Are You The One?

We have many things going on and we all know how to remain in a status quo position. But I have a question for you, “Are you ready to embark on new discoveries and responsibilities?” Faith and the capability to step out of your comfort zone requires great strength. It is easy to speak about what we want to become or the things we want to do. It is another situation when we can fully plan and truly pursue it and leave all doubt and fear aside. Are you the one that will stand up and stand out against when everyone else makes the left turn and continue to be followers, will your turn right and be the leader? It is extremely easy to say yes but the question remains easy until that actual situation occurs. Many times, we are unable to deal with a situation because we have allowed so much to occur and basically get out of control. We refuse to change our day to day activities and actions therefore we remain where we are.

Do you believe that the secret of the future is hidden in your daily routine? Every day we must be dedicated to stepping into our future. It can be writing a list of things to do or planning or creating ways that you will overcome an obstacle. This list could be things that you choose to avoid and do not wish to think about. It is important to remember that avoidance does not make you into a magician. These obstacles will not just disappear on their own because you choose not to deal or think about them. We can make it a habit to try our best to complete each thing we attempt to do in a day. For instance, if you want to read a book, clean your house, be more organized you must chunk the work.  There are 5 basic steps in chunking the work and obstacles.

The 5 basic steps are:

1. First you must understand all the steps involved in completing this goal. These chunks should fit into your reality. In other words we must be realistic and intentional in facing our obstacles and working through the things we avoid.

2, Next we must realize is how do we mentally view our problems and obstacles. Are we overwhelmed in the mere thought of the obstacle?  Each obstacle is not a separate individual situation, we should consider it to be more like a stack of paperclips all linked together. The links represent you and your capability to get it all done.

3. It is important how we order and prioritize our paper clips. Related items should be grouped together and if this is still a huge amount of work, it should be broken down and chunked into smaller pieces. Each paperclip should have a date of expected completion. Dates are important because we can use these dates to push the work towards completion and remain on track.

4. We must easily understand the level of importance pertaining to the issues and obstacles. If possible, we must delegate duties to remove things from our responsibility. Many times we are overwhelmed and will not ask for or seek help. Children are a great asset and can help in completing some of those tasks. This is also a teaching moment for our children. Children can understand and do many things if we allow them to be included in our day to day activities. My question for you is, Are your children on your team and how can they contribute to completing tasks”?

5. Next we should create a schedule and every day take time to work on our plan. In case you break the schedule, it’s okay do not fret, tomorrow is another opportunity to get back on track.

No one can be a better accountability partner to you than you. Consistency is key and what we do consistently will show up throughout our lives. Our lives reflect our day to day activities. Are you engaged in your well-being? Are you chunking those things that cause you to feel overwhelmed? Are you standing and confronting life with a mindset to get it done based on your accountability, planning, motivation, and consistency? It all starts with your willingness to dedicate yourself to the process regardless of what occurs along the way. Dedication has no expiration date and our dedication should be geared towards our transformation and crushing our goals and dreams. The race is not given to the fastest nor to the strongest. The person that wins and completes their goals must continue in the race of consistency and remain aligned and balanced. Therefore, we must work effectively and diligently towards our tasks and obstacles daily. Remember, we are not magicians therefore intentionality and consistency are key to our success and overall fulfillment in life.


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