Are You Too Serious About Life? Here’s 1 Simple Way To Find Joy Today…

Are You Too Serious About Life? Here’s 1 Simple Way To Find Joy Today

I had to apologize to my friend. I’ve been waaaaay too serious lately with all my articles and social media posts about how to find your purpose and meaning. Sheesh. I forgot that LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN.

I study it like it was a final exam in the game of life. My face gets that serious scowl. My body tightens up like I’m about to get gut punched. I walk around assessing every thought I have.

ENOUGH! Today as I was walking in the woods and doing all the above, I snapped out of it. I was given a message as sometimes happens to me.


We wrap ourselves in a cloak that tries to hide anything we might be feeling or thinking. We wear our illnesses. We hide behind our fears. We believe it’s all safer than to actually just be in joy. (True joy, not that fake happy we sometimes do when we think we’re supposed to.)

So here is the answer for us all. It’s really time to change our perspective on how to live a life of purpose and joy.

ACT SILLY. (yup.)

Do 1 thing today that is so outside your realm of correctness and stoicism that it makes you laugh out loud at yourself.

No one else even has to see you do it. If it’s silly and audacious enough, it’ll work without anyone else around.

Here are a few ideas to get your started:

• Pull a Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks as you go down the hall at work. (I did this on my walk today and I almost fell down laughing at myself.)

• Make a stupid face.

• Throw down a disco dance move leaving a meeting. (one of my favs!)

• Sing your lunch order to the waiter.

• Do a Three Stooges “Nuk Nuk Nuk” sound and hand wave.

Yes, they are completely silly and ridiculous and that’s the point. Break out of your serious life and find some pure unadulterated JOY even if it’s for 3 seconds.

And please please please, tell me what you did and how you felt. I really want to collect these fun moments and feel your joy growing as mine did when I remembered life doesn’t have to be so stinkin’ serious all the time.


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