How To Do Soul-Searching Based On Your Zodiac Sign…

How To Do Soul-Searching Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Who are you inside? What makes you tick? What gets you motivated to jump out of bed in the morning? Conversely, what bores you to tears and makes you want to pull the covers back over your head? Find out through soul searching! Base your quest on your zodiac sign.

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What Is soul searching?

Soul searching means finding out what you want in life. It’s important to note that this process isn’t about what your parents wanted for you. Nor does it necessarily entail having 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. Soul searching means spending time solo and burning away the mental clutter that fills your brain daily. It entails digging deep into what drives you — more than the need to earn money, more than primal desires like lust. When your life and your soul purpose align, you’ll experience more fulfilling relationships and a heightened sense of inner peace.

Aries — the individual

Aries folks embody the rugged individualism in which many Americans take pride. They don’t like taking orders — so their soul-searching journey should involve unplugging from cellphones and computers where their bosses can reach them. Getting as off-grid as possible lets this sign discovers their driving passion.

Leo — the performer

Leos love taking center stage and letting their star-power shine. This zodiac sign finds boredom intolerable and needs a getaway with lots of excitement. A great soul-searching trek for Leos would involve exploring exotic underwater caves or scaling treacherous mountain peaks.

Sagittarius — the leader

Sagittarians are natural-born leaders. They also take to solo traveling like ducks to water, so they’ll likely enjoy their soul-searching adventure. Since this trait embodies big-hearted generosity, a volunteer trip to an impoverished region to help build homes or provide medical supplies can help them find zen.

Taurus — the sensualist

Taureans get a bad rap for having nasty tempers, but given their druthers, this misunderstood bovine sign prefers to chill out and take it easy. They’re also the sensualists of the zodiac, so a spa getaway that indulges their senses helps them do their soul-seeking. If you’re a bull on a bear market budget, create a zen-like experience at home with a steamy bubble bath and relaxing yoga.

Virgo — the purist

A perfectionist Virgo dislikes dealing with last-minute itinerary changes and lost luggage. They also put enormous pressure on themselves to become perfect, and they might hesitate to get away during the school year or hectic times at the office. A solo getaway in a forested area appeals to their purist nature and lets them unshackle themselves from the need to be the best long enough to unearth their true motivations. If they’re in university, Virgos can plan such forays for a gap year to calm academic fears.

Capricorn — the workhorse

Like hardy goats, Capricorns are the workhorses of the zodiac. They personify discipline and patience and often enjoy working with their hands. They’d do well with a guided yoga retreat, as it marries the physical with their higher spiritual self.

Pisces — the dreamer

People often accuse Pisceans of having their heads in the clouds. It’s true — many people born under the Pisces sign love going on adventures in their mind, but not in body. As such, this sun sign does their best soul-seeking in the comfort of their own home via a staycation.

Cancer — the nurturer

Those born under the Cancer sign love to surround themselves with friends and family, and they may find solo travel intolerable. One great way for a Cancer sign to do some soul-searching? Load up the family and take a volunteer journey together. They could help build homes for the homeless or assist with care for animals separated from owners during natural disasters.

Scorpio — the mystic

Those born under the Scorpio sign are the philosophers of the zodiac. Of all the signs, they most enjoy delving into the subconscious and shadow self. Their soul-searching journey may take them as far away as Tibet or as close as their balcony to gaze at the moon. As long as they have uninterrupted silence to tap into their deeper self, they’re content to seek away.

Gemini — the peacemaker

Those born under the sign of Gemini can seem eccentric at times, but they value harmony. Like the duality inherent in their zodiac symbol, Geminis may swing between needing to be surrounded by people and desperately seeking solitude. As such, they do their best soul-seeking on retreats that combine group activities with solo adventures. They might enjoy an all-inclusive resort that emphasizes fitness classes and outings — but that takes place near an uncrowded beach.

Libra — the judge

Libras strive for balance and unbiased solutions to every problem — including the one that reads, “What should I do with my life?” They enjoy mediating conflicts with others, and as such, they make fantastic team players. Going off on a group adventure to scale a mountain or traverse challenging terrain appeals to their problem-solving nature and helps them discover their purpose.

Aquarius — the diplomat

Aquarians are intellectuals who get along well with others, even if they come off as stoic. However, this sign also embraces spontaneity — so jetting off to Paris for a weekend could be just what the soul-searching doctor ordered. They don’t mind innovating if their luggage gets lost, and exotic destinations often appeal to their curious side.

Search your soul the sun sign way

Everyone benefits from soul searching. The process can help you determine everything from the correct career path to whether or not you should stay in a personal relationship. Follow these tips to find the perfect introspective trek for your zodiac type.


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