2022 Astrology Forecast For All Signs…

2022 Astrology Forecast For All Signs

“Although flawed, our modern world uses the Gregorian calendar to keep track of our experience of time. With all its influence, these very flaws within our calendar give us a way to hack the zodiac, master time, relieve pressure and stress, increase wellness, and help us attain our life goals.” – Excerpt from Zodiac Hacks by @ArikXander

Making spirituality a priority

2022 is another step on a decade-long journey of intense transits I wrote about in the decade forecast back in 2019. In short, the New Year asks us to make spirituality a priority in our lives, over everything else. This is the condition to a happy year and life. The chart for this year is bringing up collective wounds that are ready for healing through union. It’s a year where we have the opportunity to heal fragmentation and division as we come together for a beautiful future. Let’s see how we will get there.

When interpreting charts for groups and the collective, a highlight is placed on what’s known as the generational planets. Also known as the outer planets, they are believed to be responsible for protecting our solar system from deep-space threats.

What’s a deep-space threat?

Knowing that space is within us, simply put, deep-space threats are the suppressed emotions and patterns seeking expression. Expression can only occur within the material world. In light of this, we cannot forget that there is a long queue of disincarnated beings waiting to be reborn into a material body. Sometimes these beings get so desperate that they will jump the line and possess weaker minds. In some cases, people willingly rent their minds out to these beings who promise “the world” to them in exchange for prime-mind real estate (akin to selling their soul to the devil). Weight, anger, greed, or problems of unfulfillment can often be linked to these entities that take all the energy of the material things that should give us joy.

If you’ve ever wondered or asked yourself, “what’s gotten into him/her”, chances are they have openly or unknowingly made a deal with something from deep space.

The solution? Confront whatever’s been suppressed and negotiate it out with terms of dissolution. That’s exactly what’s happening in twenty-twenty-two: a major source of negativity will dissolve off the planet and hopefully out of our solar system. But this negativity will not go silently and has been pushing all the buttons of chaos to give us enough damage to clean up once it’s gone. One could say that the last time negativity of this caliber released havoc on our world was during World War II. Neptune will move into the exact opposite position it was in when World War II broke out, namely 22° Virgo, on 9/1/1939.

But this is not all. An entire Uranus return later, 84 years to be exact, the generational planets come back to the positions that set up rendering of past wars as well as the implementation of new monetary systems: American Revolution, The Civil War, and WWII. These three wars were about establishing and promoting human dignity, respect and rights. It was the pushback to the expression of the deep-space threats infiltrating society. For example, prophets at the time of WWII saw dark energy hovering over Europe setting up the dominoes to let us express the negative energy of fear, hatred, and intolerance of each other. It is absolutely clear that the Nazis would have had no chance to move forward with their “final solution” without the support of jealous and hateful neighbors reporting on one another. A deep-space threat of massive proportions. Because when enough people get possessed with a similar cause, a movement is made – for the better or the worse.

A lot of negative energy has been released on the earth in the past couple of years. 2019 looked like the peak of some version of civilization only to be moved into the masked version we know as life today.

However, the intelligence behind this negativity is fading and will majorly dissolve this year as Neptune, the planet of dissolution, reaches an auspicious degree, twenty-two, within its ruling sign Pisces. As one of the generational – or outer – planets, Neptune is responsible for showing us where we stand with our spirituality as a collective and what the lessons and challenges are that are coming up for the entire solar system.

The generational planets help us make major changes on a collective level, for better or worse. So first, let’s see how we – as a collective – handle time. As stated in my book, Zodiac Hacks: Constellations, “Although flawed, our modern world uses the Gregorian calendar to keep track of our experience of time. With all its influence, these very flaws within our calendar give us a way to hack the zodiac, master time, relieve pressure and stress, increase wellness, and help us attain our life goals. Thankfully, these flaws create openings with the bureaucracy of time, but first, we need to learn the rules so that we can hack them.”

Since the entire globe uses the Gregorian calendar in one form or another, the chart cast for the New Year indicates the mainstream movements that we can expect to see on a global scale.

Let’s begin with the tiniest but mightiest planet: Pluto

Two thousand and twenty-two is a pivotal year in the decade of upcoming transits that I’ve been writing, teaching, and talking about since 2019. Before astrologers began posting about America’s Pluto return, I have been teaching and preparing my students by arming them with the tools and dates in my retreats and classes since before President Trump took office. Where most posts were marinated in belligerence and intellectual insecurity for falsely predicting (secretly projecting hope) the 2016 election in a democratic favor, I was pointing everyone to the future of The United States by looking at its Pluto return.

