Spiritual Advice Column: Ask Erik, May Edition…

Spiritual Advice Column: Ask Erik, May Edition

By Elisa Medhus, M.D.

Ask Erik is a spiritual advice column from the eternally twenty-year-old spirit guide, Erik Medhus. Through gifted medium/spirit translator, Kim Babcock, he directly answers readers’ questions on death, the afterlife, spirituality, the human experience, and more with the insight and wisdom he’s gained since his passing.

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Hello Elisa,

Welcome back from Ireland.  Thank you for taking more Ask Erik questions.  Here is my question: “Why do I feel with all my heart a longing to be somewhere or someone else, something beyond the mundane of daily life yet seem to be completely blocked from moving toward that longing or even understanding where it truly comes from?”

Sounds you are all doing well.  You are in my thoughts often, lots of love to you.

Regards – M&M (Marla)

Maria, this feeling you are experiencing is due to lack of self-discovery. It doesn’t mean you haven’t tried but haven’t achieved “knowing” who you are. So work on that. Work inside the development of who you are. What makes you, you? What defines you? Love? Compassion? Trust? You need to do a lot of work on your identity and what that is to you. Oftentimes when people don’t take time for this or always put others first, they lose sight of who they are and lose their ability to identify with the life they’re in. Practice self-love, putting your needs first. It’s all about self-discovery.


Twin Flames, fact or fiction?


Hi Lori. Well this is sort of a fact. There really is no other “identical” vibration like yours, so to call it twin doesn’t really fit. You can have just one, but you could also have many twin flames. I like to call them soul mates. They aren’t always romantic, either. Your best friend is probably one among many of your soul mates. Oftentimes people develop an attachment to the idea that everyone has just one romantic twin flame. This isn’t always true.


Hi Elisa!

My five year-old son has experienced many terrifying, life-threatening freak accidents. Thankfully he always come out of them unhurt and completely unscathed, but why do these things keep happening to him? I worry so much about him.

Thank you for all you do!


Kim said, “He greets her like he has an experience and relationship with her.”

Hey, Joyce. What’s up?

The most valuable information I can offer you right now is not why this is happening

but how. First, he has come into this incarnation wanting to experience the physicality of being human and to push that to every edge. Think of it almost as like testing his physical experience. But also, be mindful of your thoughts, fears and worry and how that can will certain events into your experience with him. If you continually put energy into worrying about something happening to him, you will manifest that into your experience with him. So stop giving your worries all the power Mama, and take it easy on yourself!


I am desperately trying hard to heal my son of his Ankylosing Spondylitis through diet, and I am wondering if there’s more to it?


Denise, it’s important that you understand a few things. First, and most important, always remember that no matter what you do, you never have the permission (according to God/universal laws) to change anyone’s journey. No matter how hard you try or how bad you want to, you simply can’t. That which is predetermined by soul contract will remain. This is often difficult for mothers and fathers because they carry a sense of responsibility. Blood relative or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s not your responsibility. That’s a tough pill to swallow, I know, but it’s not up to you to heal him. He has to understand, through deep soul searching, why he chose to experience this. That’s up to your son and his contract with God Source. You can, however, change the experience of something for someone.

The bigger message here is for you to look at what has gone unnoticed. You are carrying blame or guilt for something out of your control and personal power. That is completely unfair to you. Also, spend as much time on self-love as you do on loving your son, and you’ll notice a change.


Erik, I would like to know what is wrong with my daughter Zoe? Her skin is so severely bruised. Thank you sweetie.


Debbie, first, remember…

Kim said, “He stops to note to himself, ‘God I feel like a father today, lecturing people left and right,’ and then shows a heart symbol.”

…things may be difficult, out of the ordinary and unexplainable in life, but it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. It’s an experience with value. Trust in that. You’re looking for the cause, but remember the cause isn’t “wrong.”  Your daughter needs a diet that supports vascular function and strength. Think green. Anything green in color will help. Right now, her body isn’t properly breaking down nutrients in food in a synergistic manner and isn’t properly absorbing nutrients. She also has a lack of iron. Again, saying there is something wrong with her makes it invalid. It’s not wrong. It’s right in that it has purpose. So pump up the greens and the iron intake and also other key nutrients that work in a synergistic manner with iron, like Vitamin K and Omega­3s. These will support nutrient absorption.


Hi Elisa and Erik,

I just wanna ask a quick question. Erik, am I choosing the right path for my future? Is science the right way to go for me?

Thanks so much for everything you do. I love you all!


Hey! Well this is an easy one! First, remember that there is no right or wrong path. Instead, there just is. Even if you make terrible choices in life, it doesn’t mean you were on the wrong path during that time. You were supposed to experience those consequences for a reason. In life, if your interest is pulled towards something like science, just go with it. Don’t doubt it or second-guess it. Follow your natural instincts to the best of your ability. Love you back!


