A Grounded Approach To The Virgo Full Moon (February 2019)…

A Grounded Approach To The Virgo Full Moon (February 2019)

February’s Full Moon occurs on the 19th-20th February – depending on where you are in the world – and rises in the earth sign of Virgo.

A full moon always supports us to let go. If you sowed seeds of intention with the new moon earlier in the month the energy of the full moon gives you the chance to review, complete and tie off what you set in motion. Both the new moon and the full moon this month come with a lot of very positive, excited energy, forward looking and adventurous!

February’s full moon is the most ‘super’ moon of the year – as this is the closest the moon will be to us during 2019, so be prepared for some very strong energy!

Shining a light on our Emotions

The moon is closely connected with our 2nd chakra – the energy centre of emotion – which is why the lunar mother can have a big influence on our emotions, and many people feel that their emotional wellbeing reaches extremes during a full moon. Close relationships and partnerships that we have with others in all areas of life can also be thrown in the spotlight of the full energy the moon.

We all know that the quintessential Virgo is the person who picks the lint off someone else’s jacket so it is probably important to take a laid back approach to what you need to let go of with this Full Moon or her Virgo energy may have you being overly perfectionist and cursing later that you did a bit too much of a tidy up – letting go of things that you didn’t really need or want to yet!

In addition the Sun has just moved into the last sign of the zodiac – Pisces – so the pull towards completion is even stronger. Remember that when we complete something, even if it wasn’t completed in exactly the way you originally intended – we should always celebrate. Celebrate, and then move on. In order to bring in the next beautiful project, person, object or achievement we need to let go of what we are done with.

Virgo is an earth sign and so we are also being encouraged to look to the physical. Come back to your roots on the planet, back into your body. Paying attention to our physical wellbeing should be a priority with this full moon and healing energy abounds due to the movement of Chiron (the healer) into action oriented Aries. Often in order to heal something physical we need to address something emotional or spiritual. Much illness comes from the inability to let go of trauma, and forgive. Forgive yourself first of all, and then work on extending loving kindness towards others that you need to forgive from the past or the present.

Virgo energy brings in a great dislike of chaos and mess but life is imperfect, relationships are imperfect, and luckily the Virgo energy for this full moon is less than 10 percent so there is more of a sense of freedom for most, and a ‘trust the Universe’ vibe. You can now lean into positivity for the future rather than worry.

Keep the big picture in mind, and make sure that you have some positive outlets for stress, especially those that use your hands – drawing, doodling, colouring, dancing, racket sports, yoga, pilates, weights…

If you do just let go, and travel along with the flow of divine guidance, all will be well!

Down to Earth

When the moon is in an Earth sign it prompts us to focus on our first chakra – the Root or Base, of our entire energetic body. My Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing tips for managing this full moon are as follows:


  • Get in touch with the earth – walk with bare feet on grass, sand, dirt or concrete
  • Do that gardening you’ve been putting off, even if it’s just some house plant pots – get your hands dirty
  • Use essential oils and crystals to cleanse your surroundings
  • Don’t forget that your crystals need to be cleansed and re-enegised themselves in order to function optimally, and the light of the full moon is one of the most powerful crystal cleansers – just remember to bring them back inside before sunlight shines on them again, unless you know for sure that your crystals love the sun too (some do, some don’t!)


  • Move your lower limbs – walk, run, jog, yoga, pilates, bike ride
  • Grounding yoga postures such as squats and warrior poses


  • Red is the colour of the root chakra so now is an even better time than any other to increase your intake of red foods, and also proteins. We still have beautiful red summer fruits aplenty in the southern hemisphere – strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, plums, grapes, cherries – and in the northern hemisphere you can enjoy root vegetables – especially beetroot!
  • Make sure your protein intake includes lots of plant proteins – beans, peas, nuts, legumes and seeds
  • Moon juice – put some glass bottles of water out in the light of the full moon overnight and enjoy the magic of purified, energising water the next day


  • Sleep is critical for healing and repair of the body, mind and spirit. Your body literally cannot repair itself and cleanse its millions of cells if you don’t get enough good quality sleep.
  • If like many people you find that the full moon interferes with your sleep perhaps try using some essential oils (lavender, patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver), an eye pillow or mask, and definitely getting off your devices at least an hour before you need to be asleep


  • Meditation allows you to consciously notice how difficult it is for your mind to let go! It is a practise, so why not let the releasing energy of the full moon help you to enhance or commence your meditation journey.
  • Try sitting on the earth to meditate
  • Journal about your emotions and dreams over the full moon week


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