As the leading superpower of the world, The United States has been experiencing what’s known as an approaching Pluto Return for the past few years. 2022 is the year when Pluto will reach what’s known as its “exact” position, the position it was found in, when the United States of America was born, 246 years ago. It is suggested that Benjamin Franklin, a practicing Zodiac Hacker, planned the signing of the Declaration of Independence for July 4, 1776, due to the supportive transits of that day. The United States of America was founded on human rights and as the leading superpower of planet earth, what happens there will have major consequences on the rest of the world.

A Pluto return resets and reboots power and has the ability to upgrade or begin a new cycle of transformation. What’s obviously taking place is a reboot of the financial systems and circulation of currency, in which the planet Uranus in Taurus is contributing a major role (more on that below). We’ve seen the changes and secret powers shifting over the past 5 years, and 2022 will see these planetary positions come to a peak.

Pluto is the planet of uprising and exposure. It’s also the planet of judgment. Globally, we will reach a peak of fear surrounding our resources. Global fears around our resources will come to light. We need to remember that fear is the moving factor of “inflation”. If we don’t react, as a collective, we cannot be manipulated by the market movers. This isn’t new information, but maybe we will understand and apply it to our advantage.

Pluto will demand that we become more generous with our resources and step out of the fear of spending and our fear of the future. We are reminded that things are impermanent, both good and bad, but things always come around again. There are so many resources on this planet that we are sitting on. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it is the motto of Pluto 2022. At the same time, attachments to possessions are being ripped away for the sole purpose of connecting to the loving energy within them. If you can find the love within an attachment, you may not need to lose it. The United States will feel this blast throughout the entire year. So ask yourself, what are you not using that you could be losing?

Everyone else will feel this within the core of their being. We need to cultivate a strong desire for change and transformation while letting go of the outdated ways of doing things. It’s time to look from a new perspective. This is also the final year that Pluto will be in Capricorn before it moves into Aquarius and entirely restructures the age of information, unlike anything we’ve ever streamed before.

With that said, let’s look at inverting Neptune

Neptune has the power to give us an entirely new perspective on things. On the same day Pluto makes its return, Neptune will oppose its natal position of the chart for the Declaration of Independence. Neptune has been dancing in this position since May 2021, but now the energy begins to focus like a laser beam. So what does this mean for all of us? Obviously, the lifestyle of the United States impressed and inspired other nations and businesses across the globe. Freedom, democracy, and the “American Dream” found their way into other countries over time. And there is no doubting the influence The States have in terms of architecture, technology, media, and military, while still being a top destination to make products and movements popular and widespread.

With the U.S. serving as a collective representation for the globe, what does a Neptune opposition Neptune mean for all of us? Before I get into that I want to make it very clear that this article or parts of it are not based in numerology but are strictly astrological. Basically, we need to remember that astrology is first, numerology like almost everything else grows from it. With this in mind, we ask again: what does a Neptune opposition Neptune mean for all of us?

First of all, the opposition is occurring on 2/22/2022 which is an extremely important day. Plus, of all the months, the second month of twenty-twenty-two will be the champion of the decade on a global scale thanks to this Neptune opposition.

First, let me address the auspicious nature of twenty-two. No matter what is to be said about the upcoming year, it will be good if we have our priorities in order – specifically if spirituality is the number one priority. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have written, taught, and spoken about our ability to get through this global transition with mercy. There is no way to avoid the changes that are being implemented, but we can transition with greater control and little to no pain by choosing spirituality.

In my original COVID post, I drilled this choice in, and at the risk of sounding repetitive, we still have the choice to shift things for the better by choosing spirituality. The pandemic broke out with a stellium of planets in Capricorn hitting us where we are weakest: our addiction to the illusionary world. Too many of us, even astrologers and healers, take this world too seriously and easily get entrapped within it by rejecting it. Getting outraged, full of fear, hysterical, or attached to an outcome is trapping the mind from the other side. I have warned about this over and over again, that we all need to move towards a spiritual lifestyle where it counts, not just where we need help.

If we can manage that, meaning that we cultivate the desire to change and improve ourselves and grow out of the box, pass our tests and attain a life we never thought possible, we will shift this. Or how Jean-Luc Picard explained to a man of the 20th century who woke up from cryogenic sleep and instantly worried that he had no money to pay for transport on the Enterprise: here in the 24th century no one has money, we only live to better ourselves.

