Ask Erik November Edition…

Ask Erik November Edition

Ask Erik

November Edition

By Elisa Medhus, M.D.

Ask Erik is a spiritual advice column from the eternally twenty-year-old spirit guide, Erik Medhus. Through gifted medium/spirit translator, Emanuelle McIntosh, he directly answers readers’ questions on death, the afterlife, spirituality, the human experience, and more with the insight and wisdom he’s gained since his passing.

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Good afternoon, I am currently unemployed, living on 300 a month as I wait for a disability decision. Can you ask Erik if I will receive that and what my future may hold? I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. No doctor, no medicine. Hanging on by a thread.

Thank you. Dianna H.

Hello Dianna,

Now I am going to give you what you guys call “tough love” advice. Everything that has been happening for you these last couple of years has been to guide you to a point of understanding that you are the one creating this chaos because you are denying your true identity. Every decision you have made has always been calculated, based on comfort and ease, and has been restricted with fear and anxiety. Your decisions have been based on other people’s expectations and society’s demands. But you are here to learn to follow and stay true to the real you, your inner you, to learn to follow your intuition and to trust and make all your decisions based on what your heart tells you and on what you feel. So therefore you have been pushed into a situation where you are forced to start analyzing yourself and to go inside of yourself to find the answers. You are the creator of the answers to your questions, so start sending yourself the love, light and healing you deserve. See this as a new start to reinvent yourself and teach yourself that fear is an illusion placed upon you from society so you can be controlled. Release the fears and the anxieties by making decisions based on positive thinking, hope and love. You need something to look forward to, so start deciding what this new chapter in your life will bring you and send it out to the universe. This way you will create the future you always wanted for yourself. So will you get your disability decision? Yes, you will. You just need to know that you will receive it. Stop finding excuses to not go all the way in life, to not think with bright and enlightened thoughts and start finding joy and love in your current situation so you can then attract more of that into your existence. Love yourself!


My horse is my love and everything. I am mentally unstable. The farmers create a split with their behavior and disrespect. I see financially less chance to board her elsewhere. What shall I do? I risk my mental health when losing her, and at the same time, I am suffering under the current situation. What shall I do?  

Elbe P.

Hello Elbe,

First of all, the main focus here should not be the horse but your mental state of being. I understand and know how much healing a horse can bring, but when having it adds more negativity to your already fragile ad low vibration, well all that positivity that you feel when you are with her will be neutralized by the negativity surrounding the situation. So first things first. When people are negative, depressed and feel unstable or lost, that energy frequency gets sent out by them constantly, and so everyone you meet and you communicate to will, on a subconscious level, pick up on that energy. Now people don’t like to feel negativity, so the people you communicate with will start rejecting that lower frequency and therefore can sometimes start to turn against you in the effort to push you away so they can be relieved of that negative energy. So in order to restore the relationship with the farmers and thus improve the situation so you don’t have to move her to another place and you don’t have to suffer from the current situation, you will first have to become aware of what you are sending out, what thoughts and feelings you are producing before and during your visit at the farm. You need to understand that what you send out , you will receive back. So start the healing process within; change your thought patterns and let go of judgment and negativity and you will see that the people around you will start to change as well.  


Hello Elisa and Erik!

Erik, can you tell me the specific lessons that my daughter, Kathryn Rose, and I contracted together to teach each other? She passed in 2015. How will our relationship/partnership continue to manifest?

Much, much love and gratitude to you both for the incredible teaching and awesome partnership that you two are! Very grateful for the work you do.

Jeanette C.

Hello Jeanette,

Your contract with one another is not an easy one but is based on contrast. It’s about the mutual acceptance and understanding of each other’s individuality, views and perceptions of life. The biggest lesson is finding acceptance in all that is. She was here to teach you and herself about being an individual thinker, about not being enslaved by others. Her passing was to teach you to find value and meaning in every moment of your day and to bring the awareness to the Now so you can then grow, spiritually and emotionally, closer together in a new relationship of unconditional love and connection.


I know I’m an empathy and a medium. I feel like I’m at the toddler stage of mediumship. I just wanted Erik’s take on my development, and I want to know if he would work with me to connect better. I feel like the spirits that visit me are disappointed because I just feel them and see their energy sometimes but don’t always hear them. I try to talk them into crossing over, but it’s a one-way dialogue.

Andrew H.

