4 Ways To Make Mercury Retrograde Work For You…

4 Ways To Make Mercury Retrograde Work For You

Mercury retrograde in November 2018 may be especially difficult for those who aren’t fixed signs. The fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius may find it easier to navigate through the energy of Mercury retrograde. These signs will find it easier to work through any communication, transportation, relationships, and technology issues that Mercury retrograde may stir up. They never give up. Therefore, the fixed signs will have a better time adjusting to any stress of the retrograde. They are naturally strong and determined. So, the other signs can benefit from following their lead.

This particular Mercury retrograde may be especially confusing. Because of the other retrograde influences, both Uranus and Neptune are also in retrograde, it may be overwhelming. With the others planets in retrograde, the energy can seem quite chaotic and unclear. Since Mercury rules communication, you may find yourself interpreting things incorrectly. Miscommunications may happen more frequently. In other words, things can get unpredictable with all the retrogrades. Ending at the beginning of December of 2018, this Mercury retrograde may seem stress filled and unsettling. It may be an anxious time. However, it is possible to still succeed.

Here are some ways to make Mercury retrograde you work for, instead of against you.

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1) Go with the Flow

During the retrograde, working against the gain may seem hopeless. Learn to go with the flow of energy to be productive. It may be helpful to let go of any control issues. Most importantly, this retrograde can have you feeling like clinging to history. Try to release any energy from the past that no longer works for you. Because of the unpredictable nature of Mercury retrograde, it’s helpful to remain flexible. Like the fixed signs, try to put your best foot forward. It will make it easier in any miscommunications.

2) Embrace Change

With all the confusion, try to accept any changes that may happen. This Mercury retrograde is in the Sun sign of Scorpio. So, it can be transformative and mysterious. It may feel very uncertain, but any resistance to change may add to the stress. Try to accept the things that can’t be changed and work with what you know. It may be beneficial to think things through for the long term. Keep in mind it may not be the right time to make big decisions. But by embracing change and looking to the long term, you can improve your ability to see things through to the end.

3) Slow Down

Remember to stay calm in this energy that is filled with anxiety. During Mercury retrograde everything seems to heighten. It can feel especially hectic with the other retrogrades happening in November. It’s very important to take things slow and make time to de-stress. Make sure to find time to unwind. It can be easy to overreact in this energy. To make this Mercury retrograde work for you, it may be necessary to take a step back in communication. You will be more successful if you avoid impulsiveness. Showing restraint when dealing with others will make the retrograde go smoother.

4) Stay Grounded

In this energy that seems very confusing, try to stay grounded. Activities like meditation, exercise, or connecting with nature will help you to be successful. With any issues that may occur in your relationships, it will be beneficial to focus on the practical. It may be harder to interrupt one another. If it’s not a pressing issue, you may want to wait until after the retrograde to bring it up in your relationships. This Mercury retrograde may bring about misunderstandings, travel delays, and technological issues. What may seem certain, may fall through. So, be patient with yourself and others. Above all, being considerate will make it work for you.


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