The amount of light we can reveal during this year, and especially on 2/2/22 and 2/22/22 can carry us throughout the rest of the decade. This is a call for everyone to apply this information to the best of their ability to lay a good foundation for the rest of the decade.

Twenty-two is a special number because it’s the number of archetypes from the Tarot and corresponds to the Aramaic alphabet used in the Torah. We are finally granted a break from the chaos in order to utilize the tools and resources we have at our disposal to positively navigate the shift in reality that is occurring.

Twenty-two is a number that describes the story of creation and our lives. The rules of the game of life are depicted by these twenty-two archetypes, which can be used to improve our world within the matrix. Two-thousand-twenty-two is a period for restructuring the material world and embarking towards large goals. This is a year for enterprises and exertion, doing our utmost over the twelve months of the year.

In case you haven’t noticed by now, our material reality is shifting into two, each with concordant consensus realities. Whereas the shift in itself is an uncontrollable and unpreventable phenomenon as a natural part of life, evolution, and the story of our world, we very much can control the consensus reality we create from it.


We see it reflected within the cryptocurrency world with what’s known as the “halving” of Bitcoin, which happens every four years. The main idea behind a Bitcoin halving is to preserve the value and keep inflation under control

Fiat currency, the money we accept as our source of payment simply because the government has told us to do so and which is controlled by central banks, can be printed like Kinkos and without any limit – as we have seen. If too much is printed, supply and demand ensure that the value drops. Bitcoin was created to be like gold, where there is only a set amount in the world so it can maintain its exchange value. Since there will only ever be a specific number in existence (21 million actually), inflation will be controlled by slowing distribution through the process of halving.

Supply and demand are collective phenomena, ruled by the generational planets. Reality splits, and halving reduces the amount of new supply, which makes a demand, thereby value goes up. Now here’s the real Plutonian pulse (I know this should be about Neptune, but Pluto has its hand in everything): not every halving is public, some are as secretive as Pluto. A secret Bitcoin halving can transform the entire cryptocurrency market in plutonic ways.

And to really pump your Pluto, as this is the final year the tiniest but mightiest planet is in Capricorn, its ingression into Aquarius marks a return to the last time it was in the air sign in 1792. This was the year when the U.S. Congress passed the Coinage Act and introduced a new money system, the U.S. dollar. The act established the U.S. dollar as the nation’s money and eventually gave the states the right to coin money and issue debt.

With CBDCs on the horizon, let’s see how we shift into an entirely new way of handling and tracking money, credit, and debt. We are seeing history repeat itself as the generational planets come full circle:

  1. 2021, dollars are being printed without any limitation to compensate for the collective upheaval, driving up inflation.
  2. In 1792, American colonists used the printing press to print their money, which eventually lost its gold and silver backing and so started to drive up inflation. This left “money” essentially useless and paved the way to establish a Federal currency, a fiat currency, the U.S. dollar.

We seek the same solution now: to stop the fluctuating market, a new currency, a digital currency is created. Why digital? Because it’s easier to control as almost every industry has moved into a digital platform. With that comes an entirely new world of how we hold and handle currency.

Again, the amount of Bitcoin is set to 21 million as defined by its code. To preserve this and if the supply of newly minted Bitcoin is cut to 100%, the value would soar. This would cause supply shocks of magnitude. Only Pluto could bring a mind-blowing transformation of this magnitude, which would of course ripple throughout the entire solar system, first onto Neptune.

Neptune will give us an entirely new perspective on the past. People will want what they could have had but for any reason at all didn’t make the effort to go for, only to see that it is too late now. Not forever, but for now. We all need to remember that nothing is forever, but “now” can be for a long time.

The Neptune opposition is pulling us all into a new vibe.

There is no way that a single human lifespan can experience any of these transits, but as a collective, we can. Our past lives are coming back to either support us or bestow a rude awakening. But don’t worry it can only be good in a twenty-two year. This means that we need to use this year as much as possible because we will need it for the rest of the decade, which is full of intense and war-triggering transits (historically speaking). But by making spirituality our homing device, we can overcome the stars and the odds and stop the fate we have created in past lives.

