Why Vedic Astrology Can Help You With Your Career: A Technical Breakdown…

Why Vedic Astrology Can Help You With Your Career: A Technical Breakdown

Vedic astrology can greatly help you on your quest to find the right career.

Maintaining a career has become one of the most important parts of human life, with the past industrial revolution and globalization allowing humans the ability to become selective over what we want to do. Interestingly, a recent survey shows that the average person spends 13 years working but only 368 days socializing with friends. So it is very important to choose an interesting and rewarding career for a better quality of life.

Astrology is a wonderful tool that can help us make empowering career choices, that can result in a progressive and rewarding career that can improve our quality of life. This topic is a bit technical, but I will try my level best to explain it using layman’s terms. 

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Houses to be judged for a career or profession

In astrology, the 10th house refers to a career or professional life. With that in mind, most people restrict career only with the 10th house, but it is a premature conclusion. The 2nd house rules earning or source of income and the 11th house rules the source of gains, which are also an important factor in deciding a career. So when it comes to a career following house should be analyzed:

  • 10th house for nature of the job
  • 2nd house for the source of income
  • 11th house for the source of gains
  • 7th house for partnership (in case of a business with a partnership)

Planets concerning the different profession

Each planet indicates the key profession and influence of a particular planet in the 10th, 2nd, and 11th house. It also indicates the area of profession one will likely do. Below are the planets and their corresponding high-level profession:

  • Mercury  Scientist, engineers, writers, journalist, publisher, accountants, bankers
  • Venus  Artists, creative workers, fashion designers, architects, automobile owners
  • Sun, Moon, Mars Government services; sun for administration, moon for people service and mars for the military and police
  • Saturn  Hardworking jobs
  • Rahu & Ketu – Routine jobs
  • Jupiter  Philosopher, astrologers, spiritual activist, lawyers & judges, etc

The above mentioned are just high-level indicators as the planetary conjunction will give different results. For example, the Moon and Mars conjunction will give a career in electrical engineering or business related to liquids.

Importance of the strongest and most influencing planet in the horoscope

Oftentimes the strongest planet in the horoscope will also become the key influence of one’s profession. The strongest planet in the horoscope, influenced by the 2nd house, is enough for a person to set up a career related to the influencing planet.

Role of Atmakaraka and Amatyakara

The position of the planets has an important role to play in the selection of your career.

Atmakaraka is the planet that gets the highest degree in the horoscope and Amatyakaraka is the planet that gets the second highest degree in the horoscope. The position of these planets in the Navamsa chart is one of the key determinants of career.

Find the Atmakaraka planet and read the position of Atmakaraka planet in the Navamsa, called this as Karamkamsa Lagna. From Karakamsa Lagna, find the 10th lord and the planet influencing 10th house. Also, find the position of Amatyaraka planet in the navamsa and its association. The stronger influence of these two will indicate the profession one is likely to take. For example, if the Atmakaraka planet is Mercury and Amatyakaraka is Jupiter. If Saturn and Mars influence the 10th house from Atmakaraka and if Jupiter occupies the sign of Saturn or Mercury or Mars, then we can conclude the career related to the law and judicial department.

Role of Dasamsa

Since the 10th house refers to career in astrology, the 10th division of Rashi chart which is called Dasamsa play a major role in deciding the career. In my opinion, the dasamsa shouldn’t be read in isolation. It should always be read along with Rashi and Navamsa chart.

The 10th lord in Dasamsa and the planet influencing 10th house in the dasamsa would indicate career related to the influencing planet. If the same planet gets influenced in Rashi and Navamsa chart then we can predict the field of a career with certainty.

Role of Dasha Bukti

The dasha bukti (or otherwise called the timing of events) will play a very important role in deciding a career. Sometimes a well-placed planetary dasha, even if you don’t have any connection with the 10th house, will give a career to the native in the respective field. For example, the well placed Venus Mahadasha, if it runs in middle life (say age 30 to 50) may give you a career related to Venus even if the planet doesn’t have any influence with 10th house.

Deciding a career with all these factors

After carefully accessing all the factors mentioned above, find the planet that is most influencing in all the charts: in the Rashi chart, Navamsa chart and in the dasamsa chart. The planet that gets maximum influence in all these charts will determine the primary career for the native.

A career in multiple fields

If more than one planet gets influenced in all these charts mentioned above, then we should either conclude a career in multiple fields or a career that requires multiple skills.


Predicting one’s career is the most challenging job for an astrologer. The above mentioned are just high-level rules. An astrologer will study many other influences from time to time to conclude the result.


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