Hello Andrew,

First of all, I have been helping you but you have already acknowledged your biggest problem when it comes to your connection abilities: “I feel like the spirits that visit me are disappointed in me.” When you believe that we are disappointed in you, you introduce and feed your energetic vibration with a fear of not being good enough. And when you connect with a constant fear, then your connection will reduce, fade or even disappear completely because you are constantly lowering your vibrational frequency with lower emotions like fear, and in order to connect, you need to be in the high vibration of love and acceptance. We are always proud of you and love you unconditionally, but please stop comparing yourself to other mediums because every medium connects in their own unique way. Not everyone is clairaudient or clairvoyant or whatever clair you can think of. Some have a combination of abilities, and some only connect to spirit in one unique way. Does that make them a lesser medium? Fuck no! You are clairsentient so try to put all of your focus on enhancing and increasing your own unique ability. Stop doubting yourself, release the fears, know that you are always connected, and you will see your abilities evolve and expand.


Hi Erik.

This is Vidhi here from India. I have felt you around me so often. Is it really you?

My question to you is this: I work as a graphic designer and am very unclear about my life’s purpose and my career. I am thinking of applying for higher studies abroad, but I am struggling financially and with a broken marriage. Can you help me? What is the best thing to do? What are my lessons for this lifetime? And I’m also doing automatic writing. Is it okay to go ahead and communicate with you?

Thanks and much love,   

Vidhi M.

Hello Vidhi,

You need some time away from your “normal” day-to-day life in order to rediscover who you are. The failed marriage and uninspiring work has started an energy of change inside of you. You feel like you have changed and outgrown your current life, and that is correct. I would definitely advise you to go and explore yourself and to go see and meet this new world that is waiting for you. Do not let the illusion of not having enough financially stop you from living life to the fullest. Believe and know that the universe will provide for you so you can follow your inner path and so it will be. The universe will always find a way to provide you with everything you need if you just have faith in it.  Learn to go with the flow, take one day at a time and before you know it, you will look back and wonder why you were ever so worried. Continue to explore your spiritual connection and yes automatic writing is a good way to start. Communicate with your guides and me that way. Release all fears and worries. Go, explore and live, and all will turn out great.


Hi Elisa, Emanuelle and Erik,

When I was young I felt someone in my room and heard footsteps and noises, too. Erik, can you tell me who or what it was?

Jackeline M

Hello Jackeline,

As a young child, you were very sensitive to energies like spirits around you, and you still are. However, fear crept in and changed your abilities. The entity you experienced was a man who was trying to get your attention. He was drawn to you because you had the ability to pick up on him. His name was Frank, and he needed guidance to the other side. He needed and wanted to go Home but was afraid he couldn’t do it himself.The fear of making a mistake and ending up in the wrong place was the only thing that was keeping him earthbound. You may or may not be aware of this, but you help people cross over. In your deep sleep you assist spirits in their transitioning like entities who seem stuck in the lower vibrations. You have always done this in your energetic form and are still doing so in your human form. So if you want to remember your deep sleep experiences, send out the intention that you will remember those entities when you wake up so you can see how incredible you are and how many entities you help.


What will come of my first granddaughter and her severe anxiety? It’s so bad that it breaks my heart.

Mona C

Hello Mona,

I am so sorry for all the pain this is causing you and your family, but know that this is part of a contract. The answer to your question is: Well, that is up to her! This is her journey, and how she sees it come to pass will slowly reveal itself in her future. She wants to find self-acceptance and introduce living mindfully in her human existence. But, she needs to experience a growth in self-guidance and healing so she can then teach her methods of healing to others. That will come with great ups and downs, but if she follows her own intuition and experiences unconditional love and a non-judgmental attitude from her family, she will be guided by you and her spiritual team to peace and prosperity. She will see how perfect she really is. Try to see her healthy and happy in your mind. Visualize her doing better and stop focusing on what is hurting her. Love, support and acceptance are all she needs from you.


Hi Erik,

Why are men not so much interested in me? What signals do I sent to them, and how can I change that?

Thank you,

Mal. B.

Hello Mal,  

The reason why men don’t seem to be interested in you is because you are constantly sending out a vibration of desperation and help-seeking. You are sending out, on a subconscious level, expectations for others to help you, to fix you, to make you whole, but by doing so, you are not aligning with your true vibrational self, and that same energy is not aligning with others as well. You are here to find happiness, fulfillment and a sense of wholeness within yourself, and you’re here to learn not to rely on others to make you happy. Once you can find balance and peace in your current state of being in where you are, who you are and where you are headed at this moment, then the right person will be attracted and guided to you. He will be guided to your energetic frequency of chill, of being good,and of being peaceful within yourself.


