Are You Turning An Emotional Problem Into A Body Problem?…

Are You Turning An Emotional Problem Into A Body Problem?

Are you turning an emotional problem into a body problem? If you do not feel your emotions directly and consciously, your body starts to speak out.

Stuffing down emotions into your body is also called “somaticizing.” “Soma” means body in Latin. When you somaticize, you are transferring your emotional and mental state into your body, and it manifests as physical symptoms.

When there is something you’re not allowing yourself to feel, admit, or acknowledge, it can become a form of energy that is stored in the body. This energy causes tense muscles, circulation can be impacted, there is less blood flow to certain organs, and eventually, it is possible to have an illness or chronic pain.

Many people somaticize and they don’t even know it. It also becomes more common in various cultural, racial and gender norms regarding the expression of emotion or concepts of pushing it down, being a martyr or being a man.

It starts when an emotion arises and instead of allowing yourself to feel those emotions, you begin to ignore it or keep busy at work, eat, call someone, text someone, engage in social media or watch tv.

But you start to feel a cold coming on, a severe shut down in the body, leathery, pain, maybe migraines, shoulder pain, backaches, headaches, weakness, fatigue, or even a chronic illness.

Do you know how you feel? Do you check-in? In yoga, we frequently do what’s called a “body scan”

Do you sometimes get a tightness in your body somewhere, in your stomach? Perhaps tingling in your ears? Do you feel tightness particularly around your neck, shoulders, or lower back?

This suggests it is possible that there’s some emotion you’re not facing or accepting about yourself.

Physical issues could be a sign there’s something you don’t want to acknowledge emotionally.

Learn how to check in with a guided body scan, short enough to be used daily. Endorsed by mental health professionals a daily body scan

It can be used AM and PM to gradually awaken your entire body to stuck emotions.


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