6 Important Things To Know About The Moon/Sun Eclipse On July 2nd, 2019…

6 Important Things To Know About The Moon/Sun Eclipse On July 2nd, 2019

Be ready to roll with the total Solar Eclipse in conjunction with the New Moon in Cancer on July 2nd, 2019. This Eclipse energy is activated way before the actual eclipse; so if you already are feeling its effects, it is because the eclipse is already working with you.

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1) Set up the intention to move energy slowly and softly

The very first thing I want to remind you of when you are working with powerful elements like the Moon or the Sun is that it is a good idea to state that you are asking to have a smooth and slow process. Also keep in mind that because of the influence of the Eclipse, the effect of this New Moon will extend for the next six months versus the usual 4 weeks.

2) This eclipse/cancer new moon is a combination that calls out to your soul

Expect to be surprised by what lies dormant within, and this Moon/Sun energy will give you an opportunity to do Soul Work. Eclipses are about feelings and give you precious insights by shining light into your shadow. To heal, free and reconnect to your soul, you will need to connect to the feelings imprinted in your deep self and start to discern what makes you feel safe and what provokes anxiety.

Cancer is about family, privacy, feeling safe, and belonging. It’s going to touch old systems from childhood, bringing back patterns and unresolved wounds that are buried inside. As you enter this level of awareness, your sense of home and safety will improve and your soul connection will become stronger, more grounded, creating a sense of self-assurance and fearlessness.

3) Eclipse disasters can happen when we look at ourselves in a superficial way

There is unconscious material inside of us (the unknown part of ourselves) that the ego will deny and identify as a separate entity, forcing it to reflect in our environment. That’s when we start to be intolerant of people around us.

Imagine the Sun is your ultimate psychic healer with the extreme ability to look through your shadow and serve you with all the information you need, to integrate another part of yourself (or maybe a past life). Discern among feelings that were imprinted in your family environment and that have become part of the way you filter life’s events.

4) The truth is we have a light and dark element in our being

An eclipse deep crisis can happen when its energy highlights things about ourselves that we could never imagine. To become emotionally strong and stable, be more caring towards yourself and others. Don’t judge what you feel or see about yourself and enjoy the integration with your re-discovered parts.

5) Look for the big vision and stay focused on your mission

This work will affect the health of your spiritual connection greatly. You can expect to feel more clear about who you are, and the inspirational energy surrounding you. What you perceived as missing links are now becoming clear potential. Follow your intuition, take risks, listen and honor your gut instincts, honor your inner genius’ voice, maintain your own identity, and become an independent spirit that thinks outside the box.

6) It is much easier to express your voice

This New Moon brings courage into your personal life and makes it public. If you were somewhat closed to media and shy in sharing your point of view, in the next six months you will be surprised how important it will become for you to be part of the collective, make your opinions public and express your voice.

Open yourself to change, transformation and freedom. This is a powerful time to embrace your wholeness.


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