When Neptune opposes itself, everything will be reflected like a house of mirrors. Around this time, the Sun will hit Pisces 2 degrees, with Jupiter at 12 degrees Pisces and Neptune of course at 22 degrees. The archetypes are aligning in an army of light to banish the legions of evil from our solar system. Think Sailor Planet Attack.

Uranus will not pick up the pieces

On July 31, just days after the Summer Solstice, Uranus will shake up the system and push us towards the new world. We can expect major advancements within the world of currency (Taurus) and the crypto world. Venus will also be aligned with the two players in a world-shaking blast onto all things money, love, and desire nature (all ruled by Venus in the chart). We can expect the unexpected and see chances that only come around once in a lifetime. Please re-read the Bitcoin halving rant above.

The nodes will shift.

The Lunar Nodes are shifting this year, which will have a major impact on the direction we take as a collective. On January 18, 2022, the nodes will shift into the Taurus/Scorpio axis. That means Uranus will align with the North Node creating more secret movements in the crypto world. We can prepare for the rollout of CBCDs: Central Bank Digital Currency (digital currency issued by a central bank) or at least the mainstream acceptance of it.

When the Nodes shift into the Taurus/Scorpio axis, the entire collective will be challenged with intense fate. Plus, all the eclipses will occur in both Taurus and Scorpio this year. It’s about releasing sexual misconduct, secrets, entitlement, and dark magic while pulling towards stability, beauty, and spiritual systems. New systems will be implemented under this cycle and we will get a new meaning of life as we know it.

The jupiter expansion pack

We also need to keep an eye on Jupiter, the great expander of good or evil.

This year, Jupiter will move into superhero Aries. It’s all about being the hero and pioneering into a new world. But for the majority of the year, Jupiter will splash around in Pisces, making a rare alignment with Neptune on April 12, 2022.

This happened thirteen years ago on the Winter Solstice of 2009 a time when Brittany Murphy died as one of the first “silent” overdoses and Avatar introduced the concept of the metaverse without us knowing it. What can we expect this time around? More metaverse? More overdose murder conspiracies? After the #FreeBritney movement gave the world a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the dark sides of the American Dream, many have a larger context of the supply and demand consequences of media. What sells a product, movie, song or service isn’t determined by the team behind it, but by those who buy it. That’s why cancel culture could be credible if executed properly instead of using it as a punishing device for everything complainers and haters don’t like.

Neptune does rule over the film industry and Jupiter is the reversal or beginning of fortune. The Jupiter Expansion Pack is bringing a whole lot of change into the film industry and probably paves the way for more metaverse worlds – if not at least the acceptance of the metaverse way of living. Oh let’s just call it The Matrix, because that’s what we are talking about here.

Author’s Note: I totally geeked out when I saw that the fourth installment of The Matrix is releasing on the Winter Solstice 2021. I did make reference to The Matrix in my 2021 forecast without even knowing that another part of the story is coming. Very apropos.

The alignment between Jupiter and Neptune could be good. But it will probably space everyone out and promote even more mainstream acceptance of numbing out of reality. This alignment, found in Pisces, will broadcast cosmic rays so powerful that most people will probably short circuit and reach for their drug of choice. The rest of us can use this energy to tune into the immense spiritual energy released into the material world we call earth.

HOWEVER. This isn’t necessarily good. The entire theme of the year is Making Spirituality a Priority. That doesn’t mean you should spend your hard-earned money on crystals. It means that you should love to transform and change and not feel victimized by the need to do so. Even “advanced” spiritual students use their spiritual tools and wisdom to put out the “fires” in their life. This year is telling us that from here on out, for the rest of the decade, that’s not going to cut it. The upcoming transits for the rest of the decade will need us to show up prepared, which means this year, our priorities will lock us into either reality. If your homework isn’t finished by the time it’s due, there’s nothing you can do. There is no teacher who can check if you did your spiritual homework or not, the universe will simply render the result you deserve no matter how much you argue. And what an empowering thought that is: that you DO have the power to manifest your reality.

Half of the work is finding out what your homework is. This is where we do need teachers and guides who point us in the right direction and provide us with all the tools and technology we need to transcend fate on the path towards destiny.

When we are facing our fears, we are moving in the right direction. When we spin around our fears, we detour away from our destiny. The upcoming transits in this decade, never mind your personal transits, are like bookends. They will not give us any room to change, they will manifest the changes we have made, or not. But there is still time.

