Spiritual Advice Column: My Son Shares His Insights From The Afterlife For September…

Spiritual Advice Column: My Son Shares His Insights From The Afterlife For September

Ask Erik is a spiritual advice column from the eternally twenty-year-old spirit guide, Erik Medhus. Through gifted medium/spirit translator, Kim Babcock, he directly answers readers’ questions on death, the afterlife, spirituality, the human experience, and more with the insight and wisdom he’s gained since his passing.

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Hello Elisa,

Thank you for requesting Ask Erik questions.  Here is a question:  What do you do when the personality self is in such personal crisis that it cannot feel the guidance and support from the Higher Self, i.e. when life gets so shitty for so long that you no longer feel connected to your divinity?


Hey Maria! This is an awesome question because so many people feel this way, but no matter who you are, my answer is gonna be the same across the board. First, I have to remind you that divinity within you is never gone or absent or even lacking. The only thing lacking is awareness. Life can seem to take us down some shitty roads, but all of that reality is a manifestation of fear and ego. If everything feels chaotic, confusing and uncertain, it’s partially because you are illuminating that part of your consciousness (ego) by giving it the most awareness. You become disconnected from your authentic self. If you give a lot of energy (awareness) to your fears, frustrations, anxieties and uncertainties, you are illuminating that vibrational awareness into your reality. You become the host. All of these feelings wouldn’t have life if it weren’t for our hosting them. Choose to focus on the silver lining, the message, the learning, before you let emotional reactions determine your reality. Take it easy on yourself, too. You need to slow down a little, and nurture your health, your physical body.

(He sends her XOXOXXO , LOTS of love)

Hi Elisa

I’d like to ask Erik what (if any) the spiritual significance of epilepsy is. My deepest gratitude to you, Erik, Kim, Robert and Jamie for all that you do 

Much love.

–Laura  xxx

Hi Laura! I’m gonna call you Laura-dee. ( He’s very playful with her) This is a great questions that will hopefully help many. First, understand that some individuals incarnate with this experience as a part of their contract. Other times though, it is a deeply rooted emotional issue as are all illnesses that are systemic. When something manifests in such a severe way like epilepsy, it is a direct reflection of the depth of the emotional issue, most often carrying over from a past life. As it festers from one incarnation to the next, the manifestation can also grow in strength. Epilepsy is the lack of self-love awareness. Self-acceptance in its most complete form can restore the body to a healthier vibration, but unfortunately a lot of the issues are subconscious. This also has to do with surrendering control, a lesson for the ego-based self. Hypnotherapy can help, but past life regression and emotional healing/ awareness are also helpful in this case.

Hello Elisa!

So glad you are taking in questions! I personally have issues with self-confidence and self-worth. There are some days when I feel really confident in myself, my actions, and my knowledge on this whole thing, but then I find myself sinking into that lack of confidence phase where I can’t connect to myself, and I find myself doubting everything. It’s getting very hard for me to become successful or better my life and help others around me when I’m stuck questioning myself constantly. I’ve always had a, “You’re not going to amount to anything” attitude my whole life. I would just love some guidance on how I can get past that way of thinking and be my true self and get better self-confidence in all aspects of my life. I have so much love, respect, and appreciation for all that you guys do. Thank you for being apart of my enlightenment. 


Hey Genevieve. I know what you mean; I used to feel this way. First, you need to work on personal development. Ground yourself through personal interests. Get to know yourself again. Figure out what you do and don’t like to develop a stronger sense of self-awareness. Practice mindfulness through guided meditations. Your emotions are very much conditionally based, and you can often be governed by them. You don’t have a lack of confidence, but it’s actually emotional instability you battle with that leads to a feeling of a lack of confidence and self-worth. The emotional center is harboring too much energy, not enough balance so to speak. Emotions are easily triggered. Second guessing yourself and anything else, doubt and all of the fear-based thoughts and emotions that you experience are happening because of your awareness being more associated with ego. Ego not only has arrogance, but in your case, it questions and doubts self-worth. Work on separating from the ego-centered awareness, and you’ll naturally fall into a place of acceptance. Guided meditation is the way for you to go, babe!

Hi from Norway,

How can I get my company to flourish? I love being a therapist, but it is hard to survive economically after my divorce. Should I keep courses/workshops, or is it other things I can do? This is so important to me, so I will be so, so happy to get an answer. Life feels tough nowadays. Maybe you can say something about what happened to my diamond and pearl earrings.

Thank you Erik for being here helping so many, and it made me so happy when your picture came so clear in front of me when I had my eyes closed. Bless you and the pranks you do 🙂  Thank you so much Elisa for all the effort you do to spread Erik’s messages. You all are doing so much. I love you.

