9 Inner Steps To Enter The Joyous, Creative And Abundant New Moon In Libra…

9 Inner Steps To Enter The Joyous, Creative And Abundant New Moon In Libra

The September New Moon in Libra is bringing in a burst of adventure, newness, and the opportunity to allow the harmony, creativity, and joyous energies of Libra to enter your energy fields. This Libra New Moon is moving your energy straight forward to the next step that your life is ready to embrace. Libra’s strength and courage will help you build the endurance necessary to focus on what you want to create and achieve.

After a summer vibrant with the stimulus to purge and release, this New Moon in Libra is helping you to re-design, with grace and elegance, a path of joy and openness. As you know, each New Moon is an opportunity for you to take time to sit down, to spring clean your inner closets, and get ready to start anew every month. Tune in the dark womb of the New moon frequency and visit your shadow. Take a look at your inner inventory of belief systems and attitudes, and start to meticulously choose what goes and what stays.

Let’s dig in and see what you can do to leverage the energy of a new beginning that is entering your life. Libra is not just giving you a fresh start, it is taking you to new dimensions and possibilities that you have not dreamed about before. It will take all your focus to use this sweet wave of change and receive the full benefit of it.

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1) Love is in the air

Love, passion, kindness, connection, intimacy, and a renewed harmony are ready to enter your spirit and your relationships. You may witness yourself become surprisingly adventurous, open to the change needed to create the necessary shifts for the evolution of your relationships; more prone to having fun, and quick to adopt a lighthearted attitude.

2) Thoughtful communications

Communication is supported by the kindness and love of Venus and Mercury. Use teamwork, negotiation skills, wear a win-win attitude to affect positively everyone involved.

3) Be aware and tactful in establishing boundaries

You will be able to achieve great levels of connection with people if you are willing to go through your thoughts and emotions before communicating. Mentally rehearse a kind tone even in difficult situations and you’ll be surprised how smoothly situations will unfold.

4) Divine justice

Libra’s sense of justice is free of judgments and punishments. The element of justice present in this constellation will positively affect your need to be freer from codependency, control, and indecision. You are definitely called upon to explore parts of yourself that are ready to be experienced. Love the idea of sourcing your energy, cultivating your talents and creativity. Release the need for approval from others, as well as the need to control; allow spontaneity and breakthroughs to happen and observe how the unexpected unfolds to bring even more freedom.

5) Beauty

Use beauty to inspire you, to create harmony and connection with your environment. Be willing to see the beauty inside of you, in what you do and how you do it. Decorate, or redecorate your home even if only moving things around to find new perspectives in the layout of the room. Add touches of natural elements to bring in the touch of nature inside your home; a stone that you found during a beach walk that inspires you into the wisdom of the unknown, seashells that will bring the power of their inner vortex, or some of the little branches that your favorite tree has dropped for you.

Use the lenses of beauty to perceive a deeper meaning of what is happening around you. Put your intention to augment beauty in your communications, in the way you talk and perceive people.

6) Giving and receiving with gratitude

Giving and receiving support is important in the web of life. This New Moon is reminding you to use gratitude to open the gates of abundance in both the physical and spiritual levels. If one or the other element is lacking, in the long run, your life will reflect a big unbalance.

When you give from your heart, you exercise compassion, communion, cultivate virtues of generosity, bonding, appreciation and a healthy sense of fulfillment. When you receive, you exercise being present in the humbleness of your heart, in gratitude, and foremost you learn to assume the open attitude of a receiver and use it towards the Universe. To take your relationship with giving and receiving into infinite dimensions, start to receive from the higher realms of the unknown, from your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.

Take time daily to feel and give gratitude for all that you have received, and for all that you will receive in your life. Send a wave of gratitude to yourself for being willing to operate on a higher level of self-work. Thank your teachers, your experiences, your support systems, your family, your children for always teaching you who you are, and for the friends that have walked with you on this adventurous journey.

As you prepare your list of wishes and intentions, feel gratitude for the experience of union with the New Moon, gratitude for being heard, gratitude for your list is being received and delivered. In doing so, you’ll accelerate the processing of manifestation.

7) Balance and harmony

Balance can turn into stagnation if you try to stop time when the scales are balanced; a sense of adventure and curiosity about what’s next can get your energy moving. Use your intuition, your inner knowing guided by an exercised sense of harmony, allow this wave of change to create a new balanced moment.

8) Adopt a new approach

There is a momentum building that is going to move things around. You want to get on this train by going within, to find the divine flow that is taking you to your next level of self-awareness. Tune into your divine guidance, your inner voice, start to see what’s hidden beyond the obvious, and open your mind and get insights to better understand the reality you live in.

9) Focus on healing

Be passionate about your healing process. Heal old wounds that keep you in a reactionary mode. Work on your inner family to free your inner child from identifying with the wounded self, heal the broken heart from past and current relationships, and gradually, you will bring long-lasting results, instill strength, and a new sense of leadership in your present self.

During this healing event, you will be guided within a deep meditation to reinforce your connection with the divine and manifest abundance in your reality.


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