I’m Ashley Asti, And This Is My Dharma

Ashley Asti is a writer, speaker, and the founder of ASHLEY ASTI organic skincare line. Through her work, she offers incisive, conscious advice on how we treat our bodies and our earth, as well as poignant reminders of what real beauty is. Her self-care creations and writing showcase her commitment to wellness, her passion for preserving the planet, her spirituality, and her belief that we are all connected. She recently published her first book, Dear Sisters: Your Nature is to Bloom, a little book of empowerment designed to wake us up to our own beauty, creativity, intuition, strength, and love.

You can discover her products and more at ashleyasti.com.

Personal or Professional Goals:

I’m trying to pinpoint what I most love about my work—and what I want to attract more of. Superficially, I talk about skin, but I’m not in this for the outward beauty. What we put on our skin matters because it seeps into our bloodstream and, quite literally, becomes us. We create ourselves with everything we put on and in our bodies: with each choice we make about what we consume, we have the power to transform ourselves: to rise or to fall. What we put on our skin also matters because the planet is dying under the weight of what I can only call our semi-conscious choices: in terms of skincare, we must choose our ingredients responsibly because the earth depends on it.


So my mission is this: to continue finding and creating opportunities to share the urgency to which our bodies and our planet deserve our attention, love, and respect. My work is also about expression, and so I hope to continue using my products and my writing to express my truth in its fullness. My goals continue to be to create with peace and with purpose. To listen, listen, listen and to grow. To choose compassion. And, each day, to feel I have sung the song I came in to sing.

What’s Your Offering to the World?

My offering to the world, on a tangible level, is my organic skincare line, which is rooted in deep self-care, sustainability, and peace. I wish to continue creating products and the coinciding awareness that we and our planet are inextricably linked and that beauty is about far more than whether we have lines or marks on our skin. In fact, I do not believe in the language of “anti-wrinkle” or “anti-aging.” Instead, my mission is to celebrate the wisdom, history, and natural beauty carried in your body and your being. Be you, courageously.

Who/What Inspires You?

My clients are blessings to me and true teachers. I am touched by the notes they send me: they are vulnerable, surprising, resilient, strong. My writing and my skincare line would not be without them. Life is a collective effort. I am inspired by my mom who has listened to me patiently and never questioned my journey. I am inspired by her kindness and compassion toward all beings. I am inspired by the writer Alice Walker, whose words and presence have shown me that when you find your holy calling, you know it in your bones.

I am inspired by books. By what my body can do and what it has taught me. By my friend Brittany. By the ever-renewing brilliance of our earth. I could go, but I think you already understand: I am grateful for a world that continually incites me.


My mission is to live my purpose gracefully—with intelligence, intention, trust, and room for delight, surprises, and uncertainty.

Favorite Quote:

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.” —a Hopi proverb





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