Ask Erik, November Edition…

Ask Erik, November Edition

Ask Erik

November Edition

By Elisa Medhus, M.D.

Ask Erik is a spiritual advice column from the eternally twenty-year-old spirit guide, Erik Medhus. Through gifted medium/spirit translator, Kim Babcock, he directly answers readers’ questions on death, the afterlife, spirituality, the human experience, and more with the insight and wisdom he’s gained since his passing.


Hi Elisa,

Greetings. Hope you are doing well. Here goes my question – I have a friend named Buddhadeb. He lives in Kolkata, India. He is in his thirties, and he has been suffering from asthma since childhood. Recently, he was diagnosed with blockage in blood vessels in his heart. His heart is not getting enough oxygen. He has high cholesterol and triglycerides in his blood. He is following the doctor’s medication and exercises, but nothing is improving for him. He is a very good human being and helpful to others. I want to know why he has to suffer like this for no fault of his own, and is there anything he can do to improve his medical condition? I shall be grateful if Erik answers this one for my friend.


Hey Manoj!! How are ya? This isn’t the first time we’ve talked! First off, dude, I gotta encourage you to know and understand that the only reason we suffer is because of expectations. When life or reality doesn’t match up, we suffer. Buddhadeb has to believe in his body, that his body can heal. It’s about changing the makeup at the vibrational level before it can even begin to manifest at the physical level. Your body will believe what you tell it, so if you tell it it’s fat, slow, tired, achy or unwell, it will respond in that way. It’s science; it’s true. The lack of oxygen is related to many factors, not just asthma. It has to do with the metabolic process and fat content in the blood and the way the body metabolizes nutrients. If Buddhadeb believes that he will always need meds to get/be well, he will continually perpetuate that state of existence. I’m not a doctor, and I’m not saying he should go off of his meds, but what I am saying is that if you believe that medication make you well, you’ve given your power to them. You’ll stay stuck in that area of consciousness. Think about it like this: Disease didn’t manifest because of lack of medication. So, what he really needs to do is believe in his body again, his body’s ability to heal itself. He has a lot of attachments to work through though. Fear and failure are two main attachments that he needs to release. “

 Dear Elisa,

Could you help me? I’m writing this with the help of my daughter whose English is much better than mine. I’m a Polish woman of 62. My name is Teresa. My beloved parents passed away years ago. My mom, Helena, was 81 when she died in 2002 of skin cancer and my Dad, Jozef, in 1996 due to pneumonia. He was 80. And here comes my question: How are they dealing with their new life? Could Erik contact them about this?

 My mom did contact my daughter in dreams back in 2002 and predicted some other tragic event in our family in this way. I think it’s the best proof that she is out there and waiting for me to join her when my time comes, but I’d love for her to share with her conversation with Erik some facts only we two know to show me it’s really my mom. I know out there language doesn’t matter. She didn’t speak English.


Ello Magdalena! (He says with a very chipper tone.) Thank you for sending your question to my mom. We make a great team, you know! (He winks.) First, I want to point out our use of words here in the way you offered your question to me. You asked how they are, “dealing” with their new life. See, the word, “dealing” implies a need for reaction, but here you don’t have to react. Instead, you just exist. You just are; you just be, taking away the thought or belief that you have to “deal” with a new life or existence. That is a human thought process that is associated with the human physical way of life. Here in the afterlife, there is divine understanding of everything being connected, so you don’t have to deal with anything at all. You just be! Now with that being said, both of your parents are fulfilled through the freedom they now have. There are no limits, no boundaries here the keep them emotionally bound, and that’s the freedom they enjoy. Listen to, trust and honor the messages from your loved ones in the dream state because this is unfiltered communication.”

Hey Erik,

I have a question about faith. Some of us have a concrete, unshakable faith, whereas other people’s faith is like straw, always shaking. I’m the latter. What can you say to those of us who have a shaky faith and can’t seem to feel the loving presence of our loved ones, guides, angels and so on? What can you say to those of us who can’t seem to shake the doubt we feel when we encounter a sign from them? Thanks Erik! 

–Daniel Lucas”

Hey Daniel! Sup, my man? This topic is a huge one and can be broken down in so many ways. You see, in my own version of faith (He puts his hand on his chest.) is what you believe in. Whether it’s yourself, your friends or something bigger, it’s all about your experience. Daniel, you are falling into that rabbit hole of comparison. Just because others describe their faith or even experience their faith in certain ways doesn’t mean you have to compare. It’ll never be your truth anyway. If you try to make someone else’s sense of faith your faith, too, you’ll be living in an altered state of awareness, an illusion. That means you’ll be doing further damage to yourself. Let go of all the ways that others describe their faith. You need to do some inner work and ask yourself what you believe in because essentially that is your faith.  Sometimes we are looking at a higher level of consciousness, too. If you don’t need to justify your faith to certain standards and experiences, you’ve already realized the importance of detachment. This is powerful.

Doubt comes from ego, dude. Ego cannot live without your doubt, fears and wavering sense of self. The more solid you define yourself in love, the less space the ego will have to come in and confuse the shit out of you. Ego needs your fears and confusion to survive. When you get into the place of doubt or comparison, realize that you are in ego. As long as you can become aware of that, you can make the choice to change it.

