Ascension 2020: What Does It Mean?…

Ascension 2020: What Does It Mean?

Hello beautiful soul,

my name is Paola and today I would like to talk to you about a very important subject: Ascension.

Now the year 2020 has been defined the year of the awakening, many souls waking up together to the truth of the Universe.

🙏The words awakening and ascension are very often considered the same on a soul level, by some are defined as 2 different stages of a spiritual awakening, whatever your belief is, labels and definitions are not important, what is really important is the deeper meaning of this transformation.

Ascension means that your soul is understanding that you are so much more than a human being, that you are a divine being with a powerful consciousness able to bend and create realities, able to co-create will all other beings anything you want. It is your soul remembering that you reincarnated here for different reasons.

It is your soul remembering that you are not from here, you are not part of this illusion called 3rd dimension reality, that you have a higher purpose than paying the bills, that you matter, not you as human but you as a light being that starts to arise fully from the 5th dimension.

I hope this post is going to help to understand a little bit better the changes going on right now in the world.


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Paola Borrescio


✨My name is Paola and I help during the shift into 5D consciousness.

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