Hi there!

I am wondering if you can tell me what my fear seems to stem from when working with spirit. I feel I work through it, and then it pops back up out of nowhere. I feel it is down to my core like a part of me that will not shed.


Dez T.

Hello Dez,

The fear you have been carrying deep within you is karma, energy, emotions and trauma from another “past” life where you were/are a woman who is possessed by a lower vibrational entity. Before the spirit attachment, you were in a very depressed state, begging God for help, clarity and guidance to overcome a darkness you felt inside that was due to a lack of confidence and self-love as well as a fear of failure and a fear of the unknown. In your current life, you are still learning to overcome these same lessons that got you to allow a lower vibrational spirit to attach itself to you in your” past” life, so every now and then you reconnect to that fear of spirits due to the same lack of self-love and fears that you felt then and still feel now. Work on letting go of the connection between fear and spirit and know that you are now protected with the knowledge and understanding that you are the creator of your universe and that you are protected with love and light so that no one is allowed to invade your personal space without your approval. Find the self-love and self-acceptance you deserve, and you will be freed from fear. Also, cut the ties to the other life in your meditations and prayers on intentions, and if you need help to cut away from that “past” life, you can always try past life regression hypnosis therapy.


Hi Elisa,

I have a quick question for the November Ask Erik column.
Canada has the highest rate of multiple sclerosis in the world. Is there a spiritual contract behind it? What is the spiritual meaning behind it?

Have a great evening!

Paula B.

Hello Paula,

Thank you for your great question. MS is an illness with a wide range of symptoms, and the effects are often different for everyone who has the disease. Some people have mild symptoms and don’t need treatment. Others will have trouble getting around and doing daily tasks. MS is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory neurodegenerative condition, and just like people can have different symptoms, it also can be caused by different factors. It can be caused by environmental factors, genetic factors, viruses, a bad diet and so on. Now the biggest cause is a lack of Vitamin D in the body. Let me explain this a little further. Our immune system requires a constant supply of nutrients and a constant removal of waste products, and if that maintenance schedule gets interrupted or disturbed, then the nerves become nutrient deficient and they start to produce toxins in the nervous system, which then leads to the body attacking itself in an autoimmune response. Vitamin D facilitates the absorption and utilization of minerals so it’s crucial in that maintenance work. It also works together with the regulatory cells in the body that help stabilize the immune system to slow down and prevent the autoimmune response. So, that’s why we see an increase in countries above the equator. Relatively speaking, those countries get less sunlight so they manufacture less Vitamin D. This can also change certain DNA structures within a body that can then be passed on to the next generation. That’s why there’s an increase in Canada: a lack of sun and subsequent DNA changes. Not all cases of MS  have a spiritual contract behind it, but the spiritual lessons that come with any autoimmune disease are a part of contracts. Those are patience, self-acceptance and self-love, all of which are required to take better care of the physical and mental you. And so a change in mental and spiritual attitude is the first priority in the healing of multiple sclerosis together with a change of diet, an increase in vitamin D and a lot of patience because with patience, we become aware of ourselves as souls, an important step in soul development. This is necessary because restoring the nervous system is a long process.


Erik Medhus is an eternal twenty-year-old young man who passed away on October 6, 2009. From his new place in Heaven, Erik’s main occupation is as a spirit guide who helps those who struggle with their human experience, and he is the inspiration and contributor to the Channeling Erik blog and community. With candor, sincerity, and humor, Erik shares his own full story, My Life After Death, A Memoir from Heaven (September, 2015).

An internist in Houston for over thirty years, since her son’s suicide in 2009, Dr. Elisa Medhus retired her practice and has written a book about her continuing relationship with him, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side (October 2013) and has created a blog,, that has over 30,000 subscribers and over 250,000 hits per month. Read the blog daily to catch the next call out for questions for the Ask Erik column.

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Emanuelle McIntosh is an internationally known intuitive medium, spiritual life coach and meditation teacher in the Sakyamuni Spiritual Center in Heule Belgium. Together with her energy healer husband, Gerald McIntosh, she started their center with the dream of teaching those of all ages how to heal themselves and find peace and happiness by introducing wholeness and mindfulness into their daily lives and by reawakening inner spiritual awareness. Learn more at and be sure to check out her Facebook page,


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Elisa Medhus


An internist in Houston for over thirty years, since her son’s suicide in 2009, Dr. Elisa Medhus retired her practice…

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