Take care, dude, and don’t compare yourself to anyone. That’ll just keep you in a place of self-disappointment and lack of self-love.

Hi Elisa,

I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time now. I think it’s great. Oh, and a big happy birthday to Erik. Here’s a bit of background before I ask my question. I have bipolar disorder but have never had hallucinations due to it (which makes me think this is more like sleep paralysis than bipolar-related.) Twice in the last month, I’ve woken up and seen what looked to be smallish alien’s shadows on my wall. This morning I felt a weird pain in my leg, and when I woke up, I saw the shadow of three aliens, and one was holding a long drill. I realize that this is most likely sleep paralysis, but it really freaked me out. When I was able to move and looked at my leg, there was a big brown circle exactly where I saw the drill. It looked like a big freckle, but I never saw a freckle there before. It was also very, very realistic 

Anyway it really scared me, and I wonder if you could ask Erik if it was just in my mind, or (and as ridiculous as it sounds) was it something real? Also if it is real, are they good beings or bad beings, and why are they interested in me. If they’re evil or bad, how do I deal with them?

Thanks, Elisa. I do realize it’s a bit of a daft question. It just felt so real!

All the best,


Hey, dude! All right. First off, if you experienced it, it’s real. Also, evil, good, bad and wrong are all cuss words in my dictionary! (He’s laughing.) All of the above are just experiences with polarities, and when we judge them, we label them good or bad. What you experienced is a visual perception of your subconscious. This has nothing to do with your bipolar issues. The visual experiencea here are a symbolic representation of your subconscious reflecting your fear. So yes, it is in your mind, but you experienced it, so that makes it real. The physical discomfort you felt was manifested through the experience, not the other way around.

Thank you, Dr. Medhus for your consideration.  I’ve been trying to get through for some time, but I realize everyone needs Erik’s help!

 Question:  I need to leave a 29-year, verbally abusive marriage, but I have been out of work for 16 years. I’m out of date with office technology, and I have a seriously dyslexic son (age 34) who keeps losing jobs. So I feel like I am stuck trying to give him a home but way overdue for leading my own life.  So what do my guides feel would be helpful for me in where I should move or do to best make a living, and should cut my son loose, no matter the consequences for him?

I love 19th century history and believe a possible past life is drawing me to live in Gettysburg, PA. I do love it there, but I live in Washington State.

Thank you and Erik. I need to make a decision by spring, and I am a Libran, so this is very, very difficult!

 — Robin

(Erik takes a very somber, soft approach) Hey, Robin. How are you these days? I didn’t ask you that because I’m wondering. I asked you that because you haven’t asked yourself that or even considered the response to that in a long time. First off, no matter what the relationship is like, you can’t own responsibility for anyone else’s life experiences. If you do, you’ll always be living in a delusional state of reality, a reality that is not your own. Your son can attend education courses and counseling to help with the learning disability. If you choose to go against what your heart is telling you, you’ll always wonder what it would be like if you honored your heart. Also, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been out of work. You are capable of what you believe you are capable of, nothing more, nothing less. Only you can make you happy, but you have to take on that responsibility and own it now. Take care of yourself now; put yourself first.


Has Erik ever pranked me, and if so, how specifically has he pranked me?



Ardian, uh, yeah, dude. Smells and opening and closing doors are ways I’ll let you know I’m around! Ever lose shit like your keys? (He’s laughing.)

Hi Elisa,

Here is my question: Souls don’t have bodies, yet Erik describes the other side as having a physical appearance. Eric said when he first crossed over he created a bachelor pad for himself. Did he create a physical body to lie down on the sofa and watch TV?

He mentioned his counselors as having a physical appearance. He’s mentioned animals and landscapes over there, including animals we don’t have on earth. Does everyone just create a body and walk around and explore the landscape when they feel like it?  Do they leave that body at will and just float around as energy sometimes?  

He’s mentioned music concerts. Is everyone just gathered together as energy or do they assume bodies for social events?

Thank you for you time.


Hey Lorri! I love the way you think, trying to personify the afterlife (smiling big). No matter what you create here, think of it more like creating the experience than the ’‘thing.” We can manifest a physical body appearance, image or anything else if we want. It just depends on what we want. There is free will here, so yeah, we do what we want when we want.

For any type of social events, you don’t really have to create a body to “go” to it. Think of it more like telepathic communication and simultaneous interaction with each other. We don’t perceive things in a linear motion like you do, so it’s awareness at a heightened level, a level of all-knowing and simultaneous existence. So, we can create images, places and manifest bachelor pads, but it’s more the experience that we manifest rather than solid matter.


I wanted to ask Erik about my eyes. I have some vision problems (chronic dry eyes, near sightedness, astigmatism and possible glaucoma). I was wondering why I got these eye issues at a young age. I’m 20 now, but these things started before I was a teenager.



