January Solar Eclipse In Capricorn…

January Solar Eclipse In Capricorn

Hello Stargazers!

2019 starts off with a New Moon, Solar Eclipse, forcing us to look within as the all-giving light of the Sun will be eclipsed by the receiving nature of the Moon. This means that our internal, receiving nature could block out what is available for us to receive. Which sounds ironic, but it’s a classic case of getting in our own way.

This will all be occurring in the constellation of Capricorn, the archetype that has no time to waste as it gets right down to business. With Sun, Moon, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and The South Node all in Capricorn during this eclipse, it’s time for serious business! Capricorn works with the material world, it deals with consequences and deals with karma, whether it knows it or not is irrelevant. In order to prepare and make the most of this cosmic event, we can familiarize ourselves with the games and programs our egos play. The ego is anything that creates separation. Between us and our goals, between us and the other, between us and the other kingdoms that occupy this planet.

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On Separation and Expansion

If we make the mistake to understand separation as literal separation, we will limit our awareness and handicap our ability to take responsibility for where we are truly separated.

Separation is accompanied by symptoms such as loneliness before going to sleep, bitterness, aggressive entitlement, judgments and opinions, and arguing with reality to name a few. If you experience any of these, chances are you have separation in your life. If there are things in life you have yet to unite with, you are in a state of separation. Paradoxically, a New Moon is when the Sun and Moon come into one, so while the Moon eclipses the Sun from our point of view on earth, they become one. This means that there is the potential to unite and expand our vessel so that we can receive more.

Expansion of the vessel is like stretching a muscle, we need to be careful to not overstretch, but we need to break the muscle a bit so that it can get stronger. This is why I suggest vessel building to strengthen the vessel so it can recover from expansion, and prepare for the next stage of growth. With the New Moon in Capricorn, the archetype of forward-motion and ambition, we are all asked to begin working towards acquiring more, doing more, and being more!

90% of the planets of this Solar Eclipse are above the astrological horizon, indicating that we are working with others, externalizing our experiences. At the same time, the North Node in Cancer and in the 4th astrological house is reminding us to focus on our roots. We are being pointed into the direction of connecting to where we come from, sever ties, and go the distance in our new lives. It’s time to master YOU. Everything will be funneled through our ability to access our deepest emotions and shed off the limitations that have been imposed since childhood. Childhood experiences can be quite traumatic, however, when we remember the law of cause and effect, we know that there are no victims in life. Everything is cosmically balanced and our collective purpose is to reunite in wholeness, and we each need to do our part.

Letting Go

Do not underestimate the power of releasing the past, as it is the key to unlocking the power of union available to use during this eclipse. Otherwise, we run the risk of biting the hand that feeds us, pushing away the light that wants to enter our lives, enter our bodies and heal our reality on all levels.

In these times of darkness, which is accelerated by the media, with evil speech plaguing the world, union is what we need. It is said that every judgment that hasn’t hit the world is being held by God, protecting us from our instant karma. It is during this grace period, when we can alter our judgments due, transcend fate, and dissolve the karma that’s boomeranging back to us. We are all living on borrowed time and we can make the best of it by realizing that we are all in this world together. When one of us goes down, it takes us all down, when one of us moves up, we all move up.

Facing the Enemy

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which rules The World archetype. There are 5 other planets in Capricorn with 4 of them in the 10th house, which is ruled by Capricorn. So you see, this is truly a Solar Eclipse of the world. It’s time to stop being so selfish and self-absorbed. We aren’t even aware of the true enemies within, so how can we know who the suppressors are that are controlling the masses? There are negative energies that want to keep us stuck, that want to keep us in suffering, that want to have control over us. Make no mistake about it. One of the greatest tricks the devil has ever played on us is making us believe he doesn’t exist. When we become ambivalent about our self-transformation, we have already lost.

Working Hard and Perfect Timing

The Part of Fortune and Mars are conjunct the Aries Ascendant, making for a year of prosperity through action! We need to take action and work, Capricorn demands it and Aries lives off of it! The decan this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn falls in at 15° is about accessing the middle way. Again, we are working with the 15th degree of the constellation, which is opening the doors to the highest expression of the sign. Not too early, and not too late, there is a magical timing opening the gates to the highest form of this decan, which is about teamwork and integrating the three aspects of our body, speech, and mind.

Practically speaking, we all have an inner artist, businessman, and believer. We need to bring these three inner archetypes together so that we can create something greater than selfish, me first success. When we can come together for the betterment of mankind, we can overcome all attacks, trials, and tribulations, and truly build something inspiring and healing for the world.

So get out of your way and allow your essential self rediscover union.


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