Love and kisses from Sissel

First, thank you for having such an open and generous heart. To experience any kind of success you have to align with the emotional awareness of what you want. If you think about what you want by acknowledging the lack of it, you’ll be stuck in that state of awareness, and your reality won’t change. So if you want your company to grow, you must align with the awareness of that state of being like it already exists. Also, if you are hesitant in other areas of your business and not completely aligned, that will be reflected in the success of the business. You must first find that passion in it and for it, but if you are hesitant to grow through workshops/classes, that hesitancy will be reflected in its success or lack thereof. Work on self confidence and self-love, and remember- you’re not a failure. “

Hello Dr. Elisa Medhus and Erik,

I’ve been struggling to find my place in this world and what I should be doing (or was meant to do) for a career as lately I’ve been all over the place on what I should be doing with my life. Please help me find my ground. What career field should I be focusing all my energy on? Thank you so much, and I love your books and the CE blog.

Sincerely, Lisa

Hiiiiii Liiisaaaa ( he exaggerates his greeting). Finding your place in this world and feeling connected with a sense of purpose can be difficult at times. This is most of the time due to a few different things. You need to practice mindful awareness and grounding. Also, get to know your ego so you can also work on detaching from it. You often compare your life to others and this stems from ego. When you truly connect to yourself in the present moment, all of your passions and purposes are understood, but separation from your current conscious self creates chaos and confusion. As you ground yourself into the now and connect fully to present awareness, you will find what you love and also be able to stick with it. Comparing yourself to others is a big reason why you are feeling empty right now. I suggest for you to look into counseling/coaching as a career path. You do well providing guidance for others.

Hey Erik, Elisa and Kim! Thank you all for your work, light, and love.

I have been seeing Amanda, a strong, beautiful young woman, for a couple of months. She used to be in a very emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive relationship. She has three beautiful kids, and she is trying her best to overcome her abusive past, but the drama from both sides of her family and her abusive ex keep causing trouble for her. Plus the loss of her very close brother, David, has been tough on her. I was wondering if Erik can tell me if there is a silver lining up ahead for her. Also, is there a message from her brother?

Thanks for everything! Love and Light,


Hey man, what’s up! (He greets him with a strong sense of familiarity acknowledging friendship.) First off, to answer your question, there always is a silver lining in everything. We just have to have the willingness to be aware of and acknowledge it. Amanda is learning independence. She is also learning the concept of self-directed emotional strength and that it can only exist independent from circumstances. Also, the physical loss of her brother was another area for her to gain emotional strength. That is the silver lining in both scenarios. She, or anyone else, can never truly be free of being affected by another if they reside in the same vibrational frequency. It’s a law of physics. If they reside in the same frequency, they are affected by all that exists in the vibrational field. So, it’s a matter of her shifting her emotional awareness to align with the present moment. She still has a lot of healing to work on at the heart, sacral and root chakra levels.

A message about David: Let me help you understand the loss of your brother & the abusive relationships. Both situations  are to help you evolve in the avenue of faith. Faith in the big picture. Loss & abuse can make you fear the future, for fear of history repeating itself, but I assure you it won’t. Allow new changes in your life. David is well, and he is happy. Although his passing was a shock, he doesn’t want you to define yourself by the loss. From David: “You’re not the girl that lost a brother or the girl that was abused. You’re the girl that pushed through difficult situations knowing there is more for you, there is better for you. You allowed better for you, so enjoy the happy changes in your life and thank yourself for allowing them! I love you.


I’ll try to keep this question brief. On Aug. 23, 2002, our son died suddenly. The week before, I was getting a twitch on my rib cage on the right side. As the week went on, it got worse. The Friday he died, the twitching stopped. Years later our oldest got married, and it started twitching again before she knew she was pregnant. I texted her joking, ‘Are you pregnant?’ She said, “no,” but she was. Anyway, my husband works on commission. When he has a lousy month, I get the twitch but just a light flutter usually a week before. My question is why is this happening now, and why doesn’t it happen when something happens to our other three kids? How do I tell the difference between something good happening or something bad? I appreciate any explanation you could give.

Thank you,


Hi Carol! This is a perfect example of a physical empath. You connect with others and experience it on a physical level. The deeper the bond at a soul level, the more you’ll experience things like this. Listen to the way you feel emotionally when you feel the twitch or flutter. Nothing is really good or bad. That’s just our ego reacting to it one way or the other. The more awakened the intuition becomes, the more you’ll ‘know what it’s related to. This is happening now because of more awareness at the intuitive level. Next time you feel this, listen through your intuition and claircognizance to receive more information.

What is the spiritual reason for paralysis? Out of nowhere last year, I developed a rare neurological disorder that inflamed my spinal cord and put me in a wheelchair. I’m having to learn to walk again. I’m curious what the lesson in this could be.


