Astrology As A Business: Myth Or Reality?…

Astrology As A Business: Myth Or Reality?

In ancient India and in Indian culture astrology was so superlatively dominant that no one could even conceive to act or proceed without the prior consultation or advice from an astrologer or occult practitioner or an ojha or from a priest. And even today with the advent of technology and development in physical sciences no one can even dream not to act according to some prior consultation from an astrological practitioner.

This inherent fear in common mind had created a vast opportunity in astrological business, as of now with the development of society has created a vast gap between a consultant and the seeker, thus emerges modern communication medium and technology for the help of common masses and has resulted in the phenomenal growth and advancement in the field of astrological business.

The fear of the unknown has eventually given a boost to the astrological/predictive business. Thus everyone aims at knowing more about their future. Astrology is the mother of all sciences which eventually helps you get an idea about what is and will be going on around, according to astrology, the movement of stars and planets have a huge impact on our daily lifestyle, spiritually and astronomically.

The influence of the internet is widely observed in the astrology area too. And this influence of internet can be easily observed with the creation of tools from the traditional Panchang to software apps. And this has given way to the study of software apps with relation to Panchang and astrological calculations. And it has resulted in a boost in the modern-day astrological business and is thereby helpful for many.

Gone are the days when one need to consult an astrologer to get the horoscope made and read. With the advent of technologies, it has become extremely easy for everyone. And the computerized kundali reading has played a pivotal role in the commercialization of the system, resulting in a plethora of astro businesses opening up in almost every city of the country.

Astrology has always been a strange subject yet, the popularity is undeniable. This is usually because human beings are curious animals who are in the constant lookout for their future. The hunger to know about our future has often driven us into the black hole. We have always jumped upon knowing what lies in future for us, from our business, jobs, career, money and health and so on.

The growth of astrology is mostly due to youth who are always apprehensive of the events of the future and aim to control over it. The youth believes that staying updated about future will help them prepare for it in a much organized manner. Another reason in the phenomenal growth and the popularity is that several entrepreneurs in the past have taken up astrology as business thereby boosting the economy of place. These entrepreneurs are further providing advice on the basis of modern, practical and radical solutions. Undoubtedly, the fear of what lies ahead has acted as an efficient tool for the popularity of astrology as a business.

In the past few decades, astrology has seen a massive growth as a business. The introduction of modern-day technology have contributed towards the increasing popularity of astrology. Online astrology is one of the fastest growing business globally. It is being anticipated by the year 2020, the astrology market in India alone would reach close to 3 billion dollars as per media survey.

Though constructing a right astrologer can certainly help but the use of the astrology software has also helped this business in India. Since this flourishing business can help to generate significant revenues, Hence; the astrology business in India isn’t a myth but a very true reality.

In the last; though astrological business has reached upto the unproportional heights and one of the biggest money grosser but still it is pertinent to mention that spiritual soul has lost in between somewhere. And it is very unfortunate that we have made devoid of the human touch. These days, fortune tellers regularly use ready reckoner kundli making computer software, smartphone apps, which leads to inaccuracies and failure, only the capitalization in terms of money is increasing.


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