and shifting the focus and flow of your party. This is especially true if it’s a planet that will stay in a sign more than a few days or months because we have more time to ‘feel into’ the conversation it wants to have with us.

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Jupiter spent a year in Scorpio, expanding into its depths, bringing to the forefront secrets and in true Jupiterian fashion, letting the collective shadow hit the fan. It was a year of a lot inner personal growth and some very uncomfortable truths about our personal and collective shadows around sexuality (i.e., LGBTQ and misogyny issues), hidden and scary corners of political power and other faces of power, and a collective realization, even if we’re deep in denial, that if we continue on this path, we will have a more significant reckoning with death. All topics fit for a Scorpionic dinner party.

Granted it wasn’t just Jupiter doing this work in Scorpio. As much as it is the gas giant of our solar system, protecting us from many elements that journey through our solar system, Jupiter was mainly magnifying what was needed to be seen.

Jupiter is the cosmic ‘Santa Claus,’ the great benefactor, but it’s also what I like to call the Cosmic Baking Powder, for whatever it touches it expands. If we are a contestant in the Great British Bake Off that may be just what we need, but at times, Jupiter can be too much of a good thing, and its exaggeration is detrimental to all of us. Now Jupiter has shifted domiciles and has moved into its home turf of Sagittarius for the next year. From November 8, 2018, through December 2, 2019, (on December 3, 2019, it will move into Capricorn, joining with Saturn and Pluto) it will be journeying through Sagittarius, the sign that it rules, so it’s very much at home.

What to Expect from this Shift of Focus in Our Zeitgeist

In short, it’s about examining our relationship to truth, belief, and big-picture vision. It’s about acknowledging our need for engaging with issues around meaning and the stories that will carry us forward into the future. The image of the centaur and the archer are quintessential to Sagittarius. Its bow and arrow are pointing upwards signaling that it’s aiming for something bigger, broader and all-encompassing. Hopefully, while Jupiter was in Scorpio, we did the inner work of shadow dancing with our inner gremlins, and we’ve visited some of our inner hidden corners.

Now that Jupiter is in Sagittarius, we are coming out of the cave like the hero/heroine that has managed to face death in its struggle with the monster dragon in the cave, and we are now ready to venture forth on our journey. This has a tone of optimism and opportunity, words deeply linked to Jupiter/Sagittarius. Maybe just perhaps we have found a way through the mire. Maybe if we aim our arrows upwards, we will reconnect with the essential truth that is our life’s compass.

Wherever Jupiter is journeying through your birth chart, it’s where you should be on the lookout for opportunities to show up. It’s not a guarantee that these opportunities will be a given, but it means you should grab them if they show up. It may seem at first even at first show up as a dissatisfaction to what you already have as if you have outgrown your status quo and you are ready for expansion. Remember, Jupiter is the Cosmic Baking Power, and you want your cake fluffy, not flat and heavy. But there is a but; there’s always a but, because everything has its other face of the coin. Jupiter is prone to exaggeration. It’s the gas giant of our solar system, and as such, it may show up just like a lot of hot air, all talk, and no delivery. This is when the power of discernment comes in handy. If something sounds too good to be true, it may be just that, too much, but not real.

A Word on Truth

The buzzword du jour is that we are now a ‘post-truth’ culture. Are we? With Jupiter in Sagittarius, the topic of truth will get a lot of stage time. The invitation here is to explore for ourselves what is truth. Is it facts, or is it something more significant and inherent in the stories we tell ourselves about our lives and the world we inhabit? The ancient philosophers have been reflecting on truth and ever since we humans have never stopped looking for truth. It’s the overarching element of our human history, so I feel it’s premature to say we are ‘post-truth’ unless we mean that we ‘post-fact-based’ analysis of the world around us. Just a thought.

I believe, there I am.

I invite you to an experiment. Look to the various children’s and major heroic movies that come out of Hollywood and notice how many times the lesson of “I believe, therefore” takes place. The little train that believes can do the impossible. As a culture, we have a romantic view of belief. Belief is akin to hope, possibility and the superpower we need to carry us through the dark nights of our souls. It’s often a salve to our soul in troubled times. However, it has a shadow aspect that if we look more critically to what is pulling us apart as a society, we can see beliefs grim claws in our ability to see beyond its frame of vision.

We approach politics from a religious belief paradigm and in large part making us incapable of having a dialogue. A shadow aspect of Sagittarius is belief turned into dogma that shall not be questioned. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, we may see a wider entrenchment of our beliefs, especially the one around ‘us vs. them.’

The Other as a Teacher

Sagittarius is a sign that teaches us about the other, the foreigner, and all the ideas that come from the other that are different from my place of being, my philosophical neighborhood (or our Facebook tribal groups.) While Jupiter is in Sagittarius another topic that will be up in the zeitgeist is the foreigner, the immigrant, the one from a different nationality, race and religious background. How do we engage with the other? And how about the other that lives within? The one that is part of the many facets of our psyche and perhaps now is clamoring for our attention and wants more visibility? How comfortable are we with different ideas of being in the world?

How about our religious views?

Sagittarius is a sign that rules religions and our belief systems, so collectively we are in for dialogues (hopefully) or attrition in the sphere of religion and belief, morals versus an individual way of living.

While Jupiter was in Scorpio, we were beckoned to go down to the basement of our psyche and deal with the inner gremlins. Now we are brought up to the surface, and we have to engage with the other and their foreign way of being and their outside-of-our-comfort-zone beliefs. We will have a crash course in having a challenging, but growth prone, conversations. Thanksgiving dinners will be a microcosm of how to have edgy and expanding conversations with those who are may our familiar, but often feel so foreign to us.

The Last Thing in Pandora’s Box.

They say that after all the horrors that plague humanity escaped Pandora’s box, the last thing remaining was hope. But also optimism and a can-do attitude that invites more opportunities to knock on our door. Jupiter in Sagittarius also brings a good dose of humor to lift our spirits and keep us going. Let’s be grateful to the comedians who both inform and help us to keep on going. I often tell my clients to bring humor into the lives much like someone who takes daily supplements – call it Vitamin-Comedy for the rescue.

Lastly, a Word on Motivation.

Jupiter is also the archetype of the mentor. I like to say it’s akin to Obi-Wan Kenobi, while Yoda is more of your Saturn style mentor. Those who are in the motivational coaching world may see even more opportunities for expansion as more and more people feel the need for tools and motivation for growth. For the next year, we have the opportunity to take a look at the stories that motivate us to keep on going, that give us hope and a big-picture view of how we can be in the world and bring forth all the spokes of our life’s wheel. Aim at what is life-affirming, motivating and will take you out of the limited space of the worldview you have right now.

It’s best to grab our bow and arrow and aim, rather than be taken by the maelstrom of confusing and dogmatic beliefs. Astrology is an ancient symbolic language that teaches us how we more fully be ourselves in the world. It’s a potent compass for life and business. What the world needs from us is more awareness, an ability to be present with curiosity, and a sense of examined beliefs, as opposed to blind acceptance to dogma, be it political or religious. Remember that the other is here to teach you and that you are also the other to someone else.

We are all others, and as such, it behooves us to be diplomatic ambassadors of our world – inner and outer.


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