Hey Candace. Well, no matter what someone is going through, I try to remind them that it starts spiritually and manifests physically. For you, this is rooted in self-acceptance or lack thereof. It affects all of you. So, the physical manifestation is through the eyes, hence the way you see yourself in the world around you. Work on developing a conscious connection at the cognizant level and awareness through claircognizance. Trust yourself on that level.

Hi Elisa!

It’s Andrea from Guatemala again. I hope I have the luck Erik can read this question.

I did my best to write in English. 

Hi Erik! I have been struggling with depression, OCD and social anxiety since as long as I can remember. I feel overwhelmed. I feel my mind is not working well. It is in chaos. I can only feel dense emotions that come from fear like envy, resentment, hate, frustration, anger, wrath and jealousy and I project that to me, my twin sister, my family, life, God and the entire world. I haven’t been able to live my life in this world. It’s a nightmare; it is living in Hell. I feel an intense pain in my heart because I can’t love myself and be myself. I am totally disconnected from everything and everyone, and I just want to close my eyes and go back Home. I am really suffering. I can think that all this is because of ego, low self-esteem, rigid thoughts, fear, judgment or maybe mental illness. I don’t know what else to do because I have tried a lot of therapies like reiki, energetic healing, family counseling and medication. But I just can’t get out of this. I just punish myself more and more. Why am I feeling all of this, and what can I do to heal my heart and my life? I don’t want to live longer here on Earth. I can’t take it anymore because I’m not able to live from love. I am just stuck in my head. Please, give me some guidance. 


Hey, Andrea. What you describe is a deep-rooted addiction to egoic patterns. The ego needs everything you’ve described to have life, and when you go through different therapies but find yourself in the same pattern, it is because the ego is fighting for its life within you. Stop for a minute and think about how all of your pain can be associated with time. If you compare your life to the life and success of others, and you feel pain, it is probably because you don’t know “when” you’ll achieve what you want. When you look at your past and identify yourself by the struggles you’ve been through, that’s the ego talking, not you, not your authentic self. The ego can’t exist in the present moment because it cannot simultaneously exist with the authentic self. The authentic self can only exist in the present moment, leaving no room for fear or ego. Pain and suffering come when we cling to an idea, a thought or a belief associated with the concept of time. As soon as we cling to something, we lose it. When you attach to the past experiences of pain, anger and frustration. You lose sight of allowing yourself to be yourself in the present moment. Also, when you long for the future to be better, that, too, is an illusion. You can never be experience the future. You can only be in the Now moment. When you are in this state of disillusion, you can’t love yourself in a complete, absolute way, making it impossible to allow that from others. Basically, you are unconsciously living through ego, which creates illusions and makes it impossible to feel authentically connected to anything. You are still working through attachments that are associated with the past.

When the mind can’t be hushed, we’re being ruled by the ego, and we become enslaved by our own fucked up thoughts. This can easily become a downward spiral. Don’t believe your thoughts. In fact, try not to think at all. As scary as it sounds, just be. Let your beingness be free from attachment to labels, thoughts or ideas. Exist outside of that. Remember, you don’t have to believe what you think.

Hello! My name is Sophia, and here’s a question that’s been bugging me for a long time now: When you die, do you still see things the same way you see through your physical eyes now? Are you still aware of everything in that same way?

Thank you Elisa. I look forward to Ask Erik 🙂

Big hugs,


Hey Sophia! Well, when you die, your consciousness expands to a much higher level so what you experience is much bigger than what you could experience in human existence. We have sight, clear sight, more detailed and true than what the human eyes can perceive. We can see 360 degrees around us, and that sight includes sound, taste, smell, touch and emotions. The human eyes are restricted to a certain range of vision and perception. The nonphysical seeing is more about understanding what your seeing at the core. We can see details, but it’s different, not as limited as the human eyes. The awareness is much higher, according to what you are seeing, and information is attached to it.


Erik Medhus is an eternal twenty-year-old young man who passed away on October 6, 2009. From his new place in Heaven, Erik’s main occupation is as a spirit guide who helps those who struggle with their human experience, and he is the inspiration and contributor to the Channeling Erik blog and community. With candor, sincerity, and humor, Erik shares his own full story, My Life After Death, A Memoir from Heaven (September, 2015).

An internist in Houston for over thirty years, since her son’s suicide in 2009, Dr. Elisa Medhus retired her practice and has written a book about her continuing relationship with him, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side (October 2013) and has created a blog,, that has over 30,000 subscribers and over 250,000 hits per month. Read the blog daily to catch the next call out for questions for the Ask Erik column.

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Psychic medium Kim Babcock has been developing her spirituality for the past ten years. Kim’s spiritual path led her to become an ordained minister and founder of Serenity- Mind Body Spirit LLC in mid-eastern Ohio, where Kim currently practices her psychic medium services and level II Reiki. She also leads meditation classes and spiritual development workshops. Learn more at


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Elisa Medhus

An internist in Houston for over thirty years, since her son’s suicide in 2009, Dr. Elisa Medhus retired her practice and has written a book about her continuing relationship with her deceased son, Erik, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side (October 2013.) With candor, sincerity, and humor, Erik shares his full story. Together they have created a blog,, that has over 30,000 subscribers and over 250,000 hits per month.

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