Chiron Retrograde: Be Assertive They Said, It’ll Be Easy They Said…

Chiron Retrograde: Be Assertive They Said, It’ll Be Easy They Said

Let’s pretend for a minute that our childhood was perfect; we never fought with our siblings, our parents never hurt our feelings, and the kids at school never misunderstood us. Even if this was the case, we would still have core wounding. Even if there was plenty of love, acceptance, and money, and the worst thing that happened was a dog bite or a bloody fall on concrete, we would still have trauma to process. The world at large is an unsafe place and we must at some point, build defenses to protect ourselves.

Now, the chances that any of us landed a perfect childhood are slim, I’m sorry. I know it’s unappealing to look at our pain, and a lot of us are resistant to seeing the mistakes our parents and the people around us made but they, like us, are only human and even humans who do their very best, can screw things up royally.

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On Chiron

In astrology, we look to Chiron the wounded healer to piece together the nature of the childhood wounding that follows us into adulthood. Chiron is an asteroid, and even without any real-life context at all, we could analyze Chiron in your Natal Chart and come up a fairly accurate story about the things in your life that have hurt you and made you feel unworthy.

Chiron describes the hurts that grew scabs that eventually became scar tissue, and still to this day, ache. But Chiron also shows us the very medicine we need to in order to soothe and repair ourselves, to overcome unworthiness and eventually, help others to heal themselves. We all have a wounded healer inside of us. Chiron goes retrograde on July 4th of 2018, meaning he will appear to begin moving backward in the sky. Chiron has been in the sign of Pisces since 2010 and just slipped the sign of into Aries in April. During this retrograde period though, he will make his way back into Pisces (in September) for a final visit, remaining there until February of 2019. Chiron moves so slowly that once he returns, he will remain in Aries until 2027, when he moves into Taurus.

Remember that Pisces is ruled by Neptune which resides over many of the things that we don’t understand very well yet. Things like magic, psychic skills, empathy, spirit, illusion, disillusion, victimhood, and martyrdom. Chiron in the sign of Pisces guided us to examine our relationship to spirit and the idea that there is more to life than scientific reality. We were challenged to heal wounds of disconnection by awakening to the concept of oneness. Although it was long and subtle, I felt Chiron move through Pisces in my own life. I had to come to terms with the sense that feeling all alone in the world very much made me feel like a victim. I also had to take a close look at how often I purposely isolated myself, only to slip into no one loves me, I’m all alone mentality.

I also realized (and this was no small realization- it took me years), that in order to have any sense of meaning at all in my life, I had to cultivate a deeper relationship with Source. It wasn’t about how much money I made, how many social media likes I got, or how perfect my clothing was or how thin my body got, none of these things held any sustaining value when I wasn’t present, mindful and connecting into the energy of True Nature, The Universe, Source Energy, God, or whatever you prefer to call it.

So, I got real about my inner personal work, I quit drinking alcohol so that I could be clear, and I left a relationship that had run its course (even though it was a huge risk to do so), just to name a few ways that this transit impacted me.

How did Chiron in Pisces play out for you?

Chiron in Aries

Now that Chiron is in Aries, the themes have shifted into more “Aries- like” things. Aries is ruled by Mars; this is decisive and unapologetically dominant energy. Mars pushes us to be selfish, in an empowering way. So, Chiron will be showing us how much it hurts to remain small and unobtrusive and will be teaching us how to be outspoken and assertive, even if it means being loud, angry and messy.

We’ve been stoking these fires since April of 2018, but like I mentioned above, the retrograde period will bring Chiron back into Pisces for a final visit. We’ve been practicing being candid and putting our desires first but we’ve not perfected it by any means. In fact, it’s been clunky and discordant so far, wouldn’t you say? It’s during this retrograde period I believe, that we will get the chance to do some collaborative Aries and Pisces work. It may show up in a variety of ways; perhaps in the pain of asking for what we want and getting denied it (and the subsequent feelings of persecution that arise). Or maybe it’ll be centered more around not voicing our needsand suffering from the painful sense of self-sacrifice.

Chiron will finally move into Aries for good in February of 2019 but until then, expect to be shown where you get slippery with yourself when it comes to standing in your power and the ways you keep yourself small, meek and nice, (even if you’re enraged on the inside). Because standing in power is some scary stuff, and sometimes it seems easier not to do it at all.

Some questions for you over the next 8 months: How do you avoid being decisive and self-assured? What scares you the most about putting yourself first? What were the consequences as a child for asserting your opinions and desires? These answers will give you the information needed in order to maximize your success on this journey. Chiron wants us to heal so that we can find harmony within, but even more than that, so that we can help soothe and restore others who aren’t quite as far along as we are.

The world needs some rehabilitation right now and the more willing you are to do your work, the more regenerative it will be for the collective. Think ‘ripple’ effect.

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