Twenty-twenty-two is the saving grace of the decade. It’s our last hope in the long-drawn-out battle against the manifestation of evil (at least for a while). What cannot be avoided are the global changes within the financial and information industries. The brutal definition of someone evil is someone who isn’t changing. If we refuse to change, then we become evildoers. The Jupiter Neptune alignment in Pisces will give us all the push to change and transformation through the power of sacrificing ego patterns.

Shortly after, on April 18, 2022, we begin the Tree of Life Ascension where we will take the Jupiter Neptune alignment into an entirely new dimension.

Mars and Venus Hookup

Venus and Mars will double kiss this year. Once in Capricorn on February 16 and then again in Aquarius on March 6. This is a period of powerful reunion with the male and female energies within and around you. There is no suppressing the importance of the positive (yang/male) charge and the negative (yin/female) charge in our life. We need these two forces working together, each in their own way, in order to draw down energy and light into our world.

From February 16, until March 6, we will be tasked with the work required to re-balance the go-getting attitude with the attracting forces of creation. This will make each and every one of us more capable of getting through the 2/22/22 sailor planet attack as the evil within us will also be forced to vacate into nothingness.

As we become more and more desensitized to gender, we pave the way for machine integration into our society. Robots will start working alongside humans in a movement towards transhumanism unlike ever seen before. We are taking steps towards this reality with each day that passes in ignorance and thereby, unchecked.

Mars Winds It Up

Mars will go retrograde in Gemini this year. Mars is the planet of activity, capacity, and willpower. It also rules sexuality and ignites passion as it gives us the energy to get things done or get things started. When Mars is retrograde, its energies are building up within us to take off like a rocket when it goes direct on Jan. 12, 2023. It is of paramount importance to prepare for the Mars direct take-off during this time especially because mars rules the sexual energy center, the center where all physical creation starts.

Whenever planets go retrograde, their influences are no longer being presented around us, instead, they are arising from within us. So as Mars is retrograde in Gemini the arising energies will be in the realm of priorities, decisions, communication, and frameworks within your chart.

Mercury Retrogrades

It’s the revenge of the Mercury retrograde in air signs! Mercury retrograde affects our focus and communication. Keep it together as much as possible, stay focused, and double-check travel plans, contracts, and negotiations. Avoid beginning or signing anything big if possible.

Even bots will not be immune to Mercury Retrogrades. The cure to any Mercury Retrograde period is an introspection of the themes of space Mercury is transiting. If a bot can accomplish that, then it will be immune. The same is true for us, if we can introspect on all themes regarding communication and superficial exchanges, we will seriously level up.

The 2022 Mercury Retrograde dates:

  1. Jan. 4-Feb. 3 in Aquarius
  2. May 10-Jun. 2 in Gemini
  3. Sept. 10-Oct. 2 in Libra
  4. Dec. 29-Jan. 18, 2023 in Capricorn

Winds of change are now blowing from within! The normal energy of communication and movement is going in reverse on the outside as we are going within. Healing our cells as we communicate with each other.

It will be a time to open the mind and go against the intellectual winds blocking us from spirituality.

With the exception of Dec. 29, Mercury will retrograde in air signs all year. This is really doing a number on our clarity and making us a bit stupid.

Combustion: highly reactive dates

Combustion is the power of fire. It’s an exciting power of either consuming or devouring energy. In Zodiac Hacks, combustion happens when a planet gets too close to the Sun. The rays and heat of the Sun are just too much for the other planet. They are combusted. For example, when the Sun aligns with the Moon, the Moon goes into hiding because the Sun has outshined it. When any other planet gets too close to the Sun, they transfer their expression to the Sun. This means that the ego gets a boost of that planetary power, for better or worse. On the following days, we need to be mindful of lacking or overabundant energy, depending on which planet is combusted.

  • Jan. 16: Sun combusts Pluto in Capricorn
  • Feb. 4: Sun combusts Saturn in Aquarius
  • Mar. 5: Sun combusts Jupiter in Pisces
  • Mar. 13: Sun combusts Neptune in Pisces
  • Apr. 1: Sun combusts Chiron in Aries
  • May 5: Sun combusts Uranus in Taurus

Well, that’s 2022 in a nutshell! I hope to see you in my monthly online workshops where we can transcend this and more, and receive the blessings from the light passing through the stars. Let’s make spirituality our priority this year for an amazing new consensus reality!

Read the entire forecast online for month-by-month, sign-by-sign, and exact dates of transits

Now 2022 for all the signs


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