April 2019 Horoscopes

♈Aries (March 21 – April 20)

It’s your month! Happy Birthday, Aries! Be sure to give thanks to your parents! You might want to book a solar return with me to see what’s coming up in the year ahead! You’re beginning to really think about your choices. Think twice about things, and see what will bring out the best in you. Remember, it takes two to tango.

♉Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Those ruled by Taurus may find themselves focusing on money. Investments in technology or innovative projects are a big theme this month. There is also a bit of walking away from stagnant emotions. It’s time to move on, at your own pace of course. It’s your month! Happy Birthday, Taurus! Be sure to give thanks to your parents! You might want to book a solar return with me to see what’s coming up in the year ahead!

♊Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

Those ruled by Gemini will need to really see what it is they want. Old, familiar, patterns will suggest you can’t have what you want, but really think it through. It’s important to make choices that open your world up and not make it smaller.

♋Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Those ruled by Cancer need to remember that you’re not too good to work this month. There are tons of opportunities available by being of service without any expectation. You also have great insight into the collective and what’s needed. Try to deliver on a personal level.

♌Leo (July 23 – August 23)

Those ruled by Leo have a lot of energy and fun this month. Give yourself time to play, you’re in your element. Just don’t overdo it or else you could get into too much trouble. Stay committed to your highest self and strive to have fun by remaining committed so that you can experience true joy.

♍Virgo (August 23 – Sept. 23)

Those ruled by Virgo are focusing on relationships as they are of the essence this month. Others are depending on your down-to-earth nature. Plus, you have great insight into how others are thinking. It’s almost like you see the next move before they even know it’s an option for them.

♎Libra (Sept. 24 – October 23)

Those ruled by Libra may find themselves releasing old garbage and karma. Just pour it out and let yourself see the next steps you need to take. To the degree you are honest will determine how much trash will be taken off your plate.

♏Scorpio (October 24 – Nov. 22)

Those ruled by Scorpio need to trust in something greater than your ego if you want to think outside of the box this month. Trust in the intention of the All-Good and that it will bring the people and solutions you need right to your front door. Just open it!

♐Sagittarius (Nov. 23 – Dec. 21)

Those ruled by Sagittarius will do best to be VERY clear about what they desire. Please be careful of pumping up ego right now because it could dictate what you want. Otherwise, there is so much creativity available to you so use it pave new paths!

♑Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 20)

Those ruled by Capricorn will find that they are supportive by the universe this month. Things could just fall into your lap. It might trigger your skepticism but just go with it because it will help you lighten up and list up some of that heaviness. Then you can have a good laugh and enjoy those around you.

♒Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

Those ruled by Aquarius are focused on work and career this month. There are new things happening and you’re very in touch with what others expect from you (not that you care about it!) Rather than be impulsive at work, take a step back and take refuge in the big picture that always comes so naturally to you.

♓Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

Those ruled by Pisces may find that they need to ground themselves a bit more this month. If you’re experiencing difficulties imagining the future of anything, then make sure your ego isn’t playing mind games with you. Right now, you’re a bit too psychic for your own good, which means boundaries, please!

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