Dear Elisa,

You are amazing, and I have come to trust Erik as a guide. Thank you. Here is my question: Is the guilt I feel as a mother something every human needs to have? I think of the prosperous first years and the happy children, eating, learning, trusting and playing. I understand everybody experiences contrast and my kids must, too. But the irrational guilt about it is dark, and I think my mother had it. I believe it’s massive in the world. I want to rise through it and shake it off, but there’s no such thing as to say, “My kids had a traumatizing experience. It sucks.” How can I handle or learn from this guilt?



Hilsen and thanks for putting your trust in me. The love is reciprocated. Raising kids is hard. I never did, but I understand because of the perspectives I have attained. No matter the life you give them, doing your best is all you can do. Anything beyond that is out of anyone’s capacity. So if they went through something traumatizing, let it be the experience it was. Move forward. Choosing to continually focus on what they went through versus where they are now is self-defeating on so many levels. Kids are so resilient, and they are great at mindfulness. It is only when we turn into adults that we lose this ability. Practice being in the Now. Read the book, “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. This book will help you let go.


Dear Elisa,

Thank you for a great book, blog and YouTube channel, which are all giving me hope.

I would really like to know if my daughter, Honey Pedersen, born in Aalborg, Denmark May 11th, 1991 and died in Them, Denmark February 16th, 2014, is through her therapy and has found peace and happiness in the afterlife. If my question doesn’t get answered, I’ll be filled with understanding.

Yours faithfully,

Judith P.

Judith, your daughter has mostly sought out understanding. She achieved healing quickly because it’s pretty easy to do here, so she had to spend little ‘time’ working on healing. She spends most of her time researching soul development. She really likes learning about the Akashic Records, too. She understands that, in her life, a lot of things were an oversight on her part, like sometimes she didn’t understand certain experiences deeply enough. She also likes learning about the difference between existing in love and existing in ego, as this is where a lot of understanding happens for her. She is happy; she has found peace with herself and really enjoys learning about herself. She sends you her love.


Hello Elisa and Erik,

I really enjoy your blog and interviews. I am taking a lot of comfort from them. Thank you.

Erik, can you please connect with Brianna, my beautiful daughter who took her own life very recently? She was also 20. We had no family members who had passed away (apart from people she didn’t know) so I worry about her being there not knowing anyone. I’ve told her to find you, Erik, so that you could show her the ropes. Is she okay up there?  Does she have a message for me and her sister? She was the life of the party so I hope you can have a good time together.

Continue your wonderful work. Kudos to you both. I think it says a lot about you as a mother, Elisa, that you have continued this wonderful relationship with your son, Erik.

Bless you both. Kind regards,


Luciana, thanks for writing my mom and having faith in and love for what we do! First, the most important thing for you to know is that your daughter, Brianna, has found herself here. She has aligned with her purpose and the meaning of her life. She knows that her life and death was not wasted, and she wants you and her sister to come to know the same.

When anyone makes their transition into or out of the physical world, there are always guides to assist in the transition. So, don’t fear that not having family here means that she wasn’t guided or that she is alone. Those are attachments that we don’t have here. We are all one, working together, and there is a general understanding of acceptance. We are all from the same source, so, really, we’re all family here. There is no divide, no sense of loneliness here. I hope this brings you comfort to know this. I’ve got her back, but, she already knows the ropes! Ha ha! She don’t need me!

Kim said, “I know that “don’t” is incorrectly used here, but Erik made me type it like that!”


I know that we have jobs on the other side, but what is our ultimate purpose? Do we just live in bliss for eternity? What are we beside energy?


We’re God. God is us expressed as different colors, religions, lifestyles, genders, ethnicities, etc. We achieve different experiences here but in higher vibrations that feels like bliss. We’re self-aware, sentient energy. We’re information. We send out and receive for continual growth. Again, we are whole and part of God Source.


Erik Medhus is an eternal twenty-year-old young man who passed away on October 6, 2009. From his new place in Heaven, Erik’s main occupation is as a spirit guide who helps those who struggle with their human experience, and he is the inspiration and contributor to the Channeling Erik blog and community. With candor, sincerity, and humor, Erik shares his own full story, My Life After Death, A Memoir from Heaven (September, 2015).

An internist in Houston for over thirty years, since her son’s suicide in 2009, Dr. Elisa Medhus retired her practice and has written a book about her continuing relationship with him, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side (October 2013) and has created a blog, channelingerik.com, that has over 30,000 subscribers and over 250,000 hits per month. Read the blog daily to catch the next call out for questions for the Ask Erik column.

Subscribe to their Facebook Page, Channeling Erik. Also listen to their radio show, Hour of Enlightenment, every Thursday at 7:00 PM CT. You can call in to talk to Erik. Details are always posted on the blog both Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Psychic medium Kim Babcock has been developing her spirituality for the past ten years. Kim’s spiritual path led her to become an ordained minister and founder of Serenity- Mind Body Spirit LLC in mid-eastern Ohio, where Kim currently practices her psychic medium services and level II Reiki. She also leads meditation classes and spiritual development workshops. Learn more at kimsdivineconnection.com.

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Elisa Medhus


An internist in Houston for over thirty years, since her son’s suicide in 2009, Dr. Elisa Medhus retired her practice…

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