–Lynda xoxo

Hi Lynda! The spiritual reason/explanation for paralysis is this: When your collective consciousness is not aligned vibrationally with the physical body, there is lack of awareness to that part of the physical body. Deep emotional neglect results physically as paralysis. The emotions associated at the root chakra in regards to relationships is where this has manifested. Work on old emotions from the past that are tied to different relationships, male in particular. If you neglected these emotions all together instead of processing them, this ailment manifested out of that vibration. Free will can also manifest paralysis. For every action there is a reaction. Even if the action is only at the level of a thought, it still has a reactive force. This is a lesson in allowing change in your life, so you can always maintain forward momentum.


I was wondering if Erik could give me some insight into my eye problems. I’m 20 years old, but  I feel like I have the eyesight of a elderly person. I have suspected glaucoma and have been nearsighted since I was 9 years old, have had astigmatism since I was 10 years old and have suffered from chronic dry eyes since I was 10 years old. Why do I have these vision issues, and what could I do to heal my eyesight?



Hi, Candace. Your eyesight problems are related to your spiritual contract. You are someone who is seeking truth in all things. In past lives, you have often been lied to and betrayed, and because of that, you began to not believe anything you experienced for fear of being disappointed in other lives. This emotional attachment has carried over into this life, and you carry this emotional awareness in your headspace, trying to analyze and understand the behavior of others. This is basically a build up of residual stagnant energy from past lives where you began to carry a mindset of “prove it.” Again, you didn’t believe anything you saw or experienced and that residual energy is built up and stagnant in the area of the throat chakra and brow chakra. As you seek truth in all things in this life, accept things the way they are and people for the way they are. A past life regression will help you understand and clear this energy.

Hi Erik and Kim!!

My name is Tonia, and my son, Kaleb, took his life a little over three years ago. I’m wondering was this our life plan and why?  How is he and what does he have to say to us?  I hope you guys know each other and you can talk to him.
Thank you


Hey, Tonia. Your son, Kaleb, is fine. Kaleb is okay. He wants you to understand that his emotional burdens are not to be carried by you. From your son: “Mom, I know this happened so quick and was a complete shock. I’m sorry for ripping the breath right out of your lungs. I know how I’ve hurt you and everyone, but I needed to feel a sense of “me” and couldn’t get that when I was there. I couldn’t visualize myself going on in life. I didn’t want to keep feeling empty. I was lost. I didn’t know me, and I continually convinced myself that I was just a huge burden to everyone. In that whole thought process, I made myself very angry. I know, Mom, all of this was untrue. My reality was distorted and skewed, but it wasn’t because I didn’t know or feel loved by you or anyone. I just didn’t align with it in myself. My sense of “me” just wasn’t there, and no one could have helped me get there. I’m home, Mom. I’m truly home. And you’re a good mom, a mom who cares, a mom who knows, so don’t blame yourself, Mom. This wasn’t you. I love you and am grateful for the love you have for me. (He expresses this with deep emotional gratitude) I had never seen such a beautiful “me” until I came Home and saw that “me” through your eyes, Mom. That’s a mother’s love, I guess, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I love you all. You all have always been enough for me. I’ll keep waiting with a smile, Mom, until you all come Home.” (He conveys this with complete happiness with deep sincerity).

Mom, our contract together is quite involved & complex. My suicide was a part of that. You and I agreed to incarnate together as a soul family to work on some complex lessons. Some of it included learning to let go together. As we both grew, we had to allow our own levels of individuality to have a place in our relationship, sometimes causing us to disagree but love remained nevertheless. Me departing by suicide was a part of our contract to only further evolve in that sense, the sense of letting go and growing as an individual,(for us both) independent from our relationship with one another. I love you Mom. Rest your heart, your mind and take care of yourself!

Erik Medhus is an eternal twenty-year-old young man who passed away on October 6, 2009. From his new place in Heaven, Erik’s main occupation is as a spirit guide who helps those who struggle with their human experience, and he is the inspiration and contributor to the Channeling Erik blog and community. With candor, sincerity, and humor, Erik shares his own full story, My Life After Death, A Memoir from Heaven (September, 2015).

An internist in Houston for over thirty years, since her son’s suicide in 2009, Dr. Elisa Medhus retired her practice and has written a book about her continuing relationship with him, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side (October 2013) and has created a blog, channelingerik.com, that has over 30,000 subscribers and over 250,000 hits per month. Read the blog daily to catch the next call out for questions for the Ask Erik column.

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Psychic medium Kim Babcock has been developing her spirituality for the past ten years. Kim’s spiritual path led her to become an ordained minister and founder of Serenity- Mind Body Spirit LLC in mid-eastern Ohio, where Kim currently practices her psychic medium services and level II Reiki. She also leads meditation classes and spiritual development workshops. Learn more at kimsdivineconnection.com.


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Elisa Medhus

An internist in Houston for over thirty years, since her son’s suicide in 2009, Dr. Elisa Medhus retired her practice and has written a book about her continuing relationship with her deceased son, Erik, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side (October 2013.) With candor, sincerity, and humor, Erik shares his full story. Together they have created a blog, channelingerik.com, that has over 30,000 subscribers and over 250,000 hits per month.

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